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Amber | 347 comments Here

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Amber | 347 comments Actually yeah. If you've seen the third season of Skam it's basically that. But I want to do something where this guy has spent just about every weekend making out with a different girl when him and his friends go out but him never being into it and never going farther and he can't figure out why. Then this guy comes to town and the kid is like holy hell im super gay that's why I don't like girls but the new guy has a girlfriend but their attraction is undeniable so they end up getting together :3

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Amber | 347 comments :D yay. Do you mind if I'm the one that doesn't know he's gay?

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Amber | 347 comments Cool let's talk about plot a little more. I was kind of thinking that maybe it's at school where they first meet and maybe a party where my charrie realizes he isn't straight like he thought. Then they can start hanging out more and one day a kiss. Is that okay? Anything to add?

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Amber | 347 comments I don't know. I think sneaking around would be fun. They could almost get caught and have a little bout of adrenaline.

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Amber | 347 comments Yeah. I only ever do name, age, appearance.

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Amber | 347 comments

Greyson 'Grey' Carlisle Creed




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Amber | 347 comments Sure. How detailed do you want it?

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Amber | 347 comments Okay I'll probably keep it to a paragraph or two. I have a lot of rps with 4-8 paragraphs so it'll be nice for a shorter thing.

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Amber | 347 comments Sorry it took me so long!

What exactly was is it that made Grey have such a love hate relationship with parties? He was well liked. Girls liked him more than they like his friends. He always had a good time. Dancing, drinking, smoking. He liked it all. More so the first two. Sometimes smoking made him cough for a week after. It was rare when he did that. But other than that he had no reason for not liking parties. So he couldn't figure out why during the conversation his friends were having right now he couldn't help but roll his eyes and tune out. Until he heard his name. "My house?" he questioned with the faintest hint of an accent that he tried to hide in order to not stand out. His family had come from Germany a few years back and at first being the new foreign kid was cool. Now he just found it tedious. "Yeah. You're the only one that lives alone," Kyle responded. "Well just because my parents are never home doesn't mean I live alone," he responded.

But it was too late. In his zoning out the plans for the weekend were set for his place and he hadn't been paying attention to veto it. Apparently once a group text was sent out there was no changing the plans. "Fine. But I'm not getting the alcohol. That's on you," he commented. His eyes couldn't help be caught by a familiar bumbling cheerleader wearing all pink. Her outfit screamed look at me with its brightness. But his eyes went to the male next to her. Megan, the cheerleader and her boisterous outfit was long forgotten when he couldn't stop looking at the guy. Who was that? How had Grey never seen him before? Why did he care so much? It wasn't long before he noticed Megan's direction change and she was coming their way. "Guys!" she squealed, "this is Jonas he's new here and it's my job to show him around. You guys should take him into your group! Jonas this is Kyle, William, Jake, and Grey." With each new name she pointed to the coordinating male. Greyson himself had given just a small nod before looking to his lap because he knew if he looked up he'd just stare. "Yeah sure Megan," Kyle nodded.

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Amber | 347 comments "Grey."

He looked up at his name. "Hmm?" he inquired without actually saying anything to the girl. "Could you actually show him to first period. Coach called an emergency meeting and I'm captain so I can't miss it. I'm pretty sure you guys have it together I don't remember his schedule perfectly though," Megan pleaded. Grey blinked a few times, just staring at her in disbelief. It wasn't because he was against showing the new kid around he really could care less. It was this was her job and she was abandoning it. There's been a reason she'd been voted into welcoming committee and she wasn't doing a very good job welcoming. "Yeah sure. I don't mind," he shot her a half, closed mouth smile before she squealed again, making him cringe a bit. "You're so perfect! Thank you!" she responded then kissed his cheek before running off after ensuring Jonas she'd be back. He wiped the lip gloss from his cheek with an obvious look of annoyance on his face that quickly dropped the second the substance was gone.

"I guess I'm leaving then. See ya," Grey said as he got up and slung his backpack over his shoulder. A ring of various responses came back his way. "Let's go then," he nodded his head towards the entrance of the school. It was almost time to head to class anyway, it wasn't as if he'd be missing much with his friend group. "For he record you won't be seeing Megan again. She's going to forget so if you have any questions you can ask me. I don't bite, at least not too hard," he commented. Still Grey avoided looking at Jonas. He didn't know what it was but he was just compelled to stare at his face and that was awkward so he couldn't do that. "As for a tip for first period, avoid sitting in the front. Mr. Hanaway is a spitter," he offered. Greyson was trying to not be as awkward as he felt. He didn't know why this was so hard for him. He wasn't usually shy around strangers.

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Amber | 347 comments Grey had simple raised an eyebrow at the words flowing at him. If this kid really wanted to be left alone he'd leave him but wouldn't it be nice to have someone to help with a new school? Knowing where to sit in classes, which door to enter because some classes had two and the teachers were picky, and then the dreaded lunch room. "Look man, I'm just trying to be nice. I don't have a problem with showing you around. But if you want me to leave, I'll leave. Just let me see your schedule first so you can avoid getting detention on your first day. Teachers here are super picky and not forgiving," he stated. Sometimes the way he pronounced the 'ch' sound came out a little weird because they didn't even have that sound in the German language so he had a hard time getting his mouth to make that sound.

