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message 1: by Sammi (new)

Sammi (sammikm) Hello,

I'm Sammi of

I, like most of you (maybe?) am an aspiring writer and total bibliophile.

I work part time in Finance, (I know, I know, but I'm not that boring I promise) and spend the rest of my time reading, writing and creating art.

I'm not the cheeriest of book bloggers, and resting bitch face is strong with me, but I'm friendlier than I look I swear!

I'd love to meet more book bloggers and authors, so please leave a link to your site below for me to check out, make sure you check out my site too!

I also try (and usually fail) to upload a Bookstagram account, which you can find @sammikm.books

I look forward to meeting you all!

message 2: by Angel (last edited Jan 21, 2017 10:40AM) (new)

Angel | 13 comments I don't have a website I have a Goodreads blog:

Bewitchingly Paranoid (bewitchinglyparanoid) | 9 comments Hey!!

I am Ditsha and this is my blog:

Hope you enjoy them! Would love to connect :D

message 4: by Deshana (new)

Deshana Desai | 2 comments Hi Sammi,

I like reading things on lifestyle improvement and ofcourse, books. So glad to have seen this!

This is my blogpost -


message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi Sammi,

My blog:

Followed you on twitter & Bloglovin

message 6: by Manasa (new)

Manasa Kannan | 6 comments Hello Sammi,
Your blog looks amazing and so does the others over here! I started my blog newly. I'm hoping to give it to more time and write more reviews up there. Do take a look though :)

message 7: by Diana (new)

Diana Paul | 16 comments Hi!

My name is Diana Y. Paul and I am an author and movie reviewer whose blog is: and I try to review movies based on books at least 1/3 of the time. I would love any guest bloggers who may want to exchange guest posts! My author website is: for info on my debut novel, Things Unsaid, was released at the end of 2015 with an audible book to be released this coming March, and my second circulating for a publisher. Let me know here, if you would like to blog on my site! Things Unsaid by Diana Y. Paul

Nadine Bookaholic (nadinesobsessedwithbooks) | 35 comments Hi Everyone,

I am new to the blogging world although I have been writing reviews here on goodreads for years. I would love you if checked out my blog and followed me if you like what you see. Nadine's Obsessed with Books Blog: https://nadineisobsessedwithbooks.blo...

I can also be found here:

message 9: by Esther (new)

Esther Hi I'm Esther, 25 y/o from the Netherlands.

I've been blogging for almost 2 months now!

Nadine Bookaholic (nadinesobsessedwithbooks) | 35 comments Esther I am following you, can you please follow back.

Thank you!

message 11: by Uma (new)

Uma    | Books.Bags.Burgers | 21 comments Esther wrote: "Hi I'm Esther, 25 y/o from the Netherlands.

I've been blogging for almost 2 months now!"

Following you :)

message 12: by Myra (new)

Myra (ohjustbooks) | 21 comments Hi guys, nice to meet y'all! I have been blogging for six months now and I have really enjoyed my journey, from starting to review to getting ever so many book review requests, all in a short 6 months! Check out my post to know about my journey and pick up some tips along the way!

Also would love to connect on bookstagram -


message 13: by Christy (new)

Christy Lau (christylau) | 45 comments Hullo all! I started my blog last year, on which I mainly post book reviews and personal essays.

I'm a medical student and aspiring writer. I currently study in Hong Kong!

Christy :)

message 14: by Patrick (new)

Patrick Witz (writerwitz) | 6 comments Sammi wrote: "Hello, I'm Sammi of I'd love to meet more book bloggers and authors, so please leave a link to your site below for me to check out..."

(A) I am not a blogger... but (B) I am an author who'd love to meet a few bloggers.

My recent short fiction collection was selected from approximately 5000 national and international book entries as one of the five medal finalists in the Anthology Division of the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards (NGIBA) - yup, got the medal and certificate to prove it!!

I plan on exploring each of the bloggers listed above as to their review processes.

It's understandable that many bloggers tend to specialize in specific genres... which makes my plight a bit more difficult... the anthology has 15 short stories that span 13 diverse genres with one specific unique plot point included in each story.

Q: Are there any bloggers that review short story anthologies or are willing to expand their repertoire to include a multi-genre anthology?

...and off I go on my blogger exploration quest!

message 16: by Helenala (new)

Helenala Wharton | 5 comments My blog doesn't have any followers yet but I am willing to take a look at your anthology. I was planning on posting short stories on my blog so I am interested in your anthology. I must inform you though that I am currently reconstructing my blog. Tell my where I can get your anthology.

message 17: by Patrick (new)

Patrick Witz (writerwitz) | 6 comments Helenala wrote: "My blog doesn't have any followers yet but I am willing to take a look at your anthology. I was planning on posting short stories on my blog so I am interested in your anthology..."

Hi Helenala... thank you!

Sorry for the response delay, was offline over the weekend... been working on our web page as well & creating guidelines for a "Call for Submissions" in Sept-2017 for our next anthology coming out in 2018 (a collection of short speculative fiction, specifics and guidelines available Sept 1).

