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Last chapter questions *spoilers*
Jami Pane Hanford Jami Jan 19, 2017 10:30AM
Barron's didn't eat Unseelie, did he? So how can he possibly become the UK? Specially when he isn't human. Also, it says there is an 'open Silver' imbedded in the mural. Are we supposed to know where that leads without being specifically told? And why did the Silver change the level of floors in the bookstore? I assume the bracelet that Cruce took from Mac is what kept him from disappearing with the other Unseelie, but what was the whole 'wait 4 hours' about? Why as he able of sift and why didn't that bother Mac more that he could and she couldn't even though she was the queen? What happened to the song of making after Mac sang it? I feel like she left all these confusing clues in the last chapter that don't have answers and only make the end of a pretty good series extremely frustrating for her readers. This is the kind of ending you leave when you have another book coming down the road, not for a finale book.

There is a spoiler group on Facebook called "Feversong Spoilers" and KMM did a Q&A session that addresses a bunch of these questions if you're interested.

And if Barrons is the King then where do the rest of the 9 fit in???

The only answer I can guess at is that the Silver leads to the world with the 3 moons, where the UK took Mac a couple times, and where she got confirmed as the SQ.

Oh, and I guess Cruce, maybe, was made with the flawed Song but he was last, and so it was close enough to the real Song to survive?

For the rest I have no idea and I wanna know too!

Jamie. From what I read KMM is done with mac & Barrons story. She is still under contractual obligation to write two more books for the series. From what I'm reading it's Dani & Ry story in the last two books.

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