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All About Agatha (allaboutagatha) | 2 comments Hi all, I wanted to let you know about a podcast I'm co-hosting called All About Agatha. You can find it here on iTunes:

My co-host and I are enormous Agatha Christie nerds, and the general purpose of the podcast is to geek out over Christie and the detective/mystery genre overall.... Specifically, we're reading/analyzing/critiquing/adoring all 66 of Christie’s mystery novels, and ranking them according to certain pre-set criteria, not because our opinion is in any way controlling, but because imposing objective standards on a subjective experience like reading a novel is the kind of flawed/maddening exercise that leads to further, more fruitful evaluation and discussion. (That’s our aim, anyway….)

By the end of the podcast, we hope to have not just a fully-ranked master list of Christie’s books, but a legitimately robust idea of how Christie does what she does as an author, in a literary sense: something few (present company excluded!) have bothered to explore, despite (or more likely because of) her overwhelming popularity. Along the way we’re taking regular breaks to examine her prodigious output beyond mystery novels (short stories, plays, romance novels, etc.), to chat with others in the mystery-writing field, and to explore Christie’s own fascinating personal story. We want this podcast to last years rather than months.

For obvious reasons, I figured many of the members of this group might enjoy the podcast, hence this post.... I would so love to hear from any of you if you get a chance to listen. And in the meantime... happy reading!

All my best,

P.S. You can also listen to the podcast via Soundcloud and Stitcher. I included the iTunes link because that seems to be how most people listen to podcasts these days, but feel free to ask me for those other links.

All About Agatha (allaboutagatha) | 2 comments Thank you, Lauren! Excited for you to check it out too!

Lauren wrote: "That sounds like a lot of fun!! I'm excited to check it out! Thank you for sharing!"

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