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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Here it is. :)

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Jess | 995 comments Awesome what were you thinking?

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Maybe, there are two best friends and one of them gets sick or something and end out losing their hearing/speaking ability so they kinda brave it together and it makes them realize that they're in love and have been kinda dodging the romance for different reasons. I know it's another best friend one but I am rather fond of those. Don't know why.

Just tell me if you don't like it.

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Jess | 995 comments I love that idea! We should totaly do it

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Okay. Good. I'm glad you like it. Can I be the one who loses a sense? And can I go first? Just say NO if you want to.

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Jess | 995 comments No......... Lol jk. Yes to both of those ^-^

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments (I have so much homework to be doing right now but I'm too distracted. >.<)

Yay! Thanks. Okay. I'll get a character up.

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Jess | 995 comments haha im supposed to be doing chores whoooooooops

sweet looking forward to it

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Name: Whitley Robin Scotts
Nickname: Whit
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay ~ Open
Handedness: Left
Social Class: Middle
School: High School
Grade: 10th
Occupation: None
Illness/Genetic Disease:* Mute

General Appearance
Hair: Dark Brown dyed White
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Caucasian
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 120lbs
Body Type: Lean
Markings: Freckles
Piercings: One lip; one in each ear

* Father: Nicholas Franklin Parson (35)
* Mother: Diana Wendy Jones-Parson (33)
* Sister: Charlotte Noel Parson (2 1/2)

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Yes, he is a copy and paste character if you have seen him on one of my other Rps before.

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Jess | 995 comments He looks great! Ill be using a new character for this rp so it might be alittle while before im able to put him up

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments That's fine. :) Gotta do homework anyways.

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Jess | 995 comments
{First Name} Dai
{Last Name} Hyun-Shuk
{Age} 17
{Gender} Male
{Sexuality} Demisexual
{Handedness} Ambidextrous
{Social Class} Middle class
{School} High School
{Grade} 10th
{Occupation} Works at the local theater and babysits occasionally

{General Appearance}

{Hair} Reddish-Brown
{Eyes} Brown
{Height} 5'10
{Weight} 140
{Markings} A thin scar on his right cheek bone where a girl once punched him with her ring on.

{Father} Hyun-Shuk Seon
{Mother} Hyun-Shuk Sun
{Brother- 10} Hyun-Shuk Hyo
{Brother- 5} Hyun-Shuk Tohyon

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Jess | 995 comments Alright he is finished. Who should start?

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Can I ?

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Jess | 995 comments Sure ^_^

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Just a moment. I'm starting AFTER the accident that caused him to be mute.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments
Whitley woke slowly, blinking hards against the bright lights glaring into his eyes. He gripped the fabric at his side tightly. Where was he and what had happened to him? He remembered driving down the road, going home, and then there was nothing else. Whitley finally managed to fully open his eyes and became aware of the tube down his throat and the monitor making noises steadily sat his side. He began to breathe faster, panicking upon making the harsh realization that he was in the hospital. Whitley heard the monitor pick up and he looked quickly around the room before his gaze landed on his best friend, Dai.
Whitley had been in a induced coma for a two weeks after being in a car crash that could have paralyzed him. A deep laceration had been made on his neck and onto his throat during the crash and it was honestly a complete miracle that he had lived despite all the damage that was done and could have been done. But Whitley didn't make it out completely unscathed. He had lost the ability to speak. A surgery had to be done and they were required to do an emergency removal of his vocal cords after they became infected while he was in the coma. Whitley could speak anymore and it was all because someone in a truck and decided to run a red light.

