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Set on the shore of Jackson Lake, this is a seasonal resort offering rooms and cabins its guests, who can take part in hiking, swimming, fishing, boating, and many other recreational activities while enjoying a scenic view of the Grand Tetons.


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Although the morning had started slightly rockier than Elric had originally estimated (morning cold is no joke and he had to talk himself out of bed to get ready for the day to get even more cold for skiing), he was able to start getting excited for the ski trip after a couple cups of coffee and the promise of fresh snow on the mountain. He was a bit nervous by the amount of time it had been since he had last skied, but he figured it would be like riding a bike.

The drive wasn't long and Elric played with the radio stations, trying to find some music he liked until they got there. The lodge was nice and they got there early enough that the line for day passes and ski rentals didn't take too long. The pair clicked in their skis and headed to the chair lift line.

((btw what kind of scene should we have next? Just general interaction? Should something happen? Did you have any ideas?

I was kind of playing with a couple ideas like one of them gets hurt, abruptly ending ski time or Elric gets into a fight or they end up lost on the mountain after accidentally veering off trail or we do a summary of ski time and move them to the lodge or they run into some of his/her coworkers...

Just a couple ideas! I sometimes like to have a general idea of what's going to happen before a scene starts))

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Emily | 59 comments As usual, Rhea woke before the sun rose and the temperature was still well below zero. She considered starting a fire but decided that it wouldn't be worth it since they were leaving soon. She took a brief shower and dressed before entering the kitchen to brew a fresh pot of coffee and have breakfast. Once Elric was ready, they headed out.

Once they arrived, checked in, and rented their equipment they waited in line for the chairlift to take them to the top. "So, have you ever skied before?" Rhea asked, making a pathetic attempt at small talk. She gripped her poles tightly and made a point to stare off at the snowy mountains surrounding them.

(( I definitely agree that it's nice to have a direction to work in!

I've been trying to come up with some ideas of my own, but I'm falling short at the moment :| What if we combined a few of your ideas together? Like, they're skiing, and one of them gets hurt so they return to the lodge where they run into someone one of them knows and things go sour? Think that would be too much?

Also, sorry for the delayed response! ))

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((What kind of scenarios/development do you want to play out with Rhea? For me, with Elric, my goal with him is to come to better terms with humans. I also think, later on, I would really like to see him go back home and repair relations with his family and maybe kind of recognize that the Overlooked can have factions that are too extreme. Romantic development is always fun to because it helps him open up more too...

I'm just wondering, since these two are semi friends, what kind of scenarios should they get into to help develop them in the way we want.

I think someone getting hurt and then having one take care of the other could be fun. Who should get hurt tho? It's been a while since Elric has skied but Rhea could always slip up or have Elric run into her or something. ))

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Emily | 59 comments ((As I've said, she's just kind of lost right now and doesn't know what to believe in, so once she has a cause or something that reestablishes her morals and faith in rules etc., she'll begin to heal.

Like you said, a budding romance is always fun and I'm down to make it happen. I don't know what you have in mind when it comes to Elric and how he pursues romance, but if he is more of a go-getter and is forthcoming with his feelings, Rhea would probably get scared. We can definitely RP it that way if you'd like, I'm up for anything really, haha!

I like the idea of them colliding while skiing... Nothing too serious injury wise but enough that it's notable. I think that would be a great way to start getting them to connect more and it would definitely help Rhea to feel more comfortable and open.))

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(( ok so then skiing, injury, lodge, and then fight possibly? We'll play it by ear.

Romance would be fun but it could be nice to just have them to be friends too if you want. Maybe we could have them kind of hear about or go on a hunt for potentium or something?))

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Emily | 59 comments (( First part- Yes! Second part- I actually really love the idea of them becoming besties and going on hunts for potentium. Maybe we can connect with other group members who have exiled characters on the hunt too and eventually create a larger rp... just something to consider, might be fun!

But yeah, for now, let's just focus on them skiing and getting hurt and just going in that direction))

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Elric nodded to her question, feeling the awkwardness of the small talk. It wasn't his strong suit either. With his job, his silent, bad-boy like persona was a good thing and gave him an air of "mystique" or whatever those people called it. In everyday conversation, it didn't help him whatsoever, especially when he was spending time with someone he already had weak ties to. He liked Rhea more than others, to be sure, but living in different states and time zones made it difficult to develop a strong relationship. More than this, even if they did warm up to each other more over these next few days, he would be leaving soon anyways.

