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Mars Smith | 21 comments Mod
Here are 12 things you can in this book club:

1. You can suggest books-to-read by participating in polls and discussions. This may be the most important thing you can do as a member. Doing this will increase the quantity of books in our group's bookshelves.

2. You can suggest polls that you think ought to be in this book club.

3. You can make new friends in this group by adding people on GoodReads or joining in on a conversation on the discussion board.

4. You can compare books with other members that you become friends with.

5. You can post photos of science jokes and puns.

6. You can create and/or participate in any challenges made.

7. You can add videos relating to the book we are reading or upload something interesting related to the author.

8. You can watch videos that are uploaded to this group and discuss the videos on the discussion board.

9. You can discuss the contents of books and/or the author as long as it somehow pertains to science.

10. When events are made, you can actively participate in them. As always, you can also suggest ideas.

11. You can invite friends to this group if you think they will enjoy it.

12. It is possible to become a moderator in this bookclub if you are an active user, and you show an interest in becoming one. Note that moderators have more control over managing the book club.

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Howard P (howard_pavane) | 2 comments How do I join the Science group?

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