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Jess | 995 comments
Dai hadn't noticed at first that Whitley had woken up. His back was to the bed head turned towards the ceiling, he was watching over Whitley while his friend's parents got some food for all of them. However he couldn't bear to look at his friend in the state he was in, he didn't know if he'd wake up and the thought terrified him. He closed his eyes, breathing deeply, it felt like only yesterday he'd gotten the news about his friend's accident. It'd been a completely normal day, except for the fact that Whitley hadn't been in class. Dai had thought that his friend had gotten sick, not in the hospital fighting for his life. He had gotten the news after swim practice and thank God he hadn't been on the road, or he probably would've driven off the road. He had been so surprised and as soon as he felt like he was able to he rushed to the hospital, met by Whitley's parents who had explained what happened. Dai had been so angry at first, but soon anger turned to nervous, which then dissipated into worry. Dai had visited every day since then even skipping out on swim practice occasionally. The sound of the machine speeding up alerted Dai and he quickly rushed to Whitley's side making sure to press the nurses button. Dai tried to remain calm, he had to be strong for Whitley, speaking of which Whitley was breathing awfully fast which couldn't be good for him. "Whitley, buddy you need to calm down alright? Come on deep breaths, I know you can do it," Dai soothed, grabbing Whitley's hand and squeezing light, continuing to speak trying to calm his best friend down, while waiting for the doctor.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments
Whitley held onto Dai's hand like it was a lifeline. He tried to calm himself but his mind was still racing and he was terrified. His eyes were wide as he looked up Dai and he could tell that he needed to just settle down and stop hyperventilating. How he would do that though he couldn't tell you. So many thoughts were racing through his mind as to why he was in the hospital and why he had tubes stuck down his throat. Whit thought they only did that to people with who were on the verge of life or death or couldn't breathe without help. Granted, he wasn't a doctor but the thought still scared him witless. He finally began to settle for a few long moments when his attempt to make a sound didn't give any results. Whit couldn't even seem to remember how to make any kind of noise. His heart started to race again but his breath stayed at the same level, not increasing dangerously like it had before. One could say that at moment, Whit was ready to go back to sleep and wake up from the nightmare it felt like he was living.

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Jess | 995 comments
"Come on deep breaths," Dai whispered, wondering where the hell were the doctors and nurses at. He wanted to tell Whitley it was ok, that everything was fine, but he couldn't because that would be a lie. Because of some idiot he'd never hear his best friend's voice again and while it wasn't the end of the world, it was definitely not ok. So instead Dai went for what was hopefully a comforting truth, "Your parents will be along soon, they had to step for a bit, but they'll be back," He said using the same calm tone, his goal was to keep Whitley as calm as possible so he didn't panic, Dai would hate for Whitley's parents to hear he was awake, but have him sedated before they could see him. Dai could see Whitley's throat moving trying to make sound and he seethed silently at the reminder that his friend could no longer speak. He sighed as doctor and nurses finally came rushing in, glad that he wouldn't have to explain his friend's lack of sound. He watched silently as the doctor began to work, asking Whitley questions. Dai quickly caught on that they were all yes or no questions and he wondered if Whit had noticed yet. At one point the doctor asked Dai if he would leave, Dai turned to Whitley, "Do you want me to leave, yes, or no?" He asked.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments
Whitley nodded and tried to focus on the thought of his parents and his little sister. Where was his little sister? She was only two so she couldn't stay home alone certainly. Maybe she was at their grandparents. As he tried to reason with himself as to where his baby sister was, he calmed down fully and finally. He looked over as the doctor and his nurses rushed into the room and began to do and ask him a myriad amount of things and questions. When he heard the doctor tell Dai to leave and then he asked him if he wanted him to stay, he panicked momentarily. He reached for the sleeve of Dai's shirt, holding tightly onto the shirt. Whit shook his head vehemently in a very adamant "No" response. He didn't care what the doctor wanted. Whitley didn't want to be alone. Not because he was afraid of the doctor but he didn't know what was going to happen or what had happened to him? What if it happened again? But he couldn't remember what happened and so it was a fear in his mind. He started listening to the doctor again, keeping a vice grip on his best friend's sleeve so he didn't leave. Then as the doctor told him what had happened, he had to repeat the words to himself. He looked up to Dai, to confirm that the doctor wasn't lying to him. The doctor had not yet told him he could no longer speak, just the fact he had been in a wreck and then a two week coma after that.

