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Time Travelling with a Hamster
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UKLA Book Awards

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Mathew (mat_at_brookes) | 27 comments It would be nice to see who voted and is interested in chatting about the book on Feb 20th. I haven't even bought my copy yet! I'll set up a different discussion group for the event so let's keep our thoughts and ideas about the book until then.

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Athole McLauchlan | 1 comments I have bought a copy and am raring to go! 20th sounds good.

Beth  Bennett | 11 comments I started it last night

Mathew (mat_at_brookes) | 27 comments I have to wait until Feb to get it...I'm out of cash!

Beth  Bennett | 11 comments Ooops. That is the problem with these books groups and discussions. Next time, tell us which book you own and we will vote for that

Mathew (mat_at_brookes) | 27 comments I like your thinking!

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Lee Peckover (leepeckover) | 24 comments Mod
I'll be reading a school copy!

Claire Wilson | 2 comments I would be really interested in hearing people's opinions on this book. I finished it last week.

Mathew (mat_at_brookes) | 27 comments I've now set up a Group Discussion for the book set for tomorrow night. I thought I'd get all eager and set an early question too. Full discussion can begin later on!

Beth  Bennett | 11 comments Look at me all keen. Have responded to your initial question

Mathew (mat_at_brookes) | 27 comments Hi all. The shortlist for the UKLA book awards was published today. These are the only children's book awards voted by teachers. I created a lists for you to look at. I hope it proves useful!

3-11: Here

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Lee Peckover (leepeckover) | 24 comments Mod
Good work. My 'to read' list continues to grow at an appalling rate!

Mathew (mat_at_brookes) | 27 comments Sorry about that Lee! I'm happy to say that I think I have read a fair few here (mostly accidental). Ironically, I want to read more adult books at the moment but I keep finding books placed into my hands.

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Lee Peckover (leepeckover) | 24 comments Mod
My school is getting a complete new library in the Easter hols. I'm going to lose so many hours to that place!

Mathew (mat_at_brookes) | 27 comments ha! brilliant news. How much money? And that's awesome btw

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