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Rebel Farris (rebelfarris) | 2 comments 95k New Adult Romantic Suspense

Back Cover Blurb:

How much of your happiness would you give up for the ones you love?

The lead guitarist of a one-hit-wonder band gained global attention when her band’s front man and long time boyfriend was found dead. Since then, she has been the only person of interest in the four-year-old cold case.

Maddie Dobransky, indie record label owner and roller derby girl, has shut herself off from the world in an effort to regain control of her life and protect her family. Her tenuous hold on peace and quiet will be shattered when her stalker reappears after four years of silence. The media will pick apart everyone she knows in an effort to solve the mysterious death.

Used to keeping men at arm’s length, now she must rely on one to keep them all safe. Can she keep her distance and secrets to continue protecting those who matter most?

(18+ Contains Graphic Language and Graphic Sex)

My needs:

I'm looking for Betas who can meet a deadline. I need to have the Beta reads done by 2/4/2017. So, two weeks. I've already worked this with my writing group, so it's a pretty clean copy. I'm just looking for feedback on overall story, plot and concept with a somewhat fast/consistent read. It's 27 chapters with a post chapter interview and prompt questions on the website.

I'm using a new Beta Reader website so there's nothing to download or transfer, just message me if you're interested and I'll send you an invitation to read. The website makes my book viewable on a computer, tablet and cell phone. It even has a night mode (black background, white text). :-)

Thank you in advance for your consideration. Hope to hear from you soon.

Rebel Farris

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Cimone Watson | 93 comments I'd like to be one of your beta readers, but Goodreads says that you are not accepting messages. I'll try sending you a friend request first.

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Rebel Farris (rebelfarris) | 2 comments I fixed my message filter, so I can receive responses. Thank you for your help. Your invitation is in the mail. :D

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