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January 2017: Bonus Admin Tags > Because She Loves Me by Mark Edwards - 1.5 stars (psychological thriller)

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Marina (sonnenbarke) Andrew is a nerdy freelancer, who looks quite uncool, and is at the hospital for a follow-up after an eye operation. There he meets Charlie, a stunningly beautiful woman with whom he immediately falls in love. Havoc ensues. This is the storyline in a nutshell.

This book gets 1.5 stars instead of only one because, as a thriller, it succeeds in keeping the reader glued to the page: I really needed to know how it would end - or was it that I needed for the book to end as quickly as possible? Who knows.

The flaws of this book are two: it is poorly written and it is preposterous.

An example of the poor writing: many times we are told that Andrew is waiting to invoice a job he's done because he's waiting for the client to tell him if they're happy with the job. Until suddenly - the job has always been invoiced and Andrew is waiting for payment! Now, wait, what's happened there?

An example of preposterousness: the ending. I can't say anything in case any of you decide you want to read the book after all, but let me say the ending is preposterousness itself.

Another thing I disliked is that there's a lot, and I mean a lot, of gratuitous sex in the novel. I'm not a prude and I appreciate how some sex might have been necessary to make the reader understand the (twisted, imho) relation between the two protagonists, but this was just a bit too much. Sometimes quite graphic, too. I don't mind that, really, but the first half of the book seems to be almost all about sex. I mean, is this a psychological thriller or an erotic novel?

I would definitely NOT recommend this book.

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 Olivermagnus (lynda214) | 2025 comments Thanks for the warning. I love psychological thrillers and will make sure I don't read this one.

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