"Yeah. I've been a couple times in California, but it's been a little while. You?" He offered, skating off to the lift alongside her.

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Emily | 59 comments Rhea shrugged, "Funnily enough, not until I ended up here," She felt a tiny swell of pride rise in her chest when she managed to not sound entirely bitter about being on Earth. "On Karana I lived in the mountains but on the rare occasion I was allowed to go to the surface, we had a variation of the sport."

She paused, letting the silence between them swell while she debated whether or not she should continue to talk. A small pang of guilt twisted in her stomach. She knew it was an inconvenience for people when they talked to her. She always struggled to sound happy and always came off as stand-offish which tended to put a damper on people's moods.

Her ears suddenly picked up the crackling of the employee radios, something that had become second nature to her after working on the mountain these past few months. She searched the crowds of people, intently listening, trying to catch what was being transmitted. She caught 'accident' and 'first aid team' just as two employees with bright red jackets zipped past them on snow mobiles, carrying their first aid gear.

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Elric offered a half smile at the irony. "Allowed to go to the surface? Did they lock you up in cages or something?" He didn't know if he was overstepping the boundary of the conversation or not by asking about her home, but he reasoned that she'd brought it up, so his follow-up was fairly safe.

It was almost their turn to get up on the lift, though Rhea's attention had turned to the snow mobiles whooshing by to head up the mountain.
"Must be the first idiot of the day." He nudged her, indicating it was time to get on the lift. He wondered what had happened. Was there an animal loose? Did someone run into a tree? He wondered if he'd be next, given his minuscule amount of experience, but he wasn't going to let such things deter him. They'd just got here, after all and he wanted to get a view from the top. It was supposed to be nice in areas like this. There definitely wasn't any snow in San Francisco either. Just fog, wet, and the occasional nice day if you were lucky.

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Emily | 59 comments Rhea responded to Elric's nudge and followed him onto the lift, but it took an effort to pull her attention away from the medics. "Who knows," She said, "But I doubt the humans' mediocre medicine will be able to do much," She meant for her tone to be light but even she heard the disdain laced in her words. She stole a glance at Elric, her heart quickening in panic, hoping he hadn't noticed, but if he had, wouldn't say anything.

Her brain then registered Elric's snarky comment about her home. She felt a spark of offense but cleared her throat to keep from saying anything she'd regret. "And I was not caged, my parents, along with most of the community, felt that it was safer inside the mountain than at the surface," She explained, successfully pulling off a light tone of voice, complete with a smirk and everything. "Even with our more advanced and trustworthy medicine, things could still go wrong on the surface," She said referencing whatever emergency had required the med team.

((Hey, just wanted to apologize for the delayed response. Classes started up last week and I've been doing a pretty crappy job at balancing work and play, haha. The next week or so might be bumpy, but I'll do my best to make it on a couple times a week! Again, sorry!!))

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Emily | 59 comments ((haha!! Good to know I'm not the only one!))

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Elric agreed. The earthling medicine was far from the standards he had come accustomed to back home. Of course, his family could easily afford such necessities. Others that had been forgotten by the government had been left to fend for themselves like dirty vermin. At least the way the government addressed the problems of those at the bottom of the income pyramid was a big reason why Elric had joined the Overlooked resistance in the first place. Too many people he had come to know well had fallen into depravity because of the regulations and standards that the Paramount had set up.

Rhea's comment made him wonder about Karana communities. He had never visited the planet himself, but had heard some things from others who had. It was supposedly a very harsh environment but it was supposed to be warmer underground. "Makes sense. Underground is probably safer from avalanches and mountain lions and stuff too." The lift swept them off their feet and they headed to the top of the mountain, the underlying scenery passing by slowly. He watched the paramedics speed along the slopes and he craned his neck to get an idea of the incident. "It's kind of like we time traveled rather than skipped planets." He observed, "I don't know if that makes it better or worse." He shrugged.

