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Crystal opened the door of her dorm and stepped in, sighing deeply. "Ok, she's gonna be a friendly and cool girl, who does yoga..." She murmured and put a smile on her face. She got in and left her keys on a chair. Her things were already there and she sighed with relief. "Hello? Anybody here?" she asked and started looking around.

((Crystal's side: https://www.google.gr/imgres?imgurl=h...

And https://www.google.gr/imgres?imgurl=h...

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Kaitlyn hurried into her room. She was late just like she was with so many other events that she never really went to because she was late to those also. As she hurried up and opened the door, she saw her roommate and she looked nice! She didn't care if her roommate was an AK or a VK. Whoever her roommate was, she was going to have the best year of her life. "I'm here! Sorry that I'm late. I'm Kaitlyn."

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Crystal turned to face a happy looking girl standing at the door. She smiled and stepped forward. "Hello! I'm Crystal! Good to see you! So which side do you prefer?" she asked and blinked at her happily.

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Kaitlyn grinned. Her roommate was so nice and cheerful! Plus, she was asking what side she wanted instead of already taking a side just like other people usually did. "Oh! No worries! You can choose a side first." She replied. "It doesn't matter which side I have because either side works for me."

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Crystal chuckled and pointed at the left side. "If you don't mind, I will take this one... When I sleep at the right side of a room I have nightmares... Well, how old are you my dear?" she asked and smiled kindly. The girl was super nice. Crystal was so lucky to be with her.

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Kaitlyn smiled, but then she felt bad for Crystal when she said that she had nightmares when she slept on the right side of the room. She didn't want her roommate to feel uncomfortable every single night, so she took the right side of the room with glee. "I'm currently fifteen years old." She replied with a smile. "What about you?"

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Nina | 526 comments Crystal approached and gave her a big hug. "Aww me too! So glad I'm with you in the dorm. You seem like a very good girl." she exclaimed and sat on her bed, her legs crossed. She chuckled and brushed with her fingers her super long, white hair. "So... I want to learn everything about you! Your hobbies, your favourite things, pet peeves... Everything!" she said in one breath and smiled waiting for the girl to respond.

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