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Jess | 995 comments
Dai sighed a breath of relief as Whitley told him that he didn't want him to leave. Thank God. Dai would've respected if Whitley's decision had been yes, but he was very very thankful that the answer had in fact been a no. Dai had thought for the past week that his best friend wasn't going to wake up, so the thought of leaving him alone, even if realistically nothing was going to happen was a very upsetting thought. He didn't trust Whitley with anyone except him and Whitley's family. Dai knew that the doctors and nurses wouldn't hurt him, but there was that small voice in the back of his head that said if he left Whitley would fall asleep and never wake up. Dai listened carefully to the doctor even though he'd heard the story before, he held Whitley's wrist with his other hand and signaling to him that he wasn't going to leave anytime soon. Dai noticed the look Whitley was giving him, and he nodded slowly, "Yeah that happened, gave us all quite the scare," He murmured, listening to the doctor list the extent of his injuries, he frowned as the doctor started telling Whitley what had happened to his vocal chords. The whole time Dai wanted to shout, 'That's not true!' At the doctor, but he couldn't because it was true, some idiot ran a red light, and his best friend was in the hospital because of it, nothing would ever be the same again. Dai looked over at Whitley to see how well he was taking the news.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments
Whitley laid there stunned as the doctor told him that they had to do an emergency removal of his vocal cords because of what happened during the wreck. His vocal cords had begun hemorrhaging after the wreck and the doctors hadn't seen it until too late. Therefore, they had to remove his cords. Which meant he would never speak again. Whitley didn't know how to respond. He had the urge to scream but now he couldn't do that. Should he cry or smile and nod like everything was okay? Whit just let go of Dai's shirt and grabbed his hand, he was all he had until his parents arrived finally. Whit let the doctor's words drown out as he thought of the consequences of this action. Obviously, he would never speak again. He would never laugh. He couldn't do anything he had done before with Dai. No more making fun of their peers. No more belting out song lyrics as they drove. He couldn't talk to his little sister anymore. He couldn't make funny noises and play with her, tell her that he loved her and how to say his name right. He couldn't tell his parents he loved them. Nothing. He couldn't do anything anymore. And if his reaction was anything, it was becoming depressed in the first single moment he could.

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Jess | 995 comments
Dai listened carefully as the doctor explained what had happened this was his first time hearing what had happened from the doctor himself. Whitley's parents had told him as best as they could, but they weren't doctors so they hadn't been able to explain what had happened with as much detail and explanation as the physician could. Dai watched Whitley carefully; he smiled gently squeezing his friend's hand. Dai couldn't even imagine what his friend was going through and there was nothing he could do to help except be there for him. Dai felt so helpless; there were few times in his life where he hadn't been able to do something to help someone he cherished. Dai blinked quickly noticing that Whitley didn't seem to be all there at the moment. Should he just leave him be and let his parents try to talk to him? Or should he try and talk to him, himself? Of course letting Whitley's parents handle it would be the cowards way out, but what should he say? Well, he might as well try, no harm ever came from trying, right? "Hey Whit, we'll figure this out, this isn't the end. I promise," He told him, unsure if Whitley heard him, it seemed like he was tuning the doctor out pretty well.

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Jess | 995 comments :)

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments
Whitley was brought out of his thoughts by Dai speaking and it took a moment before he registered what he had said but he nodded slowly, not fully believing what he had said but he trusted him, at least a little bit. The sound of the door opening caught his ear and he turned his head to look past the doctor as his parents finally entered the room. His mom gasped and handed the food she had had in her hand to her father, moving past the doctor. She leaned over the railing on the bed and hugged him as best she could. "Oh Whitley," she said in a soft sob, brushing the hair back from his forehead as she kissed both of his cheeks. Whit looked up into his mom's blue eyes and he gave a crooked smile to try and show that he was okay since he couldn't very well say so. He still kept a hold of Dai's hand, unwilling to let go. Dai was a part of his support just as much as his parents were.

((So I'm gonna tell you just for context. I'm gonna make it so like Whit used to be very headstrong, an extrovert, and very independent and this kinda makes him the exact opposite of all that. And it takes a long time before he figures out how to get that back.))

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Jess | 995 comments
Dai smiled gently as Whitley nodded and silently made his best friend a promise. That he would stick by his side no matter what, it wouldnt be easy and there would be days when they felt like giving up on their friendship, but Dai wouldn't let anything or anyone tear him away from his best friend. He wasn't lying when he said they'd figure it out. If he needed to learn sign language than so be it, until then Whitley could write what he wanted to say on a piece of paper. Nothing had really changed except for the way they communicated, or at least that's what Dai hoped. Dai looked back as he heard the door click signaling someone was entering, his shoulders relaxed slightly as Whitley's parents came in. They had really helped him out while he was figuring out how he initially felt after Whitley's accident and plus now Whitley could see his parents and vice versa. He watched as Whitkey's mother hugged his best friend, he hardly noticed the doctor leaving to caught up in the heartwarming scene that most people only got to see on Facebook. He was surprised when Whitkey didn't let go of his hand he thought that Whitley would kind of push him aside when his parents showed up and was pleasantly surprised when that didn't happen.