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Emily | 59 comments "Well, mountain lions weren't a huge concern, and avalanches weren't as common as you'd think, but frostbite and hypothermia could be dangerous." She explained as the lift carried them higher and higher over the snowy mountains. "I can speak from personal experience when I say frostbite is dangerous." She added, swinging her ski-clad feet. She recalled a trip to the surface with her brother and some friends that resulted in a strict 'No going to the surface unsupervised' rule and a few amputated toes. She kept the story to herself though.

She paused, watching the tops of the trees bend in the wind as birds swooped around them. She considered Elric's statement. "I feel like we're in an alternate universe sometimes," Her voice grew quiet and she let her gaze drop and she watched the people below them become smaller and smaller until they were nothing but dark blurs against the brilliant, white snow. She distinctly recalled her brother and father fading away, though figuratively rather than literally. Before she'd been exiled, she'd recognized the symptoms in her mother too. Although she had tried to remain cheerful and supportive, she'd become distant, and often cried when she thought Rhea wasn't around. Rhea felt a wave of guilt hit her as she wondered what her mother was doing back home now, alone.

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"Oh, so that's how it was." he nodded, wondering if he should say anything now. Thankfully it didn't take much longer for them to arrive at the end of the lift. He slid off the bench with surprising ease and he grew hopeful he'd be able to pick up going down the hill like riding a bike.
"In Makires, we just had to worry about staying out on the sun for too long without sunscreen, but most people didn't worry too much because they wouldn't be standing in direct sunlight for more than five hours." He shrugged. Makires had a reputation for being an easy, cushioned kind of life. A lot of wealthy families lived there, but... if you weren't wealthy, it was hard to be acknowledged by society.

Elric took off down the slope, slipping from side to side with ease.

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Emily | 59 comments Rhea nodded. She hated the sun. Mostly just because her body wasn't adapted to it and often times, when she found herself exposed to direct sunlight for a significant amount of time, which, in her case could be as little as an hour, she burned and blistered. She didn't know much about Makires but had always been told that the people there were privileged and lazy, relying on the poor to do the work for them. Whether that was true or not, she didn't know.

She glanced at Elric as they came to the top of the mountain and slipped off the lift. Rhea raised her brows in surprise when Elric pushed off and sped down the slope without hesitation. He had guts, she gave him that. She reached up with gloved hands and slid her goggles over her eyes, jostling them until they rested comfortably. Then, she struck the ground with her poles and shot after Elric, skis gliding over the snow.

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The skiing was going well. As he had imagined, the movement began to feel more and more familiar with each switch in direction. Rhea, too, seemed to feel at ease as she sped down the slopes alongside him.

Everything had been going well until a snowboarder decided to try a small jump and wipe out right in front of him. Elric panicked, cursing loudly as he barely avoided the man only to lose balance and start tumbling down as well. He wasn't aware he was hurt until he had stopped rolling and felt a searing hot pain through his ankle. Again, he cussed loudly. He tried to get up, howling as he tested his limb, but nonetheless began charging after the snowboarder, ready to make them even.

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Emily | 59 comments ((Yeah, I can roll with this))

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Emily | 59 comments Rhea's chest tightened with fear as she watched the crash. Quickly, she twisted, making a sharp, sweeping left turn. A wave of snow arched as she came to a sudden halt. It took her a moment to catch her balance. Her instincts kicked in as she saw the snowboarder in a heap a few feet away, moaning in pain, and Elric attempting to charge him, limping and looking furious. "Elric!" She barked, knowing full well what Elric could do to that man. She pushed off with her poles once again and swooped down the slope, curving around the snowboarder and stopping right in front of Elric, blocking his path.

"You're hurt." She said pointedly. She kept a steady gaze on him hoping that the direct eye contact would keep his focus on her instead of the man whose day was about to get ten times worse with Elric's wrath upon him. "We need to get you back to the lodge so the medics can take a look at you. Sit. Get off you leg." She ordered before turning and approaching the man to check to see if he was ok.