He looked up now to Jonas for the answer he would receive. Now that he had excuse for staring he took it.
He didn't know what it was that drew him in. It wasn't a longing for friendship, he had that. Now Grey was on the hunt to figure out why he just wanted to stare. It was odd right? At least he thought so. His eyes now moved to someone that was waving at him. He gave a small smile back, finding it rude someone was interrupting him while he was talking to someone but it was a different world here. He shoved his hands into his jacket pockets now. Inside he messed with the lining out of nervous habit.

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Amber | 347 comments Grey was satisfied with the response he had gotten except slightly offended that he was pushed off into the category of 'most people.' Though he guess this moment determined his fate for the rest of the day and he wasn't complaining that he'd be spending time with the new kid. He was curious about him and ready to see if he could learn anything in their time. But as someone that had been the new kid he wasn't going to pry like most people did. He could remember people asking him a million questions that he either wasn't interested in answering or didn't think they should be asking. He'd started hiding the accent because people liked to ask him absurd things about Hitler and it drove him crazy. Now it was just second nature to do so.

"I'm not most people, Jonas," Grey commented as he pulled his hands from his pockets. He took the schedule in his hands before he looked at the paper he looked up to Jonas, "and you're not burden." With that he put his eyes on the paper and looked it over. Their schedule was really close with only a few off things. "You're first three classes you're going to want to make sure you sit in the back. During fourth sit on the right side of the room. She sits at her desk and is blind in one eye so she forgets that side of the room is even there. Fifth and sixth, well. You got lucky. Those are the only two teachers that don't give a damn. You'll be safe to do whatever the hell you want," he commented before handing it back. "During first though always enter through the hall door. If you come in through the outside one she'll give you detention," he added after a moment. He nodded his head for Jonas to follow him. Once in first period he took a seat all the way in the back like he had told Jonas to do

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Amber | 347 comments Greyson shook his head. "Definitely eyes open. She does that little kid thing were she has everyone's names on popsicle sticks and call on them randomly. She gets mad when people give her bad answers and sometimes when she's in a bad mood in general she hands out detentions for it," he responded. He was probably the worst one for giving crappy answers when called on. He just didn't care about this class. He still had a good grade without trying and as long as that happened he was happy. His parents weren't really sticklers about grades because they were never home to enforce them and whenever report cards came home they either didn't get to see them because they weren't home or they blamed themselves for his grades and would try to stay at home more often but that always fizzled out.

Speaking of his empty home he had a party to get ready for eventually. And that started now so he could put all of his mom's expensive souvenirs away from all of the traveling she did. He ran a hand through his hair, making it stick up in all sorts of directions but he didn't really care all that much. He also had to tape off some of the rooms so people wouldn't go in at all and put the other expensive items away. It wasn't really a secret that his family had money since people always came to his house for parties, but just meeting him no one would ever know since he didn't flaunt it. He looked to Jonas for a moment, should he try and invite this new kid to the party? He definitely wanted him there since he had taken such an interest so quickly. But it seemed weird to invite him now. Maybe later in the day so they would have spent more time together. Or maybe now. He opened his mouth to ask but the bell rang and he shyly looked up to the front of the class to start pretending that he was paying attention.

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Amber | 347 comments Grey was quiet for a duration of the class. He doodled on his notebook to make it at least look like he was taking notes until he'd eventually get caught like he did at least once a week. Though usually she avoided calling in him because Grey was known for making a fool of this teacher. Specifically this one because she drove him crazy. He hated it when teachers picked on students for no good reason and especially if they actually didn't understand so he was someone that liked to hand it back. And he'd already been well versed in all maths because his father had drilled it into his brain plenty of times. And statistics was his strong suit. So sitting in this class listening to her talk really just gave him a headache. "Mr. Creed." He looked up at the mention of his last name with a brow raised. "Yes?" he inquired. Immediately he looked to the board behind her because he knew she'd start asking questions. Though something caught his attention and he smirked. "Want to tell the class what the answer is?" she questioned.

Grey felt his lips spread into a wide smile. "Gladly. Though why don't I tell them the right answer since the work you've got up there is wrong and probably quite confusing," he commented. He then divulged into all of the reasons she was wrong and offered to teach the class the accurate way to do things but didn't wait for the okay instead he just did it and explained. "So next time think about calling me out before you do so and make sure your math is right," he closed. She should have known it was coming. "Miststück," he muttered under his breath. The bell rang and he tossed his notebook into his backpack and slung it over his shoulder. "We have our next class together if you want to walk with me there," he extended to Jonas. Now that he wasn't in piss off the teacher mode he realized why he had been avoiding looking at Jonas. He just wanted to stare again but at least while he was looking for an answer it was plausible to look. And he took advantage of that, letting his blue eyes rake over all of the features he hadn't been letting himself take in other than in quick glances.

