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The Garden of Eden is a place of picturesque beauty, a public garden meant to resemble the original biblical location. After all, it was a Utopia, and is that not what the Second Coming wish to achieve?

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Ash | 27 comments A small smile sat on my lips as I walked through the garden. The day could not be more beautiful. The sun was out, and there were very few clouds in the sky. The temperature was at a perfect seventy eight degrees, and there was a nice breeze that occasionally walked through as well. I thought it to be too good a day to stay inside, so, I decided to grab a book, grab my music, stop at the coffee shop nearby my house and head to the garden. It was always beautiful here, with some exceptions in the winter, but now it was spring. And everything was in beautiful bloom. The garden was wonderfully organized. I wouldn't have been surprised if Ellowyn was one of the original designers. She was always very good at things like that.

I walked along the stone path, making my way to the usual place I sat at in the garden. There were multiple stone benches that were scattered around the garden, some accompanied the pathway, while others were further off towards the edge. My favorite was the one in the center where the fountain was. And, thankfully, no one had taken the seat before me. One headphone was slipped into my ear, playing a relaxation soundtrack I had. I left the other ear open to the sounds around me, which was also very peaceful. The sound of birds chirping, the fountain's water streaming down, the distant sound of cars on the road at the entrance. It was all very nice.

I sat down on the stone, I feeling cool against my skin. I glanced around the area before placing down my iced coffee to open my book. I was always a sucker for murder mysteries, plenty of drama and almost an excess of opportunity for plot twists. You could never know what was going to happen.

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Birds sat around the garden and chirped back and forth with one another. The water of the fountain fell peacefully and created a calming sound that went through the entire garden. There was another sound that came around after a while. A man with a button up white shirt that was left untucked from his blue jeans walked around the garden, holding a single flower in his hand. The flower danced around as he twisted the stem between his fingers.

The man hummed beautifully as he strolled through the gardens. He was calm as could be, his eyes at peace, and he had an easy smile on his face. His eyes looked up, seeing a young girl reading her book. He looked down at the flower in his hand, then approached the young girl. "Excuse me..." He said, "I seem to have this flower, but it doesn't quite have a home... You wouldn't be able to give it one, would you?"

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Ash | 27 comments Slow moments passed by as I sat and read, occasionally shifting my position. There was a decent amount of people at the garden today. Though surely this wasn't the busiest I had seen it. It was more busy in the summer time, or when there was a festival, or if a Second coming Council member came. Or at the least, when people knew about them coming. But that wasn't today. Maybe sometime soon, but not today. My eyes moved back and forth as I read the words on the pages, slowly flipping one after another. My father always said I was a fast reader. I glanced up every now and then as new sounds came to my ears, or as new people passed by me. The usual.

Suddenly though I heard footsteps approach, though instead of coming a little close, then simply passing by they kept coming closer. I took out my headphone, looking up as a man walked up to me. Well, a young man. He seemed a few years older than myself, and held out a beautiful flower. I don't think it was one from the garden. I was a little surprised at this, as I didn't see myself as attractive as some of the other young women around my age. Though I didn't let my surprise grip me for too long.
"I'm sure I could find a place to care for it in my house." I said, accepting the flower from him.
"Thank you." I said, giving him a warm smile.

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Nathan smiled softly to the woman as she accepted the smile and in return, gifted him with the warmest smile. He returned one. His hair was slicked back, as usual, though, it didn't look as immaculate as it normally would if he was at work. He still did have that damn strand in front of his face as well. "Thank you. The flower appreciates it." He said, looking at her. He knew the meaning of the flower. It was a hibiscus. Though he wasn't claiming her as the perfect wife as some of the meanings behind it, but more so that she had a more delicate beauty.

He looked at the book she was reading, unable to help but inquire. "What book is that?" He asked, pointing to it slightly and politely.

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Ash | 27 comments I let out a soft giggle at his words.
"You're welcome, and I'll be sure to take good care of it." I carefully took the flower from him, not wanting to risk dropping it. It was a very beautiful flower. I didn't know the name of it, but it had a gorgeous vibrant red that also had a tint of purple. I carefully put it on the space next to me. I would make sure to remember to bring it back home with me. I wanted to try and keep alive as long as I could.

I looked from the handsome man to my book, still open on page one hundred and seventy four.
"Oh, it's a book about how this girl's body was found, but she was already thought to be dead so the plot is how they figure out what really happened. It's really good so far." I explained, looking back up to him. A small chuckle escaped my lips.
"I really mystery books." I added.