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Jess | 995 comments ((Alright sounds good))

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments
Whitley let his parents fuss over him for the next while and kept Dai by his side the whole time. His mom talked for a majority of that time, going on about how she missed and how bad everything was and all that. Whit started to get a bit overwhelmed and he was certain his dad recognized that when he gently pulled his mom away from his bedside. "We're glad you're awake, Whit," he said softly, bending to kiss his head That was the end of his display of his affection but Whit knew his father loved him. Whit didn't doubt that. A nurse returned to the room and began to check things again. "Okay, we will need to take out the tube from his throat soon. He doesn't have to be put under or anything for that, it will just be uncomfortable. When we do, we will need you to leave. One person can stay put you will have to be in the corner of the room. When we're done, y'all can come back in. We will let you know when it's time," the nurse said in a long string of words that seemed never ending until they did in fact stop.

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Jess | 995 comments
Dai watched Whitley's mom with a small smile on his face. His parents were amazing and he wouldn't trade them for the world, but there was something special about Whitley's parents that his parents just didn't have. Dai was about to step in as Whit squeezed his hand that he was overwhelmed, but Whit's father beat him to it. Dai looked back as the nurse stepped through the door. He listened closely as she said they'd be taking the tube out (sounded painful if you asked him) and especially the part where they said that only one person could stay with Whitley. Dai wanted desperately to stay, but he new if he did he'd be incredibly selfish, Whitley parents had just gotten here and one of them probably wanted to stay here, besides it wasn't like he had to stay out of for long just until they got the tube put. The nurse had said they could come in after they were done, which made Dai feel a lot better about the situation. "I'm assuming one of you guys wants to stay with him?" He asked quietly.

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Whitley's father nodded as he absently rubbed his wife's back. "I'm going to stay with him just in case they need a parent while they're doing this," he answered Dai. Luke loved the kid, he was happy that Whitley had just a devoted friend but, obviously, there werevtimes that he would have to be the one to stay with Whitley instead of Dai. Whit knew that one of parents would end out being one of the one's to stay with him. It made more sense than Dai staying with him, obviously. Still, he was reluctant to let go of his best friend. Whit was unusually attached to Dai at the moment because he was the first person to be with him when he finally came around. He shifted in the bed, knowing it wouldn't be long before they made everyone leave. Whit tried to convince himself to let go of Dai's hand but his anxiety had never been greater in that moment. Whit had never been afraid of a doctor or anything before but now he was terrified. He was probably just in shock, still absorbing all that had happened.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments :)

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Jess | 995 comments Don't worry I'm getting to them just been super busy

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments ((It's okay. I understand. I just didn't want you to forget. Sorry for bugging you.))

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Jess | 995 comments ((No it's alright you're not bugging me))

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Jess | 995 comments
Dai nodded he had figured that would be case it wouldn't make any sense for him to stay behind, "That's what I thought I just didn't want to assume anything," He said, plus he thought it would be better if Whitley knew exactly what was going on since he couldn't ask himself. Thankfully Whitley's mom and him didn't have to leave right away and by the way Whitley was still clutching his hand he guessed that his friend didn't want him to go either. Ever since the accident Dai had felt strangely protective over Whitley even more so than he usually was. He tried to tell himself it was just because something traumatic had happened, but he couldn't help, but think it was something more. Not that he'd really had the time to think about it, he'd been more worried about Whitkey waking up than he was anything else, his recent test scores could attest to that. Dai could see the building anxiety in Whitley's eyes and he squeezed his friend's hand to reassure him. "It's alright Whit. Your mom and me will be just outside and your dad will be in the room," He said trying to reassure him. "It won't take very long and we'll be back in here before you know it," Dai added as the doctor returned telling them that Whitley's mom and him needed to leave. Dai turned his attention to the doctor while he was speaking before turning back to Dai, "Alright that's my cue, I'll be back soon kay?" He said softly trying to convince Whit to let go of his hand.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments
Whit wanted to protest when Dai said that he needed to leave and he saw the doctor and the nurse move back into his field of vision. He gripped Dai's hand as tight as he could for another moment, afraid to let go. Whitley finally let go after some time of Dai having to reassure him that everything would be fine and he would come back to him as soon as it was over. He transferred his grip from Dai's hand to the blanket that he was lying under. He watched as Dai and his mother left, growing more apprehensive as seconds went by. The doctor came up to him and began to explain the process, which really was simple but it scared him. He didn't know what could go wrong. The doctor told him to hold his breath and lie perfectly still. The doctor eased the tube out of his throat and his mouth, Whit couldn't help coughing as it came out. When the doctor was done, his father came over to him and stroked his hair soothingly as the nurse fetched his mom and Dai from the other room. She then got to work changing out IVs and making sure everything was still working properly.

