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Phoenix~They/Them Be warned of my characters XD

Phoenix~They/Them Specter: *Boredly watching TV*

Me: *Bringing in furniture* A little help here.
Specter: *Sighs and teleports them in room*
Me: ....Thanks
Sierra: *Is watching TV also*
Me: You guys are lazy today.
Specter: Uh huh

Phoenix~They/Them Me: Im bored someone visit this roooooooooooooooom

Phoenix~They/Them Oh I didn't realize I had this room hahaha

Phoenix~They/Them Jinx: Heyyyyyyy
Me: Oh no it's Jinx. Jinx, be careful, your powers.
Jinx: What?
Me: Your powers are dangerous.
Jinx: I cant help it!
Bookcase: *Falls*
Me: *Looks at bookcase* Jinx.....
Jinx: Sorry

Phoenix~They/Them So about me:

Im a 16 year old girl suffering from depression. I have multiple issues, I cant tell my right from my left, Im addicted to Sonic, my favorite character is Shadow, I love black and red. I fangirl when I see Shadow. I have ADD, and right now Im on my period, yay *Sarcastic*I can be reeeeeally insane at times but at the same time Im sane. I have anger issues and I can easily cry. I post Sonic pictures to make me smile. I admire Sonic's bravery and how he puts everyone else's safety before his own and I wish he was real along with Shadow, Silver, Blaze and other Sonic characters

Phoenix~They/Them I also like looking at humanized sonic characters and seeing how people imagine them as humans. And yes I am super weird.

Phoenix~They/Them I wont if you don't delete your comments off of Shine's room and apologize for being rude to her.

Phoenix~They/Them No, Im not blackmailing you. You hurt Shine's feelings and it was uncalled for. You deserved getting spammed.

Phoenix~They/Them Do you seriously have to spam me?

Phoenix~They/Them Thats because you where being an asshole to my best friend.

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Phoenix~They/Them I can never trust you, ever. You always lose my trust then expect me to instantly trust you or accept your friend request.

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Phoenix~They/Them The question is can I trust you Cameron although Im sure the answer is no

Phoenix~They/Them There are some days where I wanna die.

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Phoenix~They/Them Oh and Cameron, never talk to Shine like that, ever >:(

Phoenix~They/Them We have a duckling at home

Phoenix~They/Them I honestly don't know how to answer your question Cameron. It was YOU who lost MY trust, not me who lost your trust. You're a bully and a big one too, I don't even think you deserve to go on Goodreads. You mock Shine when she did nothing wrong.

Phoenix~They/Them We let the duckling go. Im also hungry

Phoenix~They/Them Now to spam my room with Sonic pictures and MLP pictures because I can

Phoenix~They/Them And now something really random

Phoenix~They/Them I don't usually believe in hating someone but there are a few I truly hate

Phoenix~They/Them Cameron wrote: "Tell Elric to delete his comments"

Elric is off since he lives in Netherlands.

Phoenix~They/Them Also Cameron, you never delete your comments from anything of mine and you're a bully to my friends.

Phoenix~They/Them Also Cameron, stop posting here


Im a pisces XD

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Even though I'm not Pisces, I do agree with you, Cyn.

Phoenix~They/Them BoReD sO vErY bOrEd


This is hilarious

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