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Matt Cowper | 6 comments Hey folks, I'd like some kind souls to read and review my debut novel, "The Clerk." I know when people hear "literary fiction," they run for the hills, but this novel doesn't have dense language or convoluted post-modern semiotic nonsense.

Blurb is below:

Thomas Copeland has just turned forty years old, but unlike some men his age, he's not going to have a midlife crisis. Sure, he works at a small grocery store on the North Carolina coast, he doesn't have many friends, and he's unmarried and childless, but he's content with his simple life.

Others, however, are not so content, and they want to make sure Thomas knows it. Between a family curse, wanderlust-filled (and lust-filled) co-workers, a dangerously unhappy sister, and a vindictive ex-friend-with-benefits, Thomas finds himself in an exhausting battle to maintain his idyllic lifestyle.

Will Thomas be able to resolve – or at least survive – these dramas? Will he find love, or just tepid one-night stands? Will his boss ever notice he's cleaned the bathroom? What will he get his Secret Santa giftee? And what will be the ultimate fate of the grocery store where he works?

"The Clerk" is both satirical and poignant, a riveting exploration of the choices people make in the pursuit of freedom and success. You'll never look at a grocery store the same way again.


Shoot me a message on here, or email me at roguehomebody[at]

I have MOBI, EPUB, and PDF files available.


Shelby | 5 comments Please could you send a pdf to

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Matt Cowper | 6 comments Shelby wrote: "Please could you send a pdf to"

Done. Thanks for your interest!

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