((I know it sucks, sorry.))

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments :)

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments :)

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Jess | 995 comments ((Haven't forgotten my phone actually got stolen I just got the one I'm on right now activated like half an hour ago I'm slowly catching up on replies. Thanks for the reminder now I don't have to go digging through the threads lol))

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments ((It's okay. I'm just brining to up.))

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Jess | 995 comments ((Ok I'll reply as soon as I'm able to))

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Jess | 995 comments
Dai winced slightly after Whit squeezed his hand even tighter, man his friend sure had a strong grip. However Dai recovered quickly shaking off his own discomfort so he could comfort his friend. Dai sighed in relief when Whit let go of his hand after several more assurances that he'd be back as soon as possible. Dai had a sudden urge to kiss Whit's forehead, but he quickly wrote that off as him being too tired to think perfectly straight and instead settled for a final squeeze of Whit's wrist before following his friend's mom out of the room. Dai would be lying if he said he felt comfortable with leaving the room, every nerve in his body screamed for him to go back to his friend, but he stayed where he was supposed to biting his lip in worry. The procedure seemed to take forever even though it only had to be a few minutes. Dai quickly looked up from where his eyes had been trained on the floor as the nurse came out to tell them it was ok for them to go back inside. Dai waited for Whit's mom to go in before going in himself. Unfortunately the nurses were changing out Whit's IV's so Dai couldn't go running back to his friend's side like he wanted to. As soon as the nurse was done Dai was back at Whit's side, unsure of what to say now that the tube was out.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments
Whit watched as his mother and Dai came back into the room and he felt like he could breath again once they were back in there. He reached out and took his friend's fingers in his, needing to have the physical affirmation that they were there. He needed to make sure. Whit was now at a loss of what he should do. He couldn't say anything he couldn't strike up a conversation with any of them about what had been happening while he was in a coma. Whit bit his lip for a minute and then looked at everyone around him, making a writing gesture with his free hand to try and ask for a writing pad or something of that sort so he could communicate with them. It was the only thing that he could think to do. Whit wanted to know about his little sister and what day it even was. He had a lot of questions for the doctor that he wanted him to answer. So much he had to day and ask and yet he couldn't do any of that without waiting for someone to find him paper and a writing utensil.

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Jess | 995 comments
Dai smiled shakily as Whit grabbed his fingers. He understood the look in Whit's eyes, he understood that the other needed reassurance that they were actually there. Dai squeezed Whit's hand to be doubly sure that Whit got the message that they were there: it took him a couple moments to realize what his friend was trying to communicate, but as soon as he did he was already thinking if his school bag which was just in the corner. Dai had often come to the hospital so he needed a way to stay caught up with homework and such. He made sure to bring his bag everyday and today was no exception. "I'll be right back," Dai told him heading off to the corner of the room to get a notebook and a pencil out of his schoolbag. He hurried back handing the two items to Whit. "Here you are," He said, swallowing as he realized his throat was dry. When was the time he drank water? He needed to do that soon. However Dai was more curious to see what his friend wrote water could wait, he worried his lip realizing this was how they'd be communicating with each other for awhile until they decided to learn how to do sign language or something else.

