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The Tulgey Wood is a seemingly endless forest. Enter at your own risk because most that enter get lost forever. It is home to many bizarre and peculiar creatures; and you may just find the Cheshire Cat appearing out of thin air.

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Arielle walked into the tulgey woods. Her blond hair flying behind her, her black clocked dress sweeping below her. She walked through the peculiar plants, the dust on the floor whirling around as her robes made movement with her steps. She wasn't really sure why she was there, perhaps it was just convenient or perhaps it was because her maker (the evil queen) had some kind of plan. She didn't know. A smirk played on her crimson red lips as her dull violet eyes wandered around the forest. How she hated Wonderland, all their craziness, she would have burned it to the ground if she had a chance, but the evil queen had greater plans for wonderland She heard a shuffle in the trees and her head snapped around. Her manicured fingers ready to inflict dark magic upon the wanderer.

((Is your character in cat form or human))

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Elijah had been watching the girl trudging through the forest for a while completely invisible to her. He'd been stuck in this hellhole called Never for a few weeks now and he was starting to get the hang of things. He liked his cat form where he could slink through trees unheard even if he wasn't using his invisibility. But Elijah was growing bored and it was about time to make himself heard so I quick ruffle in the branches should do the trick. Slowly he made his grin and eyes visible through the branches hoping to at least creep her out a little. She didn't seem like the frightened type though since she was willingly walking through the Tulgey Wood. Most people didn't even dare come here which Elijah enjoyed very much.

((first he'll be in cat form and then quickly shapeshift. right now he's only half visible though))

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Arielle hair swept down to her pale cherub face, she blew it out of her face annoyed. The trees ruffled and leaves fell around her daintily falling to her bare feet’s. Her beautiful violet eyes searched frantically around trying to see who it was that would dare follow her. She was the evil queen’s most trusted accomplice. Her eyes widened as a fiendish and out of place eyes. A devilish smile played on her lips, maybe she could have some fun with this stalker. She had heard rumours of tugley wood and the evil creatures that live here.v That was one of the main reason she came here, just to have some fun.”What’s your name stalker and who are you to dare to fllow me” She exclaimed smirking .

(( Can he straight away make himself visible as a human))

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((I posted on the archery grounds Royal bloodshed academy))

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Elijah immediately saw the smirk on the girl's face and knew his first impression had been correct. Though she looked soft she clearly knew exaclty what she was doing. He quickly transformed to his human form and then stepped out of the trees onto the path an evil grin on his face. "Why hello there", he said leaning against the tree next to him. "What is a delicate flower like you doing in such a dark, dark place like this." He hoped his words would annoy her more which only widened his grin as he eyed her up and down. He would definitely be attracted to her -if he was into girls that is.

((no problem. oh, and I'll go there right now :D ))

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Arielle saw a young man step from out of the trees. She rolled her eyes frustrated. Who the hell was he, she imagined someone she had destroyed their live and killed their family would be following her for revenge or one of those rumoured creature. She watched him curiously, as he took her appearance in, she glared at him as he eyed up and down. The curious look on her face long gone in its place stood a disgusted look. He looked like someone she didn’t want to get to close to.”You shouldn’t be worring about me but more about yourself” She said smirking. She snapped her fingers and the only source of light in the woods the fireflies fell dead. Even in the dark she could somehow still she his annoying grin. She moved swiftly a knife appearing in her hands she placed it by his neck.”I did warn you” She said. Lets have have some fun with this guy, hopefully he will at least try to escape unlike most people ”Well tell me your name and why do you smile so much” She said resting her face on his neck tiredly. He was still smiling for some reason she did not know

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Elijah chuckled at the girls failed attempt to frighten him. It was like he could read every emotion of her face. He loved it when people had no idea who he was and she definitely didn't have a clue. Which made to whole situation all the more fun for him. When she snapped her fingers and the whole forest fell dark any normal person would run away screaming or start shaking in their shoes. But Elijah was everything but normal. He quickly used his cat vision to see her come up towards him in the darkness. This is going to be very fun. I was in need of some entertainment. He would have enough time to jump out of the way before she held the knife to his throat but now that's exactly what he wanted. "Well, why should I tell you my name if I don't now yours? Have you never heard of stranger danger, darling?", he whispered in her ear. With a single thought he disappeared out of her sight and soundlessly stalked to the spot she had stood before still completely invisible.

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She winced slightly as he whispered in her ear.”Stranger danger, I don’t think you’re the kinda person who even cares about that” She raised her eyebrows. He wasn’t scared or even in awe of her, she couldn’t wait to have more fun. He disappeared from her soft grip, she smiled as she remembered the stories she heard from her teacher. Her teacher would read it out from an old book in a hypnotic voice. What was the name of the cat “Cheshire cat” She laughed a melodic, harmonic laugh and exclaimed”You wanna play hide and seek like a little baby, ”S he said pouting teasingly. She wrinkled her nose” Come out and ask me directly, if you want to know my name, its not polite to ask hiding and anyways im getting quite bored of you” She said tilting her head to the left. Trees snapped apart as her clock traced the earth behind her as she walked around.

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Oh she's definitely an interesting one. Elijah was having quite a lot of fun and he was impressed at her calm stance. An evil chuckle escaped his lips and he slowly made his eyes and iconic grin appear in front of her. "I don't care for hide and seek. Unless I'm stalking my prey", he said his eyes narrowing. He reappeared in front of her before jumping up onto one of the tree branches and sitting down, his feet dangling in the air. He was clad in his classic black pants and shirt combo with sturdy boots on his feet. "Very smart you are. I am the Cheshire Cat though I must confess I don't think I've had the pleasure of hearing of the likes of you", he said in his formal tone making sure to keep his grin ever present on his face. "Now what is your name for I am getting quite bored with you, too."

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