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A lounge for teachers situated at the end of the west wing near the clockwork courtyard. The only door is charmed with a password that the gods know. Students are not permitted within the lounge.

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Hecate twirled her spoon around her cup, the sweet smell of tea and cream willed her nose and she inhaled the aroma deep into her lungs. Having girl talks with her beloved three friends was something she enjoyed doing, though today it was just his the Moon itself, as Cora and Selene were busy. The single ladies, though Artemis wasn't looking for a man or woman. Hecate, well, she was always more than happy to have her arm around someone. Though currently, she was focusing on being a mother.

"So, one of myselves ran into your brother earlier. Seemed rather shaken up, like he saw a ghost." She laughed, as the goddess of ghosts. "Any idea what got him spooked?" She asked, leaning in towards her from across the table. It was truly a shame Artemis swore off sex, because Hecate did find her rather beautiful when under certain lights, the shadows on her face dramatic and stunning. But she saw how the archer and Cupid got along, knowing full well not to even bring up her attraction, not wanting to harm their friendship. She took a long sip of her warm tea, exhaling afterwards, the soothing liquid seemed to spread throughout her body. She needed this, after the class she just had. Dreadful first years with zero control over their abilities. One of her selves got killed, essence zapped back into the prime body. Stupid fire-bending girl threw a ball of flames at a perving boy, and it hit her instead. And burning to death was rather painful.

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Honestly, Artemis hated being inside. Everything she was in control of was outside, from the moon to the hunt. Even large spaces made her distinctly uneasy. But there was no reason for anyone to have to know that, and she wouldn't make Hecate feel guilty about it or anything. Hecate liked it here, so Artemis sucked it up for her friend and shoved down any discomfort, simply pretending it didn't exist. Automatically she reached back behind her, her quiver appearing so she could pull it off her back and set it on the table in front of her. Of course all the arrows were magic and didn't really need sharpening, but it occupied her. So she pulled one of the arrows out at random and set to sharpening them with a stone, sighing slightly.

"Not just an idea, but fact." She nodded in agreement, looking over at the other goddess rather neutrally. Still, she made no move to explain it. She answered the question, and that was that. And even though she was always blunt and a woman of few words, she was of even less so when it came to her brother. Although she may not have been good at interaction, she knew how to read Apollo like a book. But Apollo was a special case. And there was no way in hell that she would reveal anything about her brother he hadn't expressly told her it was ok to. She knew how he was about Hyacinth, she wasn't about to spill about the new student she'd heard about from him. Not even to her best friend.

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The titan sighed as she took another sip of her drink, "Don't why I bothered, knew you wouldn't actually answer." She pouted her lips. "Well if we can't gossip about your brother and whatever made him so pale faced - didn't think someone so tanned could become so pasty - at least tell me if you have any new gossip in general. All my rumor mills ran dry. But that is impossible, when was there every a dull day here when someone didn't die or get turned into a rosebush?"

Well, she thought to herselves, there was the era when the Headmasters were those cute little demigods, teaching their legacy children. But then they died and this place became even more chaotic than the world it was built to protect the godspawn from. Hecate would have enjoyed a nice time outside, but apparently the gods of wind and sky had other ideas. A cloudy day, with the possibility of a rainy night. And water would ruin her make up, and it took her two hours to get that cat eye right. Okay, so maybe she wasn't 100 percent focusing on being a mother. So she was still out to have more children. She enjoyed doing so, not just the act of conceiving, but the birth, watching them grow, being a part of their lives. And in order to have kids, one must court and seduce. Though even she herself would admit she had no idea who she was trying to impress at Pantheonium, all the good catches were out below in the mortal world.

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"I don't know why either." Artemis shrugged serenely, looking over at Hecate. She rolled her eyes slightly, shaking her head. "You have known me for a long time. Why would you expect me to know anything about the people here?" She snorted slightly, tilting her head. "I don't like people. I do not spend any time with them voluntarily." She pointed out, refocussing on the useless but comforting sharpening she was doing.

The longer she was here, the more she regretted coming. There were far too many people for her liking, not that it took a large amount of people for that to be true. If it wasn't for Apollo, she wouldn't have come in the first place. Still, she always felt she had to look out for her little brother. And despite everything, she did need some social contact. Apollo was generally the one to fill that need, and she adored his company. As annoying as it was sometimes. But she always worried for him, no matter what he said. She didn't have to deal with heartbreak or romantic rivals, or the loneliness of going to sleep with someone and waking without. So she was there for him through all of his, a somewhat confused but willing comforter. She liked to think it helped, having her around as a constant, but honestly she didn't know.

