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Bryssa took the key Markus had lent her out of her pocket, and twisted the old door open. Expecting a dingy apartment, Bryssa was pleasantly surprised to see a tidy little room, that wasn't dingy at all. It was actually quite comfortable, and had a definite home-y feeling to it all. It felt lived in. There were floor to ceiling bookshelves, and there were books taking over every surface.

Bryssa set her own bag on a nearby armchair, and put Markus's in his bedroom, where there was a soft looking queen sized bed, and more bookshelves. Going back into the living room, Bryssa noticed a book she'd been meaning to read. It was titled War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. Her mother had loved it, and she knew it was historical fiction of some sort, so she curled up in an armchair and began to read.

Bryssa read for about ten minutes, and then she heard a faint tap. Looking up, she saw an old, grey owl tapping on the window above the sink. Bryssa stood, and opened the window.

The owl dropped a small envelope that had Markus's first name scrawled across the center. Frowning a little, Bryssa noticed it was a girl's handwriting, for it was quite loopy and small.

The owl coughed at her, and she waved it away, "I have nothing for you, go," she said sternly, and the disgruntled looking owl cuffed her with its wing as it flew out the window. Who sent this? Bryssa decided she was to open it, and read it.

Surely, it wasn't anything Markus wouldn't mind her seeing? Right? No. she said stubbornly, setting it down on the counter, it is not my place. None of my business.

Trying to settle down into the armchair again, Bryssa found herself still looking up at the envelope every few seconds. Finally, she brought herself to stand, and open it. It wasn't stamped with a seal or anything, in fact it was sealed with a piece of muggle Scotch tape.

Even more puzzled, Bryssa unfolded the letter, and began to read.

Dear Markus,

Hello, it's been several days since we last saw each other, as I'm sure you remember.
I just wanted to say that it was not your fault, and I'm sorry if I gave off the wrong impression at all. I don't blame you anymore, although I will admit I was really pissed off about what you did at first. Markus, that was not cool. You can't just kiss a girl and then leave. That is not how it works. At all. I feel guilty though, because I know...I'm different then other girls. I can't control that (I wish I could, believe me) and neither can you I guess.
I just want you to know I hope we don't have any hard feelings in future, because you seem like an okay guy and all that. Please write me back, I need to know what you think we should do. Others were bound to have seen us, and we must know how to address that as well.

Okay, I'm done. Just letting you know it was a really idiotic thing you pulled, and I'm expecting more than that from a guy like you. I'm trying not to blame you, I know it's not completely your fault. You're better than this. Please write soon.
Your friend,

Bryssa reread the letter. And again, and again until she was sure she could have recited it.

She held it in her hands, and noticed her hands were shaking a little. Why was that? Her mind felt light and floaty, like the time she'd accidentally drunk her father's whole bottle of fire whiskey when she was younger.

What was it she had just read. What was it? She needed explanation. No wonder Markus had seemed so agitated on the ride over to London, he had been keeping something from her.

Bryssa shook herself. There had to be some explanation, and she had little doubt Markus wouldn't be able to explain all this. Right?
A nagging voice in the back of her head screamed wrong, and Bryssa felt herself overcome with an emotion she'd rarely felt. It was anger. How dare Markus treat her this way? What had she done to offend him?

No, no, no. She reminded herself. There's an explanation for everything. I'll just wait. Wait.

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((Dang, that was long. If you feel there's anything I should fix or tweak a little, let me know!!))

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Bryssa looked up, scared. The anger had almost left her, but now she felt a mixture of fear, humiliation, and sadness.
"I didn't know what it was, and the owl made it clear it was urgent," she said quietly, "Clearly, it was." she stood up slowly, facing Markus.

"I don't know what exactly has happened with this girl, Mark, but I need you to tell me right now before either of us say something we might regret later," Bryssa said, looking at her feet. She felt dirty, embarrassed.

Bryssa looked him in the face now, trembling. "Please. You and I both know you owe me this. I am warning you now, Markus, if you cannot give an explanation you are going to be eating far too much take-out tonight," she said briskly, folding the letter again and handing it to him.

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Bryssa felt like crying. But she couldn't. She quickly thought of all the heroins in her novels. Elizabeth Bennet, Scarlet O'Hara, Jo March. Would any of them begin to cry? Of course not. So she wouldn't either.

"A Veela?" she said doubtfully, flicking through her knowledge of girls in their year. Remy. Remy... Oh. Bryssa knew who Markus was talking about, Remington Whytock. She in fact was half Veela, as far as she'd heard. This excused nothing, she reminded herself. But. Markus looked so hurt, so scared, like a puppy that'd been kicked by its owner.

She slowly felt the anger fading out of her, to be replaced by sadness. "Am I not enough?" she said quietly, tucking a piece of hair back into her low bun.

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((I feel so freaking cruel for torturing these two))

Bryssa started to cry. She tried to stop it, but the tears just came, and once they started they wouldn't stop. "I know," she said, crying harder. "I know," she repeated. She breathed in slowly, and wiped her eyes on her sweater.

