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skyla (uwish_124) | 234 comments Full name: Ingrid Heldman
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Job: Student
Interest (if student): Creative Arts

Other markings or acessories: Heart-shaped ring on her index finger given to her by her crush.

Personality: Ingrid has a sweet humor. She loves animals, better than humans and you can always find her in the stables after classes. She is also extremely bubbly.

History: Ingrid doesn't tell much to anyone about her past. It is full of sorrow. Her family moves aroung a lot because of some reason. They decided finally to stay at Blue Lake Academy.

- Her family
-Meeting New People
-Talking about her past
Relationship status: Has a secret crush on Tom
Family at the academy: An older sister
Friends at the academy: None so far...

Horse(optional): A female black horse named Haven.
Other: None

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skyla (uwish_124) | 234 comments [
Full name: Reginald Ferdi ((Mr.Ferdi))
Job:A technology teacher

Other markings or accessories: A thin scar running down his left arm.

Personality: Mr. Ferdi has a bit of a temper. He is passionate about teaching technology and loves to say rhe word : Incredible! He is very smart and funny. He is also quite an impressionist.

History: Mr.Ferdi grew up in a quiet village in the South. He grew up in a very poor family and got bullied a lot. His mother died when he was 9. When he was 13, he migrated to North Dakota to start anew. Despite his past, he managed to get his degree in Computer Science and got a job here.

-Taking his time
-People who cheat on tests
- People who judge him because of his past

Relationship status: Single/Open
Family at the academy: None
Friends at the academy: His students

Other: None that I can think of..

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skyla (uwish_124) | 234 comments Full name: Theia Order
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Job (optional): Tutors students younger
Role (Student, teacher, etc.): Student
Interests: Education
Extra Curricular Activities: Swimming


Other markings or accessories: NA

Personality: Theia is a chatterbox, she loves gossip, and excels at different languages. She is hard-working and friendly.

History: Theia has a perfectly normal, smart girl in the face of her family. She was born in New Zealand and traveled to USA to come to Blue Lake Academy. To her friends, she is a party girl, one of the most popular girls in the academy and a chatterbox. She has a secret too... her brother whom others think ran away, was kidnapped. Desperate to find him, she sometimes puts herself in dangerous situations to find clues as to where they took him.

-Lying(but sometimes has to do it)
Relationship status: Single
Family at the academy: Her brother used to go before he got kidnapped.

Horse (optional): A race horse named Smoke

Other: She loves strawberries dipped in chocolate

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