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She shrugged, "Nothing exciting happened in class? No confrontation with that greybeard One-Eye?" She said, tapping her tea cup. "Fuck, my cup is empty." She set it down. That was her favorite brew, made by one of her daughters as a gift. She'd have to go get more from her. "Tell me, is it odd having your mother work with you? I get that she is looking out for you, but..." She shrugged, "Must be little strange, right? Hovering around like some helicopter parent..." She trailed off, realizing she was a helicopter soccer mom.

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"Three people got bitten by wolves because they were idiots. Nothing out of the ordinary." Artemis reported, not looking up from her arrows. She didn't bother mentioning the fact that one of her abilities was to control animals, so she definitely could have stopped it. She almost never did though, students had to learn. She hated using her abilities to forcibly control creatures anyway, she'd much rather talk them down. Which in class, she really only did to prevent deaths. Injuries were likely.

She let out a legitimate hiss at the mention of Odin, looking up sharply. "No, I have not seen the blind fool lately." She shook her head, her grip on the arrow tightening as she imagined stabbing it into his other eye socket. It took her a moment to refocus on what Hecate was saying, blinking slightly. "Not truly. We don't work very closely together, so it's not like she's constantly watching me teach. I love my mother. I am glad she is around and here.

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She nodded, "That is true, she is a deputy head mistress. Still, the thought of having Asteria here would drive me mad." She told her cousin. She crossed her hands over her lap, thinking. "Why is it always wolves with you? Can't you, I don't know, stop them from harming students? Or do you want them to deal with your brother's solace kits and their dreadful poems. Honestly, Diana, you are more lyrical than him." She said, waving her hand to make a point, "No offense, of course, I do love him, that overly bright and chipper twin of yours."

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"Mother is the titan of motherhood. Of course she's a good mom." Artemis smiled a fraction, looking up from her task. "I always have wolves around. They are one of the few pack predators, and they take better to people than the others like lions do. And they are lovely to hunt with. Why shouldn't it be wolves? Last week was griffins. The students are getting a break." She huffed, her expression shifting to almost offended. "Of course I could stop them from harming students. As evidenced by the fact that no one has died in my class. Except the one, and he pulled a chimaera's tail." She pointed out, relaxing a fraction as she turned back to her arrowheads. "I do not make the wolves attack students. But if a student gets bitten, it's because they weren't doing what they should have. I which wolves are around students carefully, believe it or not. They lash out when they are hurt or antagonized. And anyone who does that to them deserves to deal with the consequences."

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Hecate shrugged. Her dogs only attacked when she demanded. They were well trained and obeyed her every command. "A chimera? Oh, that poor boy." She said, knowing how nasty those monsters are. She sighed, "Well, I'm done with my tea, if you want, we can go for a walk outside?" She offered, having noticed that being in doors made Artemis act a bit off, she wondered if she had claustrophobia or something like that, and if their meetings in doors made her uncomfortable. Hecate did not want to be a bad friend, but knew no way of bringing it up without making thing awkward.

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"He deserved it." She said flatly, shrugging one shoulder. "Like I said. He pulled it's tail." Her eyes narrowed and grip tightened on the arrows, huffing slightly. "He was cruel. He deserves the consequences." Automatically she lit up at the suggestion of going outside, nodding. She put the arrow back in the quiver, slinging the quiver over her back, where it vanished. She rose to her feet, rolling her shoulders back as she waited for her friend. "I'd love to." She said simply, looking over at Hecate. "Where would you like to go?" She checked.

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She smirked. "The courtyard is always a good place. If it rains, I could try to do a spell, Zeus did give me power in the Heavens, but he can be a bit tough at times, sometimes vetoing my attempts to clear the skies." She said, it wasn't like she was a god of the skies herself, so it made sense. But still, she was honored by Zeus, her spells should hold some sway. Then again, there were now other sky gods she'd have to consider, and their will being imposed on nature could outdo her own. "Shall we?" She said, standing up.

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"Rain doesn't bother me. It's simply a part of the outdoors." Artemis shrugged, "It is necessary for all life, particularly in the forests." She waved a hand absently, already starting for the door. She didn't exactly relish the idea of being soaked, but sometimes a nice warm, gentle rain was nice. She could run around outside with the wolves, not that she didn't already, but rain made everything just more fun. It was especially entertaining when she could get Apollo out with her, where the rain would sizzle into steam where it touched his skin. On a could day it would turn cold on her skin, but not always.

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Hecate did her best to perform an elemental spell, using the power of air and invoked the alchemical symbol of it to burn before her in golden light, the color of the element. "I hope that worked," she said as it fizzled out of existence. "Shall we go to the courtyard and find out?" She asked as she went behind Artemis to head outside into the cool afternoon air above New York City. The only way to see if the spell worked is to go and find out.

up to you if it rains or not

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