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"If you can't jump, don't! This is my first run down, you-"
"Hey man! It was an accident. Sorry, dude."
"Take a step closer. See what happens!"
"Let it go man."
"Let it go? This isn't some disney shit, you-"
"Elric!" Rhea interrupted him, blocking him from his revenge on the clueless snowboarder.
"You're hurt." She stated and insisted he take a seat and wait for the medics to zoom on up. He better get a refund for this. He didn't even make his way down his first run yet! Fortunately for everyone, Elric couldn't have disagreed with Rhea anyways because he wasn't in any condition to charge at someone as he intended and just the woman's hand was enough to push him back down. He cussed loudly, but obeyed, thinking of all the ways he would have beaten that guy's sorry butt if he'd gotten the chance. So much for the shoot today. Work was going to be mad, he knew, but he couldn't bother to care too much.
"Why are earthlings such idiots?" He grumbled, watching the bystander that Rhea instructed to grab a medic zoom off dumbly down the hill. The skier's frame got smaller and smaller until she was just a dot heading to the ski lodge at the base of the hill. A few minutes later, he could see the medic snow mobiles leave the station and head up the hill. He tried to ignore the irony and embarrassment of his situation and especially he tried to quell the anger at the snowboarder who had sat down and listened to Rhea, who was barking orders at both men.

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Emily | 59 comments Rhea lifted her goggles off her eyes and let them rest on top of her head. She took a deep breath to calm the hot adrenaline rush rising in her and let her instincts kick in. Elric grumbled as he lowered himself to the ground and while she agreed with him, this was not the time to be making snarky comments. "Zip it." She rolled her eyes. Peering into the blinding sunlight, she looked down the mountain and saw that the medics were thankfully already on their way up.

She didn't say much to the snowboarder just because she wasn't sure she could keep her cool. The last thing they needed was for both her and Elric to be pissed off. She asked him if he was hurt and advised him to sit down as well. Informing him that she was employed by the resort seemed to help, but he still wouldn't meet her eye and glared over her shoulder at Elric. "Your customer service is shit" He said.

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((hey i'm just realizing now but you're totally right. how would the medics know? should she ski down the mountain first? also, if the dialogue in the last one doesn't fit for what you had in mind or you're uncomfortable with it, I can totally just change it or cut it out or something if you want))

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Emily | 59 comments ((lol the dialog is fine! I feel like the stuff with the medics is fine, we'll just pretend that's normal or something unless we're going to use it in our plot. It's your call. I'm good with whatever!))

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((I'll just add like a quick sentence something like Rhea told a bystander to grab the medics when they reach the base))

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Emily | 59 comments ((good plan!))

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Warm sun, cool breeze, green trees. Elric dug for happy memories of Makires. An acquaintance he had made back in San Francisco had suggested he try and think of happy things when he felt like his anger was going to boil over. He didn't like to hold back his feelings, but Rhea was showing some restraint as well and he didn't want to hurt her job position either. White clouds, blue skies, birds up high.

Your customer service is shit.

Clear lakes, silver fish, sitting on the edge of a cliff. Elric bit his cheek enough to taste iron and glared at the snow covered ground intently.

A solid punch, a little blood, his falling thud.

The medics arrived not too much later and assessed the situation. The snowboarder was a little sprained, but let go on account that his injury wasn't serious. Elric, on the other hand, had a hairline fracture that needed to be tended to and a much too cheery medic who promised they could take care of him "lickity split" once they got him down the mountain. They situated him in the glorified idiot sleds and he complied silently.

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Emily | 59 comments ((I adjusted mine too))

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Emily | 59 comments Once the medics arrived, Rhea kept her mouth shut and let them do their job. The snowboarder was assisted down the hill by two of the medics while the others attended to Elric. Rhea could see the irritation on Elric's face, which she shared. Human medicinal practices may have been satisfactory on Earth, but from where they were from, medicine was far more advanced and effective. The medic's movements, to the eye of someone who knew the difference, were slow and clumsy. And their optimism and perkiness was nauseating.

Once they strapped Elric to the rescue sled, they were ready to go. "I'll meet you back at the lodge." Rhea said loudly to be heard over the snow mobile's engine. It took off down the mountain. Rhea and the last medic waited for a moment then, together, followed suit, making sure to keep a safe distance between them. From what Rhea observed, Elric's injury wasn't as bad as it could be, and in her opinion, they wouldn't need to go to the hospital. However, humans were overcautious about everything, so it wouldn't come to a great shock to her if they carted them to the medical center in Jackson Hole.

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