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Paws and Claws is a small animal clinic on the north end of San Francisco, open since 2003. The clinic tries to cater to all animals, big and small, for illness, injuries, or just regular check ups and procedures.


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((Cute name!))

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((I tried ^_^))

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Peter arrived just a few minutes before he had to clock in, so that left him that time to fall into the mindset for work. Then again, as soon as he stepped through the doors and he saw dogs and cats with their owners waiting in the front area, it wasn't hard to be prepared to work. He smiled as a particularly cute, brown puppy with floppy ears strained at her leash to sniff at him as he walked by. He glanced up briefly at the owner to ask for silent permission when the man gave a small, understanding nod. Bending down, Peter rubbed the dog's ears gently and gave a soft laugh when she licked at his palm. He stayed a few more seconds before he went to the reception desk.

"Hi, Amanda," Peter said as he waved to the receptionist as he made his way to the back.

She waved back then called out, "You'd be happy to know that it's your turn to take care of all the dogs. Next time it'll be the cats."

Peter smiled. That meant he'd get to see Chester. He made his way to the kennels near the back, the sound of dogs barking echoing down the hallway. He waved at a few more personnel as he went, but he kept his focus.

A cacophony of barks and whines greeted him, but mostly because the dogs recognized Peter and couldn't contain their excitement.

"Hey, guys," Peter said as he walked by them all, inspecting that their places were clean and if their water bowls were full. He couldn't help but stop at one in particular though.

Chester was always a silent dog. He was sweet though, even if he was missing his back right leg. Peter just started at the clinic after they rescued Chester. He was there to make sure Chester was comfortable and eating enough. The poor thing was found lying in an alley wailing, his leg snapped and infected. Peter wanted to cry the first time he saw Chester. But now, the dog was cheerful and acted as if nothing happened to his leg.

Crouching down, Peter let out a small smile and said softly, "Hi, buddy. Get to hangout today."

And after his proper greeting, Peter set out to work. He cleaned up the floors, he changed out fresh blankets for those that needed it. He fed them, walked them, and for the ones that needed it, he administered some medicine. The work kept his mind busy, but there times that Peter would daydream, wondering if Nymme was all right or what she would say when she saw that one dog tilt his head. Or with that one pawed playfully at her blanket and barked to see if it would move.

But he enjoyed the time to "play" with the animals. He hoped that he could help them when he finished school. And hopefully, maybe one of these days he can convince his parents to let him adopt Chester.

Time flew by quickly as Peter worked and it was only when someone came in to tell him his shift was over that he realized it had gotten pretty late. Shouting a goodbye to the dogs, he waved goodbye to the rest of the staff and then headed out the door.


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((He is. He's a pretty big softie. ^^))

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Ji Mei: Waving his head, Peter gave a soft laugh. "Of course. We've had newbies before to help volunteer. Besides I invited you. You trust me, right?" He looked at her with a gentleness, his words meant to be light-hearted and reassuring.


Nymme could feel her shoulders relax at Peter's words and she returned his smile. "Yeah," she chuckled lightly, "Somehow I trust you the most." She noted. "I think I imprinted on you like a baby duckling. Just don't let the power go to your head, ok? If you jump off a cliff, I will follow." She grinned, following him closely into the clinic.

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"I could never imagine doing such a thing," Peter replied, putting on a face of exaggerated horror before he chuckled. As they stepped into the lobby, the sound of a dog barking clashed with the ringing at the front desk. Peter waved at the receptionist, excitedly pointing out Nymme following him before he led Nymme to the back rooms.

He took a brief moment to drop off the lunchbag in the kitchen.
((I have no idea what it should look like inside. D:))

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((Maybe both?? Like maybe it was originally it was just a clinic, but it became a shelter for long term patients like Chester that I mentioned earlier?))

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((Yeah, I think that makes sense. I think if you want to post it, maybe put it under your goodreads photos and just insert it here in a spoiler?))

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Nymme waved at the receptionist brightly and called, "I'm Nymme by the way!" earning her a a light chuckle and wave from the receptionist, who started talking on the phone before she could respond. Nymme followed Peter through another couple doors until they were in a room full of barking dogs in pens. They seemed to be all different types and sizes. And there were pages on each pen explaining each one's name and story.

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As they entered the kennels, Peter began to walk with more excitement, a little bounce to his footsteps. Glancing over to Nymme, a light in his eyes, he asked, "Do you want to meet Chester?"