Our current anthology is available everywhere as an eBook or POD, visit Placer Gold Writers Ink - for links, bios, story excerpts, & writer support.

message 18: by Helenala (new)

Helenala Wharton | 5 comments Is the book called "Through Button Eyes"?. And what do you mean by call for submissions?

message 19: by Ally (new)

Ally Sharp | 1 comments Hi, I'm Ally. It has been my dream for a long time to start a YA book blog, so I finally started yesterday. I post reviews, lists and tags. :) ( )

message 20: by Patrick (new)

Patrick Witz (writerwitz) | 6 comments Helenala wrote: "Is the book called "Through Button Eyes"?. And what do you mean by call for submissions?"

Hi Helenala, here is the GR book link:

My editor and I are compiling another anthology to be published in 2018 and will be sending out a "Call for Submissions" to authors that would like to submit a short story for consideration to be included in the book. All the stories will need to meet specific established guidelines. If the story is accepted by the editors, the authors will be paid for specific short term rights to use their story in the book. The editor is as well collecting contacts for Beta Readers.

message 21: by Mridula (new)

Mridula Gupta (mridula_gupta) Hey guys,
I am Mridula from India. I have started a bookblog called Ecstatic yet Chaotic.
I would love to have you all check my blog and like and follow if you like my posts. I'll do the same. Looking forward to meeting new bloggers. There's so much to talk about!
Happy Reading.

message 22: by Daan (new)

Daan Rook (daanreads) Hello :D I'm a new book blogger, I started my blog on August 17 2017, and it is called A Library Monster, because I feel exactly like a monster; a shadowy figure stalking booknerds and libraries and attacking with recommendations xD
Here's my blog:

message 23: by Ramona (new)

Ramona Popescu | 8 comments Hello:) Check out my blog at

Thank you:)

message 24: by Mridula (new)

Mridula Gupta (mridula_gupta) Hey
My review on No Plain Rebel- The 2nd book to the dystopian series No Ordinary Star. Its such an amazing book for the sci-fi and fantasy lovers. Check it out here :)
Spread the love of reading :)

message 25: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (theblabbingbibliophile) | 1 comments I suppose this is the time where I introduce myself. Hello, I’m Elizabeth and my website is Bear with me because I’m not really good at this sort of thing.

I was an English major who actually enjoyed my subject of study throughout all of my time at school. I blame this on my parents (thanks, mom and dad). When I was younger and had the summers off, I had to create reading lists and finish them before the new school year commenced. If I met my goal, I received a treat of some kind. Obviously, as a child, I hated being stuck in the house reading every day before I went out to play with my friends, but as I got older and reached middle school, I was thankful for the skill. I wound up being the kid who read ahead and always had a book hidden under my desk.

While at university, I was a bit all over the place, but books were the single constant in my life. They were always there at the end of the day and offered me a retreat from reality. I wound up with three degrees, two of which are in English Literature, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be going back to the classroom one day (soon) for more.

To this day, I read as much as I possibly can and thoroughly enjoy writing reviews for the books I read. While it is a lot of work to create and maintain a space to share my love of literature, I find it rewarding.

My interests vary from the classics I grew up loving to absurd fiction, histories, thrillers, mysteries, biographies, and the last few years, romances (which includes some erotica from time-to-time). In my reviews, I try to convey how important every story is and what messages we can take away from any material we get our hands on, no matter how silly the concept may seem.

Since I’ve decided to pursue my adoration of novels in my own way, I’ve been lucky enough to have met several friends from across the globe. We love nothing more than discussing our mutual love of literature in all its forms! I’m always open to chatting about great novels and even greater characters!

message 26: by Ankita (new)

Ankita (bookwormreads) | 2 comments Hello fellow bloggers :) Am a new book blogger and would like you all to check out my blog

message 27: by FeistyFeline (new)

FeistyFeline Book Review | 5 comments Greetings!

We are a relatively new blog, mother/daughter review team. While irreverent and silly at times, we take reading and reviewing very serious. We are especially fond of the Indie Author Community!

Check us out here at:

Hope you have the puurrfect day!

Feisty Feline Review Crew

message 28: by Mridula (new)

Mridula Gupta (mridula_gupta) Hey guys, Mridula here. I am a blogger @https://ecstaticyetchaotic.wordpress....
How are you all doing?
Send me your blog links for a follow :)

message 29: by Georgina (new)

Georgina (daydreamingroux) | 1 comments I’ve just started a new blog (I used to have one a few years ago) and you can find me here 😊 I will be adding content about 4 times a week!

message 30: by Apoorva (new)

Apoorva | 6 comments Hi, I have recently started my blog
I love books and cant help but talk about them constantly...I am a media student studying in India

message 31: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (heyitsamanda) Hi fellow book bloggers! I'm so glad this group gives me a place to check out all of your blogs and get to discover new books! My blog is at https://abrightershadeofhope.wordpres... Feel free to send me your blog links too! (:

Bhairavee Chitnis | 1 comments Hello book bloggers! I'm a book blogger at
Looking forward to knowing you all!

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