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❝ Happily Ever After is a lie. True love's kiss isn't real. Fairy tales are just stories told to infants. Magic doesn't exist. ❞

Life isn't supposed to be boring. That was why you did it, because you were bored out of your mind and didn't know what else to do. You wandered off into the forest, to the beach, went somewhere you probably shouldn't have gone. It felt great to do something you weren't supposed to do. And then it all went wrong.

You fell into a cave, down a rabbit hole or into the water. And you ended up here. Twenty four hours ago, you thought fairy tales weren't real. Now you're living in one. Welcome to the land of Never, where every fairy tale happened. But in Never, things are hardly what they seem, and you have a job to do. The stories are dying, so a new generation has to relive them. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. You have to assume the role of a fairy tale character, be they evil, a hero or something in between. It won't be easy. But in Never, nothing ever is.

If you find your Happily Ever After before the time runs out, you can go home. Fail to do so, you are stuck as a fairy tale character forever. No magic can save you. You're on your own. Never is a treacherous place, where good and evil are often the same thing.

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One enters the world of Never by being Chosen by the first incarnation of your fairytale character. Your character may be gender-swapped, as in, if the original character was male, they can be played as female as well.

This plot was originally written by Jude.

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