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"Chester? Is he another worker here?" Nymme smiled. She wasn't sure exactly what they were expected to do, but something felt different about Peter, lighter. Somehow it reminded her of when he was introducing her to Mr. Grumpkins. Maybe being around animals set him at ease?

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Peter gave a small, soft laugh at his misleading words. He didn't bother to clarify things for her as instead he led her to Chester's kennel, and gestured for her to get closer. Then he sunk down into a crouch as Chester excitedly came to the door, quick despite his missing foot. Looking up to Nymme with a smile, he then gave a proper introduction. "Nymme, this is Chester." He pressed his face to the bars so that the dog could lick him. "And Chester, this is my friend Nymme." Of course the dog didn't know what he was saying, but Chester still moved happily at the sight of a new face, his butt wiggling as much as his tail.

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Nymme followed suit, copying Peter's actions and seeking down to get a closer look at the dog. He was a happy looking little guy, though he was missing one of his legs.
"Hi Chester. It's nice to meet you." She smiled and gave a small wave. This dog was funny. He had never met her before and yet he was so happy to make a new friend. "Is he special to you? You seemed really excited to introduce us." She asked Peter curiously.

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Pushing his fingers through the cage so that the dog could lick the salt off his skin and gum his hand, Peter nodded quietly. "Yeah. He was my first patient, really. I was the one to stay up with him when he cried at night after the operation. And I got to name him too," he responded, not caring there was dog slobber all over his hand now.

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"Operation... for his leg? Sounds like he's been through a lot with you." She smiled, looking at the sweet Chester thoughtfully. Nymme didn't know if she would have been able to do that. She remembered a time when her younger brother was sick with a fever and she couldn't sleep that night because she was full of worry, but every time she would get close to his room, the maids or her parents would shoo her away because they didn't want her getting sick either. She probably could have pushed harder to see him, but she didn't. How did Peter have the ability to simply be where he is needed? She wondered if it was something she could learn from him.
"And now he's happy, healthy, and looking for a loving family, huh? You're like Chester's guardian angel." She smiled.

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Peter nodded, remembering how as a wide-eyed beginner, he was always in a panic to make sure the dog was all right. It was a huge eye opener too. He'd always wanted to help animals, but it was the first time he saw the extent of how much work it would be. And it made him even more sure to continue. Letting out a soft laugh and rubbing the back of his neck, Peter gave a shrug. "I don't know about that. But yes, he's in need of a family still."

His knees were getting stiff so after a few more attempts to rub Chester, Peter rose up. Giving a little stretch, he looked over at Nymme. "Ready to get busy?"

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"Yup!" Nymme chirped, hopping up and waving goodbye to the adorable ball of fluff. "Chester is really cute, I'm sure he'll get adopted soon." She added encouragingly. "Though, I'm sure you'll miss him when he's gone, huh? Maybe if the owner's nice, they'll let you visit?" She followed Peter through the kennels, double checking to be sure there really weren't any back rooms of doom like from the movies.

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Peter felt torn as he tried to think of someone else taking care of Chester. Anyone willing to adopt the dogs at the clinic would be blessed to have him and he was sure Chester would be happy. But his heart was very attached and he couldn't help but want Chester to stay, with him. Nodding, he didn't choose to comment, his face falling into one of concern.

But soon he had to fall into business mode. After all, he was there to work and show her around. "Should I give you a quick tour first or do you think you can pick things up as we go?"

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Nymme felt nervous when Peter's expression changed. Had she said something wrong? Maybe she should have just kept her comments to herself this time. All the talking was getting in the way of the work they should be doing.

"Oh, um, I can pick things up as we go." She added, not wanting to hold Peter up any longer.

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"All right," he said, before he gestured her to follow him to the prepping corner of kennel. A supply cabinet stood next to a counter. The counter had a backboard for hooks to hang leashes and some tools that were needed to repair any fences and kennel doors. There was sink as well with one of those industrial sprays that can pulled down.

Peter bent down to open the cabinets below the counter to pull out a couple buckets and scoops for dog food. Setting them on the counter, Peter looked over at Nymme with a small smile. "These are for helping out with breakfast for these guys. There's a giant bag of food in the supply cabinet," he said, taking out his ring of keys and pulling out the proper one and handing it to her.

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((I really don't know what I'm doing haha))

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((I looked up some shelter volunteer duties taken from https://www.jobhero.com/resume-sample... :
-Care for the animals kept at the shelter by feeding and giving them baths, taking them for walks or playing with them
-Assist in cleaning and sanitizing all cages/kennels on a daily basis
-Perform other duties as assigned

-Walked dogs that looked like they had been in their kennels for a long period of time.
-Made sure each dog had water in their kennels.
-Played with puppies in a small yard.
-Reinforced good behavior with treats.
-Played with cats that were up for adoption.))