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He smiled softly to her as she spoke about how she would take care of it and it made him quite happy. He wanted the flower to be cared for and he felt that he was correct about her. He wanted to give it to someone that would take care of it and not just throw it away. He would have taken it home and done the same thing, but all of his vases were completely filled and the flower just wouldn't look right anywhere. Something this beautiful didn't deserve to be tacky in the slightest.

He looked at the book again, nodding, "That does sound interesting." He said, smiling softly, "You remind me of a family friend, Ellowyn. She loves figuring out mysteries... Do you do the same thing? Try and figure it out before the main character?" He asked.

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Ash | 27 comments He seemed to be glad I would take care of it. I was glad that he was glad. I wanted to talk with him more. Thankfully he asked a question to continue our conversation.
"Oh, yeah I do like doing that. I find it run to try and think of different theories. But it is always satisfying to see how it actually turns out; and how each character reacts." It then registered that he had said Ellowyn.
"Wait, do you mean Ellowyn as...the Second Council member? Not someone else? You've met her in person?" I asked, realizing I might come off as a bit of a religious fanatic with my questions.
"I've just...never had the pleasure to meet her in person before." Especially since I had not yet gone to the Second Council to find my suitor yet. I wasn't of age quite yet.

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Nathan looked at the young woman, seeing her talking about these interests of her was pleasant. He always enjoyed watching how things could brighten up someone's world. Like when he had given her the flower. Her eyes shined, and she had smiled so much brighter... It was so cute, and he enjoyed it quite a bit.
Though, when she started to get excited because he had met Ellowyn, he nodded. "I have met her." He said, chuckling a little bit. "My father is a very wealthy man... and my best friend is as well, so she often goes to parties thrown by them." He said, shrugging a bit. "Have you heard of Roland before?" He asked. He was at the same rank as her, and was actually a decedent of the founders of this glorious Utopia.

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Ash | 27 comments He was a very charming man. And admittedly, rather attractive. Though I wouldn't be surprised if he had already been set up with someone. He did seem a couple years older than me. And he had spoken with Ellowyn multiple times before this moment. Though it was still nice to talk with him.
"Ah, I see." That made sense. My eyes narrowed a bit as I thought for a moment.
"Hmm...Roland sounds a bit familiar, I think." I answered. It was a more unique name. I think I had heard it before somewhere.

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(( Sorry for the wait. College and life threw me a loop... Ugh. Finally I think it's mostly over.))

He chuckled, "I'm surprised you know who one is but not the other." He said, "He's the one with the long black hair that totally needs cut." though, Roland would say the opposite. That man was never going to cut his hair. Plus Rei would smack him for it. She liked the long hair, after all. "What might your name be?"

((I totally forgot if he asked this. If he did ignore it. XD ))

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Ash | 27 comments [ That's totally fine! I know the feeling bleh ]

"Oh, yes I do believe I know who you're talking about!" I said, recognizing the name better.
"I'm not always the best with names, sorry." I said, giving a kick to myself mentally. Although apologizing in this context made sense, I found I said it too often. I had been trying to break this speech habit, but it was difficult. I realized as he asked the question that neither of us had yet introduced ourselves.
"Oh, my name is Abigail, but you can call me Abby."

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He chuckled, looking over at her, having a feeling that she would know. Just like Ellowyn, he had been in quite a few parades himself, often times leading it. He was at God tear along with her. He pushed some of his hair back, trying to get that dastardly strand to stay back for once, but it fell right back in the center of his forehead, never to listen to him. He nodded to her, offering his hand, "It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Nathan." He said, not shortening it, because he typically didn't shorten it, he went by his full name.

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Ash | 27 comments I watched as he lifted his hand to move his hair back, but it seemed the strand was there to stay. I had a few stray strands myself. Though they were only annoying when my hair was put up. They weren't long enough to be pulled back, so they always slid forwards after a while. My smiled brightened and I reached up, taking his hand and giving it a firm shake.
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Nathan." I wondered for a moment if he had any nicknames. He didn't mention any, so I intended to call him by what he wished.

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He nodded to her, glad that he was to meet someone so kind. He was happy that she was the one that he was going to give the flower to. He smiled softly to her, "The pleasure is all mine, I assure you." He said, grinning down at her. He thought it was strange he was talking so... formally. Sure, he did grow up in a rich household, but this isn't typically how he would talk to his sister or his friends. Perhaps he was just feeling more... regal today? Who knew.

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