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Shanghai Girls (Shanghai Girls, #1)
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Shanghai Girls

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message 1: by Katie (new)

Katie | 2 comments I actually finished a book! (thanks, vacation!) I thought this book was excellent, although I'm definitely looking forward to reading the second part because the ending was not at all satisfying...
The book is from the perspective of two Chinese immigrants, back in the 1930s-50s. I was kind of shocked at what they had to go through to get here, the immigration process, and how much discrimination they faced being here. I knew a little about what happened with the Japanese during WW11 but didn't realize what was going on in China at the time or how the Chinese were treated once they were here. There were so many interesting/sad/terrible things they faced.
I was also kind of surprised that so "recently," arranged marriages were still happening, even in "modern" cities and families. I just can't even imagine my future being decided by someone that isn't me....and living in a culture where it is expected that you will obey the wishes of your family above your own desires.
The book also reminded me that, although I'm not an immigrant and can't even imagine what it's like in today's world, my gut tells me that if you're choosing to come to America, legally or especially illegally, it must be for a pretty good reason. I can't imagine people facing the interrogations or living in fear of being deported for a little reason....they're obviously escaping something pretty terrible or feel they have nothing to lose by coming here. And I can't even imagine what that's like--going to a place where you know no one, have nothing, and could be deported, and yet it's the best choice you feel you have.
Overall, I absolutely loved the book and am itching to read the next one! It definitely opened my eyes to the discrimination and hardships of immigrants, showed me a little of the Chinese culture and reminded me of the love and loyalty of family.

message 2: by Pale (new) - added it

Pale Moonlight | 3 comments This one looks fascinating. I'm adding to my to be read list. Thanks for the recommendation.

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