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PROLOGUE BOOK 1 - The Mysterious Rider

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message 1: by Rick (new)

Rick Dickenson | 60 comments Back in the prologue of book one an unnamed rider bears The infant Rez to the fort. His identity isn't revealed and I have been always curious if he would play a larger role in the book.

If there are any other Audible listeners let me ask you this. When I was recently listening to book 1 again, the voice used struck a chord with me. It reminded me of General Markum's voice. Any thoughts on that? Anyone else come to the same conclusion?

message 2: by April (new)

April | 191 comments Mod
I'm not sure I trust voice likenesses all that much. Of course, I'm terrible at identifying voices, so that plays a part in that! But Marcum didn't seem to reveal that he knew that much about Rez--and the guy in the prologue would definitely remember that event (as he feared for his life and things were so mysterious).

I get the impression that the mystery rider is more of a striker type and might indeed have been killed off--or maybe become one of Rez's trainers (both being ways to keep him from telling anyone what's been going on).

I don't think Marcum is a striker... more just straightforward Army Officer.

I'm not sure if the rider character is fated to reappear. That could have been his whole role--to bring Rez to the fort in a mysterious and rather fraught way. He'd also be a bit older nearly 20 years on, and these guys seem to live a rather hard and dangerous kind of life... moreso if they're involved with a super-secret project like training Rez! --those guys had a sadly short life-expectancy!

message 3: by Tanya (new)

Tanya | 54 comments I assumed the rider was killed, since anyone who visited the fort were killed. Even Strikers, and Masters. Except the one who got away

message 4: by Rick (new)

Rick Dickenson | 60 comments It could be nothing. This was my 3rd time listening to the book
And it struck a chord that the riders voice sounded just like General Marcum.

Considering the spell on Rez, Marcum is the ONLY character that seems to have an inkling of what Rez truly is. In fact he states he has 2 theories. Seems he knows the most about Rez.

Another thing, do you guys recall the story That is related by Rez while he is in Teurning regarding the two "gods" of justice that ultimately killed one another? Foreshadowing (or is it simply mirroring?) the situation with Raz and his masters?

message 5: by April (last edited Jan 26, 2017 08:13PM) (new)

April | 191 comments Mod

I'm checking out the latest versions of the kindle books, and it seems that "professional editing" meant a number of changes!!! OR maybe my memory of the old version is just poor!!!!!!

BUT--the intro seems different. There're a lot more details (I think).

First paragraph:

"Relief washed over the weary rider as his destination finally emerged from the gloomy, moonlit darkness. He had not at all been certain of the success of this mission, and if he had failed, he would not have lived to regret it."

This seems familiar. Point: first thought about him dying--this would be if he hadn't gotten it/he/baby/Rez/? I assume...

A couple of sentences on...

"He shivered beneath his damp cloak and shifted the bundle that was carefully tied about his torso as he repositioned the various weapons worn both openly and secreted beneath his padded leather armor. He reminded himself that if these people had a mind to end him, his weapons and all his years of training and experience would be worthless."

Here's second reference to dying--this time from the people he's working with/heading towards. Also-- weapons and armor and hidden weapons. I think this is were I got the idea he was a striker (if this was indeed mentioned in the older version that I read, anyway!).

Then, in a paragraph or so, another mention of fear of death:

"He would not even see it coming. One moment he would be alive and breathing and thinking and then he would cease to exist."
"There was no glory of an afterlife-- not for men like him. Any oath-bound who caught the attention of his liege could not hope for his soul's redemption. After all, loyalty and honor could only take a man so far."

Last bit, I don't recall... but it definitely seems to point towards him being a striker who lives by his oath to the king.

Then there's another mention of him probably dying--

"If they did not kill him here, it was just as likely he would die upon his return to his liege, having fulfilled his duty.

"Had his liege finally drawn him into his greatest confidence in assigning him this mission, or was he a "loose end" destined to perish in an unfortunate accident?"

I really don't remember all this--only one mention or so that he might die... but again, I have a sucky memory, so who knows?

"if he ran, he wold be hunted, and it would not be long before one of them would snuff out his life...

"...No, running was never an option. Even had there been the slightest chance of success, he could not consider it. He had loyalty and honor, after all."

--explaining why he continues on despite his fears. --I don't remember reading that, either...

--Also seems to point to a striker. Also hints why the strikers didn't run (like Farson) when Rez was told to kill them...

Fortress has "a metal goliath that posed as a door" -- so whole structure seems massive and solid... I wonder how they hid it from notice of everyone??? I kind of assumed it was smaller and less imposing... but I guess it could be huge and just well-hidden...

Reminds him of ---

"a portal to H'khajnak, he demon realm."

I don't remember that, either. I added to the Glossary/Terms list.

Description of person who meets him inside the fortress--

"He was a middle-aged, stern-faced man whose only two facial expressions were blank stoicism and scowl. The moonlight reflected off his slightly balding crown but was absorbed into the coarse, dark material of his robe that fell to mid-thigh. The robe draped over a plain tunic and pants of dark color and fastened with a leather belt. If the belt had a buckle, he could not see it for nothing the man wore reflected any light. With his head covered, the man could probably disappear altogether, which was most likely the point. although no weapons were visible, in this place, it was certain the man was well armed."

--Hmmm... Assassin???

Ending paragraph--

"A cruel smile played across the man's face as he replied, "I will live to serve my purpose, same as you. Neither of us can expect much more than that. Now, hand him over. He is no longer your concern."

message 6: by Rick (new)

Rick Dickenson | 60 comments Wow! Simply a fantastic overview April. I admit the first time I read the prologue I thought the rider was a Striker. It does seem obvious. It was only the voice that made me think otherwise.

