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message 1: by Euni (new)

Euni (eunicakes) I am technically attempting 2 challenges at once. The first is to just read 12 books this year, but I have added the wonderful part of trying to read a book for every state. The state thing is a work in progress. The current book I am reading is Witch for Hire but I am finding it kind of boring. The main character is less interesting than other minor characters. This is a short book and it should have been able to finish it already, but I am finding that I am barely reading a chapter at a time.

message 2: by Euni (new)

Euni (eunicakes) Right now I am attempting Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis and am struggling big time. I did not realize her world changed so much. It is actually boring me and I am just trying to power through it.

message 3: by Euni (new)

Euni (eunicakes) Well, I have completed all 12 of the books that I wanted to read which is wonderful. Now the pressure is off and I can enjoy some books just for fun.

message 4: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Grønsund (gullita) | 3273 comments Fantastic Eunice! Congratulations on reaching your goal of 12 books :)

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