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You Belong to Me (Romantic Suspense, #12; Baltimore, #1)
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Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 7625 comments Mod
Lucy referred to the club frequently until we learned exactly what kind of club it was. Was It even close to what you'd imagined?

Anita (anitanodiva) | 818 comments Yes. In the beginning she made reference to Gwyn and having the voice, so I kinda figured it was some sort of a nightclub. I am so glad that it gave Lucy the outlet she needed from her very staid day job.

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 7625 comments Mod
I thought it was going to be a jazz type club. Never figured heavy metal and an electric violin! And Lucy (Lucinda) in leather? Didn't see that coming.

Charlene (charlenethestickler) | 1379 comments I couldn't imagine what kind of club it was going to be, either. I was completely thrown by Lucinda in leather and the electric violin.

I really liked her playing for Mr. Pugh and then for J.D. but that's another thing, not about the club.

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 7625 comments Mod
I loved her playing for Mr. Pugh! That was a lovely aspect of the story.

Charlene (charlenethestickler) | 1379 comments Yes, it's a proven fact that appreciation for music is one of the last things that go with an Alzheimer's person.

Danielle  Gypsy Soul (afdaniellet) I thought it would be a jazz club as well :)

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