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Baumholder 1961
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Rupak Hattikudur (rupakh) | 3 comments Mod
Let us tell each other what we thought about the book.

Aamil Syed (aamilsyed) Umm yeah.. didn't really like it that much. That's all :P

Rupak Hattikudur (rupakh) | 3 comments Mod
Thanks for the detailed review, Aamil :P

Rupak Hattikudur (rupakh) | 3 comments Mod
My review of the book is as follows:

This book is based in a German town named Baumholder, where is centered around two linguists Sullivan and Bass. Sullivan hopelessly falls in love with a lady known to be a spy to everyone. Bass goes on to look out for Sullivan till the end, a sign of strong bonds of friendship between them. Also, there is a paragraph which describes how feels while in love: “Ah, how the thrill of it
shoots through me if my finger happens to touch hers or our
feet meet beneath the table! I recoil as if from a fire yet
some secret force draws me on again – and all my senses
grow dizzy. And oh! her innocence and her ingenuous spirit
do not feel what agonies these intimacies put me through.
Indeed, if she places her hand on mine when we are talking
and, excited by the conversation, moves closer, so that her
divine breath brushes my lips – I feel as if l shall sink into
the ground, as if l had been struck by lightning.” - which really stood for me.

Overall, a decent read and well written novella.

message 5: by Sharanya (new)

Sharanya | 1 comments I could easily relate the character of jim with a friend of mine who is a mariner . Wen they are so excited about leaving home nd suddenly contract is extended the agony they face is well depicted. My friend while sailing used to curse his job but after returning home he would miss ship nd wish to get onboard soon. Same is Wat depicted , suddenly Jim doesn't care abt his country nd then wen Heidi talks like nazi from heart all his patriotism is upheld. "Victims of history" .strong quote

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