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waiting to borrow this book

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Kimi De I'm waiting for my neighbor to finish this so I can read it. She says it is incredibly interesting and explains a lot about what is going on in the middle east, climate and current events in accordance with biblical prophecy.

Jerome Not that much new info here, Kimi, unless you don't bother to follow the news...

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Rg Its interesting!

Eugene Kimi, this book is well worth reading. Contrary to Jerome,s comment, info here is what you don't find in the news reports. Did you know that there are large numbers of muslims converting to Christianity throughout the mideast and northern Africa? Did you know that the effectiveness of missionaries to this region are secondary to visions of Christ that are coming to the converts?
None of these facts are seen in the news.

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Daylene Strickland I really enjoyed reading it. It parallels so much of what is happening and it is awesome to see things unfolding. I recommend it! I'd give it 5 stars!

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