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Mette Christensen Man i just finished book 5 with the thought this must be the last one.

but nono me weeping at the last page and the argony not to know what will then happen and then has to wait. i can only be happy over i havtn read assassins blade yet or the other book series she made.

but seriesly i try not to read books series where not all are out yet!!! cause the wait is a pain in the popo.

But Sarah J. Maas indeed know how to write to keep the reader reading. i basiclly eat 5 books in no time and even had to go to read from my native language to english. And now im addicted....

ohh well got sit like a good snow leopard and wait.... and wait.... wait ....

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Athelia I'm like DYING. I can't believe it it's gonna come out in months. Like it's been 2 YEARS. And I've been reading EoS and just crying all the time. I need to read it again.
And I know this is of track but the song "Dusk till Dawn" is so apt for Rowaelin at this point and I listen to it and think of them and Rowan thinking of this song and I'm like "O God I need the Book"

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