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Nymme took the buckets and the key gratefully. "Ok, so we are feeding all the dogs the same thing? And um, how many scoops per dog? And, uh, that's the closet, right?" She asked, pointing to the door next to the counter. She wanted to do a really good job in prove to Peter that she wasn't a complete dunce. She supposed she was just useless when it came to household duties; she'd never had the opportunity to learn. Pouring food into a bowl seemed pretty straightforward.

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"Yes. The ones that need special treatment are in a separate kennel where we can keep an eye on them." Peter pulled out rubber gloves as well and placed them on the counter, preparing when they had to clean later. "A scoop and a half should be good. The scoop is already in the bag," he added, going to the hooks by the door leading outside. Various aprons hung there. After his first year working at the clinic they made a special one for him, one that had a silly slogan on it: "Lick the Cook". There were generic aprons as well, but the other aprons had other slogans of equal cheesiness.

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"Yessir! I'll get right on it." Nymme soluted with a smile. She followed Peter and giggled at his choice of apron. "That's a cute one. You want me to lick you for the sandwiches?" She briefly wondered what Peter would do if she took his apron's advice and licked his cheek like a dog, but the image that came to mind was entirely too inappropriate for the innocent Peter and herself so her face turned bright red. She turned away quickly after grabbing the first apron that caught her attention before fleeing from her embarrassing comment. It had a dog wearing glasses and said something like "The Pug Life Chose Me."

She tied it around her waist and went about trying to follow Peter's directions, shoveling food into her bucket and then visiting each stall to scoop out their morning meal. Most barked enthusiastically at the food, though a few seemed hesitant by the newcomer's and one dog was outright growling at her until she backed away far enough for it to eat. Chester was a sweetie, of course, which was refreshing after her encounter with the grump.

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Peter's cheeks reddened at Nymme's joke and he quickly crossed his arms over his chest so he covered up the the first word. "T-There's no need," he muttered quickly. He looked away in his embarrassment, but when he looked back at her and saw the apron she chose, he gave a laugh that turned into a cough.

"Right, let's get busy," he said, more to himself than Nymme. As Nymme went to fill the bowls for each dog, Peter went to the hose wrapped along the wall and began to unwind it. Then he began to fill each bowl with water. Once he looked over at Nymme with worried when he heard a growl and he tried to offer her a reassuring smile as he continued on.

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Nymme was glad she was able to get through the chore without any slip ups aside from the grumpy pup named Daisy. There was a point where Peter smiled at her, which settled her nerves some, but then she got a glimpse at his apron again and had to look away quickly. Just look into his eyes, just look into his eyes... She repeated to herself so she could respond with an awkward smile of her own.

"Alright, B-boss. Got a challenge for me?"

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((I love making Peter blush way too much he is so adorable XD))

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((Haha, yeah, he's pretty cute. Plus I think he's the type to easily get embarrassed.))

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"A challenge?" After filling the bowls for each dog, Peter returned the hose to the hook, not wrapping it up much this time since they would have to use it later for washing out the kennels.

Peter looked at Nymme thoughtfully, his brows sunken into a frown. What was challenging when it came to taking care of pets? In the background were the sounds of the munching sounds of the dogs as they ate. After they ate, it probably would be best to get to exercise since that's good for digestion. His gaze drifted to the leashes hanging on the wall. "Well, maybe we can walk them together," he said slowly.

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"W-walking?" The ex-heiress thought about the times she had seen others walking their pets around the parks and trails around her neighborhood. All the dogs looked like perfect angels next to their owners, walking side by side with them. Although she had never gotten to walk a dog personally, it certainly looked easy enough. She could definitely handle it. "Yeah! Let's do it." She assured him, following his gaze and going to grab the leashes off the wall rack.

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"All right," he said, following her to grab some leashes. He grabbed a few himself, but he up a hand to Nymme. He gave her a small smile. "I can handle walking three dogs at a time, but for you, do you think you can handle two?"

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Nymme imagined two dogs wouldn’t be very difficult since she didn’t have to carry anything other than the leashes. She’d seen a few dog owners walk around with two leashed in one had easily as well. Of course, this was still her first attempt at dog walking so she figured, given her track record so far, she should error on the side of caution.
“Two should be fine. Where do you usually walk them?” She asked, following Peter like the dutiful duckling she was.