"I know you didn't mean it," she said softly, looking at Markus, who seemed to be on the verge of tears as well. He looked strange to her, sort of broken. "I know you didn't mean it," she repeated.

She wanted to not be mad. "Markus," she said, and touched his arm. "I...I am mad. Do not think for one second I'm not upset with you. This is definitely a curveball," she said, playing with her hands. "I don't want this to ruin this trip, okay?" she said even quieter, biting her lip.

A final few tears escaped her eyes, but Bryssa wiped them away again, rather frustratedly. "I'm angry. But I'm also very hungry. Can we maybe sit?" she said, gesturing to the small table in the corner.

"Lets just eat." she said, avoiding eye contact.

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((Knock knock?))

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((No problem! I've been totally inactive this whole week, it happens. Don't be sorry!))

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((Yay! I totally understand, I'm happy you're back.))

Bryssa didn't know what to do. She felt betrayed, of course, but also she was confused. What did she do now? "Thank you," she said quietly, standing to grab the utensils. She grabbed two forks. Two knives, and put them down on the table in between them.

"Okay, Mark. I really don't want to think about this right now, I know it's difficult to put behind us, but can we try?" she said, looking at the food in front of her. It was her favorite, and it smelled delicious. Her eyes were still on her plate, and she spoke again. "I am not upset. Truly, I'm not. But...were you really going to tell me?"

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((I'm so sorry it's short, I'm going to dinner))

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Bryssa stared at his hands, which we tense and cold. She was tempted to reach out and hold them, but she was still a little befuddled. "Yeah...alright," she said shortly, picking up a chip and dipping it into the honey mustard container Markus had set out for her.

They both chewed slowly, avoiding direct eye contact. "I love you, you know that right?" Bryssa added quietly, eating some of her fish. It was true, of course it was, and her mother had always told her that love was the number one medicine. They both needed a little bit of that right now.

Thinking of her mom led Bryssa to thinking of Hazelle, and the approaching visit. She was thrilled, of course, but a little apprehensive. Would this fault in she and Mark's relationship shine through? Hazelle would notice, for sure. She was clever and very empathetic.

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Bryssa stood, her chair legs scraping on the ground. She ran to Markus's side and hugged him. He cried, and she whispered to him. "It's okay, Mark. Don't worry about it," she said, patting his back awkwardly. "I love you," she said again, ruffling his hair.

When he finally looked up, face blotchy, she smiled. "Truly," she said. "Okay, I am definitely upset with you, but I'll always love you Mark," she said quietly.

"I love you, and we can only think about that right now, but do not think for one second I am not pissed at you," she said quietly, laughing a little. "I love you so much."

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((So sorry! My comment didn't post))

Bryssa did a half shrug. "I...I don't know. I do though," she said stupidly, brushing a stray piece of hair out of her face. "I really, truly do," she repeated, standing and sitting back in her chair.

"And no. You have perfect right to wallow, after Jamie, after everything... Hazelle is going to be okay, I know that now." she added, staring at her plate.

She twisted her hair up onto the top of her head, then let it fall back down in black clouds around her. "And you were in shock when I fell. I wouldn't have reacted quickly either. And..." she stopped talking, and took a deep breath in.

"Please, eat. I know you're starved, we haven't eaten since this morning, eat."

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"Are you positive?" she said, looking him in the eye for the first time that evening. She new at that moment that they weren't going to be exactly the same as they were before.

Bryssa was very upset, but she also knew she couldn't stay mad at Markus, because she truly did love him. She wouldn't be able to stay mad for sure. She kept reminding herself of that while Markus stood, and padded off to the bedroom.

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((No problem! See you later. Should we pause here for a while?))

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((WHAT.HAVE.YOU.DONE. Poor poor Bryssa, oh my goodness. I read the whole thing, are you masochists? By the way, I should hand you my crown in the drama part, you girls are Queens :D But I loved this so much.
First of all, I loved your in-between reactions, they were so funny ^^ Second of all, I love the balance in this story, I mean Markus, guys tend to do these horrible empty-headed mistakes that they do regret terribly later on. Bryssa, oh my universe, i never thought I would see her get angry even for a little while. I just loved this even though that just proves how sadistic we all are :D))

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((It seriously broke my heart but I can see myself doing it as well so I understand where you come from haha ;) I feel so at home here! ^^))

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((Whooops- I just saw all this bahaha. No, I have not created a profile for Hazelle yet, I've begun one but its far from complete. Should I post that on the Diagon Alley Character Sign-Up when I'm finished? Also- Lyra you are forever the queen of drama *politely returns crown* We are rather sadistic aren't we? I'm so pleased you enjoyed this as much as we did haha!
I think that that's a really good idea, Grace, and it gives me some time to finish off Hazelle's profile too :3))

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((*breaks of crown to pieces and hands them to Eve and Grace* We are all queens :3!))

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((Awww you're too cute))

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