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Whitley watched Dai as he left his side and gathered paper and a writing tool for him. He took the items with shaking hands and settled them in front of himself. For a moment, it was like he forgot how to write before his mind registered what he was trying to do. How long was out I out? What happened? The two questions that were pressing most against his mind. He wrote slowly, his best writing not present as his hand shook. The action felt so foreign. When Whit was done, he turned it around, facing it away from himself so that everyone could see what a wrote and hopefully someone would be able to answer his questions. He couldn't imagine that they wouldn't be able to but you never knew. Whit waited anxiously for someone to answer. It's probably only been a couple days. That's gotta be it. Whitley tried to reason with himself. Then motion caught his eye as his dad stepped forward, coming to his side again. "Whitley..." he paused as he realized that they had already told him all this. The doctor had said that he had been in a wreck and he had been in a two week coma. His father brushed it away, chalking it up to stress and the shock of everything that caused him to forget. "Whit, you were in a two week coma after a horrible car wreck. You nearly died," his father said, his hands gripping the railing on the side of the bed. He wondered now if maybe some brain damage had occurred. Obviously it would be minor but it still wasn't something he wanted his son to endure. Whit's eyes traveled around the room, grazing over his mom's and Dai's face before they landed on his own hands, the IV port sticking out of the back of his right hand. He didn't even realize they had already told him all that. Whit picked up his pencil and wrote on the notebook again. "I'm scared," he wrote in small letters, despite the fact he was screaming it on the inside.

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Jess | 995 comments
Dai read the words Whit wrote carefully trying extremely hard not to show how worried he was at the moment. He knew the doctor had already explained to his friend what had happened, he'd been there. Maybe it wasn't as bad as it seemed, maybe Whit just hadn't been paying attention, it didn't necessarily mean something was wrong. He had been in a two week coma after all maybe his brain was just trying to catch up, that was a thing right? Dai was no doctor, but he could've sworn he'd heard of something like that happening. Well whatever it was Dai couldn't let it get in the way of how he saw Whitley, he'd be his best friend no matter what. Dai was grateful that Whitley's father answered he didn't think he'd have been able to without freaking out. His heart dropped when he read Whit's next words. He couldn't imagine what it must be like to be in his best friend's place right now, he couldn't imagine the pain of knowing you'd never be able to speak again, it hurt him to think that his friend was going through such pain. "Hey, it'll turn out alright. We're all here for you, no matter what," Dai said, eyes flickering to Whit's parents hoping they'd have something to add to what he just said.

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Whit gripped the notebook tightly, his knuckles turning white and as he bent the notebook. He wasn't mad or anything, he was, as he wrote, afraid. Despite Dai's words, his mind ran around with negative thoughts. What if Dai didn't actually want to hang around him anymore? He was gay in the first place and that in itself was social suicide. But he was about to become the school freak. The awkward gay kid who now couldn't speak, at all. Ever. Why would Dai wasn't to continue to be his friend? There were already so many reasons and now this was piled on top. He knew that eventually there was gonna be the straw that broke the camel's back and he was gonna leave him and push him away. He just didn't know how soon it was gonna be. Whit dropped the notebook and pencil in his lap and if he had been in such a position as to be able to do so, his head would have fallen back against something. He closed his eyes and reached up, rubbing at them. He was so tired. Whit had done close to nothing but it felt like he had run a marathon, both physically and mentally. But he still needed to know. In his mind he knew that Dai would stick by his side but there was a voice in the back of his mind that whispered that he would, that he was going to where he deserved to be and that was someplace that wasn't by his side. But he didn't want to ask around his parents, it was a private question. So he would wait until he had the chance to ask him. Whitley picked the notebook back up and the pencil, as if he was going to write but he wasn't sure what to put. He usually didn't mind quiet but this silence was deafening to him. "Where is Lincoln?" he wrote in an inquiry about his little sister. It was the only thing he could think to ask about. Whitley adored his little sister Lincoln. He hadn't ever had another sibling before and she was the sweetest thing in the world, in his eyes. It saddened him that he wasn't going to be able to really play with her anymore, not in a way the involved vocal communication. "Lincoln is with Gramma and Papa," his mom answered softly. "As soon as we can and you're well enough, we'll bring her in to see you. She misses you a lot," his mom told him, shifting her stance and running her hand through her hair to push it out of her eyes.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments ((I'm not pressuring you to reply just want to make sure you don't lose it. Reply at your convenience. ^_^))

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