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Dreamland Burning
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April 2017 > Dreamland Burning by Jennifer Latham

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message 1: by Seira (new)

Seira Wilson | 92 comments Mod
I'm really thrilled we're going to read this for April -- Dreamland Burning is going to be a nice change in direction from our more fantasy driven books in February and March. It looks amazing, can't wait to start...

message 2: by Alicia (new) - added it

Alicia | 40 comments See you in April!

message 3: by Seira (new)

Seira Wilson | 92 comments Mod
This book is AMAZING - I made it my top pick for Best YA Books of February on Amazon and can't wait to discuss it with all of you in April - I know it will still be very much on my mind. The publisher, Little Brown, is hosting a giveaway so make sure you enter before February 28th.

message 4: by Seira (new)

Seira Wilson | 92 comments Mod
Has anyone started this or read it already? I really loved it and I think there's a lot to talk about...

message 5: by Christine (new)

Christine L. (screenedbooks) I had forgotten which book we were reading in April and started reading "The Wish Granter" by C.J. Redwine instead. Once I am finished with that book I will start "Dreamland Burning."

I look forward to checking it out.

Kathleen I have the book, but need to read an in-person book club book first - Homegoing. I'm pleased that we've moved away from fantasy this month.

Kathleen In the first few pages a very long dead body is found and it seems that race and sexual orientation might be big issues. The location is Tulsa, OK. I just started reading it.

Barbara | 4 comments The review I typed up after reading the book.. Don't think there are any spoilers.... Story based on a historical event. Written to draw the reader (you and I) into the time and also into the memory of those present at the time. Well defined characters. There are two times in the story, 1921 and current time. The story moves between events in both times but there is not the disruption this usually causes. The stories mesh well together... A great read...

Barbara | 4 comments Seira wrote: "Has anyone started this or read it already? I really loved it and I think there's a lot to talk about..."

Looking forward to hearing what you think of the book.

Kathleen I've finished Dreamland Burning. It is a very complex story. I need to correct my earlier comment about sexual orientation being one of the issues. It is not. Near the beginning, Rowan comments that her friend James is asexual. I don't understand why the author added that nonessential detail other than it explains that they are just good friends. It is one more detail that makes the novel overly complex.

message 11: by Seira (new)

Seira Wilson | 92 comments Mod
I really enjoyed the personal growth we saw in both main characters as they came to understand things about their societies prejudices and misdeeds (historical and present time) and what that meant for each of them personally and in the community. I love dual narration, especially the past/present like this one. No spoilers but the revelation at the end about the cigar store owner in Will's time had a good twist to it, even though I expected there to be something more than met the eye...

Laura McAllister I have to take it as it is.. In reading it I starting thinking of it as a suspense/thriller but it wasn't. I figured out who is who before the end and wished I had more of a surprise, but this wasn't really a suspense novel.
It generally developed the 2 main characters well.. kept me reading and pulled me out of a reading slump.
can't wait for next month's book!

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