Having read your brilliant overview though, I am convinced the rider was/is a striker (not sure he is dead though).

message 7: by April (new)

April | 191 comments Mod
I totally did not remember a lot of the Prologue from the first time I read it (I listened to the Audiobooks my 2nd time around and am now just going back to check out the latest book editions).

I was mostly just noting down stuff in that big long thread! I figured it could help with the discussion.

Yes-- I agree that he could still be alive! It seems like someone wanted all witnesses killed at the end, but it's possible things weren't quite so nasty at that time--although the guy DID think he might indeed be killed, so it's hard to tell what his fate was.

I wonder what he had to do to get the baby safely away? It sounded tricky... I am SO curious about that whole situation!

message 8: by Edgar (new)

Edgar | 6 comments "Relief washed over the weary rider as his destination finally emerged from the gloomy, moonlit darkness. He had not at all been certain of the success of this mission, and if he had failed, he would not have lived to regret it" Any idea why the rider was so worry that he was going to fail his mission. Was it really that hard for him to steal a baby.

message 9: by April (new)

April | 191 comments Mod
Edgar-- I was curious about that, too! I don't think there have been any known hints about all that. We aren't really sure just who Rez is... but this hints at Rez being someone not easily taken... There were no rumors of a stolen baby of someone important... At least, I don't think so! Hmmm....

message 10: by Slick (new)

Slick | 28 comments When Rez mentioned the fort where he was raised the general seems unaware of it's existence. I think he has a inkling of who/what he is but i don't think he was the one who carried him there.

message 11: by Edgar (new)

Edgar | 6 comments Has any one read book 2 yet?

message 12: by Slick (new)

Slick | 28 comments ^^Hell Yeah!!

message 13: by Edgar (new)

Edgar | 6 comments It was a great book i cant wait in till book 3. I still don't believe that Rez is part of the royal family. It say that they are all Mage's but Rez say he doesn't have the talent. Any Idea?

message 14: by Critter (last edited Feb 01, 2017 09:11AM) (new)

Critter | 11 comments April wrote: "Edgar-- I was curious about that, too! I don't think there have been any known hints about all that. We aren't really sure just who Rez is... but this hints at Rez being someone not easily taken......"

It is interesting to know why getting the baby to the fort was such a risky venture.

One of the few hints to Rezkin's origin is that we do know from the bonding done on his swords, that King Bordran spent some time with him, when he was a baby/very young child, based on the dating of the Certificate of Authority.
I would speculate that that happened somewhere other than the fort and therefor probably before Rez ever went to the fort. The fort seems to be in an out of the way place and a very closely guarded secret that very few people even know it exists. It seems that smuggling the baby into the king, if indeed the baby was secretly in the king's presence, rather than openly there, would be much easier to accomplish than the king going to the fort secretly.

I'm also wondering about the timing, does anyone know how old Caydean would have been at that time? If Caydean was old enough to have the influence and power needed and already ruthless enough, he might have been trying to kill Rezkin, again if he was aware of the new potential claimant to the throne, whether he was aware of what Bordran was planning to do with Rez or not. The rider might have had to outfox or outrun some assassins to get the baby away from wherever he was originally and to the fort.

Also pardon if there are spoilers in my reply, as parts covered there are from book two.

message 15: by Slick (new)

Slick | 28 comments (view spoiler)

message 16: by Edgar (new)

Edgar | 6 comments Not just that when ever he is hit with a ball of fire it just washes over him like water.

message 17: by April (new)

April | 191 comments Mod
Yeah... I can't wait for book 3!!! I think we're getting people checking in on these discussions because we'd go crazy waiting otherwise!

Hopefully the next book will be out soon!

Yeah--I don't see Bordran ever visiting the Fortress... It's way to the north at the edges of the kingdom, in the forests and hills, and hidden from everyone (I at first thought it was somewhere in a wasteland... but the maps say it's in the forests).

And I don't think Marcum was at the fortress, either. I'm not at all sure what he knows... but he knows of someone or something that gives him some suspicion about who or what Rez might be... Marcum might be wrong... But he's been around and knows something about the intrigue that goes on at court, and he's a smart guy... so I wouldn't be surprised if he has some idea of what might be going on...

I have absolutely NO idea of a timeline outside of Rez's own. So, not sure about the age of Bordran... when he died, how old Caydean was, etc. We know very little about Caydean. Hopefully there will be more hints in the next book!

message 18: by Kevin (new)

Kevin | 4 comments Spoiler alert

Um Marcum did say he would go talk to another and he hopes they don't team up.

message 19: by Rick (new)

Rick Dickenson | 60 comments April wrote: "I totally did not remember a lot of the Prologue from the first time I read it (I listened to the Audiobooks my 2nd time around and am now just going back to check out the latest book editions).


I never thought he "stole" the baby. More like he was given a mission to deliver this baby for his liege. The rider definitely had doubts about the nature of his mission (he thought of taking the baby to some family to be raised).

I always interpreted his fear of failure as there might be other forces against his liege that didn't want him to deliver the baby to the fort.

message 20: by Rick (new)

Rick Dickenson | 60 comments Slick wrote: "^^Hell Yeah!!"

Edgar - check out the thread titled Rezkin the mage. There is an interesting discussion going on there.

message 21: by Rick (new)

Rick Dickenson | 60 comments Ok, so it doesn't seem that Marcum was the mysterious rider. However, in Book 1, Marcum said he had 2 ideas about who Rezkin really was. The first seems obvious - that he is an assassin akin to the fable Rez.

Here is an interesting question, any thoughts on Marcum's thoughts on the second idea?

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