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Author's Corner > Storks in a Blue Sky by Carol Anne Dobson is free on Kindle Jan 21, 22.

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Carol Dobson | 26 comments Storks in a Blue Sky by Carol Anne Dobson is free on Kindle, Jan 21,22.
It is a historical romance which won the 2009 David St John Thomas Fiction Award.
The beautiful red-haired Sarah Durrant is an uneducated servant who takes the place of her mistress when she suddenly dies as they are travelling across the remote wilderness of 18th century Exmoor.
Her own origins are a mystery. She only knows she is illegitimate and [possesses a gold locket which contains a miniature of a woman who resembles her. North Devon at first proves a sanctuary from the violence of her past, but then the French aristocrat, Jean Luc de Delacroix, a soldier and a scientist, arrives from the New World en route to Alsace; the local activities of wrecking and smuggling surface; and her life becomes a tangle of love, deception and despair.

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Shirley (dwyatt1) | 84 comments Thanks.

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