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"Just around the facility outside and in the yard," he said, going to a kennel with a small dog that was a poodle mix with something else. Smiling over at Nymme, he opened the kennel door. "Here, you can walk Butterscotch here. He's deceptively strong, but you can handle him. "

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((I love all the disney animal movie references we get to make lol))

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((Same, haha. I need to remember more now so that they can be included!))

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Nymme grabbed a blue leash from the rack and fastened it around Butterscotch's collar. Thankfully enough, the cute pooch was calm enough to allow her to do so and didn't growl like the dog from earlier. "He seems pretty tame. I'm sure we'll get along just fine." She smiled, petting the small fluffy creature's ears. "He's very cute too. Is Chester coming along too?"

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Peter cast a stern look at the puppy from over Nymme's shoulder as if he could silently communicate to the dog that he'd better behave. Then he moved to the kennel to the side and leashed Charlie, a German shepherd mix. He paused in his movements at her question. He shook his head even though she probably wasn't watching him. "No, with his missing leg, it's hard for him to walk with the others. He usually gets to walk alone."

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((Peter is adorable! I know I say this after every one of your posts but I can't help it XD))

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((That said it is also hard to imagine Peter having a stern look))

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"Oh," Nymme picked up the little dog and set him on the ground, "That's nice you get to spend time together, but does he at least get to play with the other dogs?" She thought about the movie they had seen and the lonely dogs in the shelter. Surely, they wanted to make friends with the others around them in such a situation, right? Then again, Peter had said it was different than the movie (at least in terms of the back room of doom) so perhaps she was reading too much into it. She waited patiently to be given her next pooch. Maybe the moody one just needed to walk with her to warm up to the idea if being her friend. The poster on her kennel read Daisy. "What about this one?"

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((It is hard to imagine, haha. But he does become stern. Especially with a younger sister. But yeah, he's too cute. :P))

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Nodding, Peter gently led Charlie out of his kennel. "They do have play time in the afternoon that Chester joins in too, " he said, scratching behind Charlie's ears when he looked at Peter expectantly.

Glancing over at Nymme, Peter raised a brow. "You want to take care of Daisy? All right, but maybe let me leash her," he said, coming to her side. He held out Charlie's leash to Nymme in exchange for the leash for Daisy. "She can be snippy to strangers entering her kennel, but she's a good walker. "

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"You don't think she'll mind?" Nymme chuckled nervously, "I mean, she did just meet me today." Despite her words, she couldn't help but feel a twinge of hope as Peter got the grumpy pitbull from her cage. When he handed over her leash, she sniffed Nymme's shoe and grumbled slightly, but stopped soon after and sat down patiently until they left.

"It's progress." She noted to herself.

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"She really loves walking. You'll be okay," he said, reassuringly. "Maybe she'll even becomes friends with you." He smiled to himself as Daisy seemed to react well.

Then he set about getting Cowboy and Mimi from their kennels. Soon he was wrangling them and Charlie, and he headed towards the back door. "So we're going through the backyard and then there's a small looping trail we can go along."

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Nymme smiled to herself, hopeful that Peter's confidence would prove true that she could get the grumpy pit to warm up to her slightly.

As Peter directed and navigated them out the back door and through the yard, Nymme found herself pleased with how easily walking dogs actually was. As he said, Daisy was behaving perfectly, not pulling on the leash but by no means falling behind. Butterscotch was pulling her slightly more than Daisy, but he was such a small dog, it was easy to handle. "So Peter, do I look like a professional dog walker yet? I feel like I'm one of those glamorous ladies walking around with their pets. of course, they somehow managed with just one hand when I'm using two. What's the most amount of dogs you can take at one time?" She asked curiously.

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Peter laughed and nodded. "Yeah. Just need an expensive dress and huge sunglasses to finish off the look." He smiled, thinking she caught onto stereotypes quickly. He wondered what stereotypes can be found on her planet and how different they may be.

"Most amount?" Peter frowned in thought. He remembered many times where a couple dogs caught sight of a squirrel and nearly dislocated his arms when they lunged. But other than those times... "I guess I can handle around five at a time, depending on the combination of dogs," he said eventually.

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"Ah, sadly I forgot those on my other planet." She chuckled easily. While she was joking, she was also lamenting slightly internally because she actually did own the perfect outfit and large sunglasses for the occasion. Following suit as he lead her through the back door and out to the designated path. "Do you mean like certain breeds don't get along with one another?" She looked down at Daisy and Butterscotch, wondering if they were going to cause her trouble, but quickly disregarded the thought because she knew Peter would never knowingly give her difficult dogs someone wouldn't be able to handle.

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