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Amber | 347 comments Greyson grinned, "well she deserves it. She always picks on people for not understanding. It pisses me off. I've been waiting for an opportunity to call her out. Today was the day, guess." He lead the way to their next class. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately it was all the way across campus. That gave him time to maybe talk to Jonas a little more. "Where did you live before here?" he questioned. He wasn't a stranger to being the new as was obvious since he was from a different country all together but he'd been to a couple different schools since moving as well. He figured that was a safe question to ask. It wasn't anything too personal, or at least he hoped it wasn't. He didn't want to come off creepy by asking to many questions or the wrong ones, but yet he wanted to know everything about Jonas all at the same time.

In the moment Grey thought about asking Jonas if he wanted to go to the party again. Maybe he should wait a day or two. After all it was Monday and the party was Friday, that would give him enough time to better befriend this guy. And then if they were friends it wouldn't be weird. His brain hurt from over thinking everything. Why was this so difficult? He asked random people to his parties all of the time and never had a problem with it so he didn't understand the difficulties he was having now. He ran a hand through his hair and made the messiness even messier but he didn't care. His thoughts were interrupted by that same chirpy voice he'd endured listening to earlier. "Hey guys! How's it going? Jarrod isn't Grey just the sweetest?" Megan questioned and pinched at Grey's cheek. He growled and swiped the hand away. "His name is Jonas. And it's going fine. I'm sure he's glad you abandoned him. He would have been lost by now with how good you are at your job." he commented. It wasn't a stab at Jonas but one at Megan. "Did you get your coffee today? You're grumpy. Maybe you should go home and get some sleep. Have a nice rest of your day guys," she smiled and left. Grey rubbed at his temples.

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Amber | 347 comments ((That's fine ^.^))

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Amber | 347 comments Grey shook his head. "Mostly just her. Though it depends on which ones you come across. We harmlessly kissed at one party and now she just... I don't know. I think it was even some dumb truth or dare shit it wasn't initiated by either of us. Gosh I wouldn't ever want to kiss her. She wears too much lip crap. It grosses me out," he stated. The stickiness and weird smells from lip gloss was something he didn't understand. Why was is pleasurable to have it on? Was it merely for show and people endured the torture to look good? Or was it actually pleasurable? He didn't know and he didn't understand either concept. The whole torture yourself to look good thing didn't sound appealing. But yet he seemed to be hearing more and more people announcing that beauty is pain. He rubbed the back of his neck before snapping himself out of his aimless thoughts. How had he even gotten on such an odd topic? It was a good thing Jonas was looking at his phone otherwise Grey probably wouldn't have heard a single thing he'd said. He did this, got off on random tangents in his brain. His parents said he checked out and they couldn't bring him back down to earth until he ran out of things to think about.

"Oh," he stated in his state of remembrance. Grey hadn't actually wanted to go there but he guess since Jonas had brought it up he'd have to. "Well..." he brushed his hand through his hair and stuff his hands in his pockets in his shyness. "Well. Oops I said that already," the hell was this? Why couldn't he just speak? Because it'd be weird for him to invite the new kid to his party. At least he thought it would. And Grey didn't even think Jonas would show since he was so knew. Greyson knew he probably wouldn't. But he was also shy. Wait... no, he wasn't. He was just shy around Jonas. Which was a still a mystery to the teen. "I don't know if you've got plans or anything but I was going to invite you to a party at my house Friday night. Maybe I can introduce you to more friends and help get you acquainted? I don't know. Sorry if it's weird?" he spoke. What the hell was wrong with him. He was good at talking to people that's why so many people liked him. But for some reason this time he just couldn't get the words out. It was something about looking at Jonas's face so about half way through talking he'd had to look to the ground because he just couldn't spit the words out. He felt his cheeks heat up. Jonas was going to think he was a freak. Hell, he thought he was a freak.

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Amber | 347 comments ((Can I ask a favor for this rp?))

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Amber | 347 comments ((I swear I'll reply I just can't right now but I want this moment http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736...

(Sorry it's such a close up it's the only one I can find)
But anyway they are at a party and obviously each one making out with someone, one being his girlfriend, and the other a random girl and their eyes somehow meet and it was SO FREAKING CUTE I COULDNT BREATHE and I want that to be Grey's moment of oh man I like guys))

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Amber | 347 comments ((And they could have been hanging out all week and kinda like each other even though Grey is totally oblivious.))

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Amber | 347 comments Grey was surprised. He seriously hadn't expected Jonas to say yes. He probably wouldn't have if some random stranger who couldn't speak or looked for too long invites him to a party. "Oh, uh yeah. That's totally fine, just..." he dug his phone out of his pocket. After typing in the password he pull up his contacts. "Put your number in and I'll text you the address," he spoke and handed his phone to Jonas. Suddenly he was afraid that was weird. This was so odd, questioning his every move and having trouble even processing why. "I mean unless you just want me to write it down but then if you had trouble getting there... I don't know do what you want," Grey said with the shake up his head. He rubbed the back of his neck again.

When they reached their next class Grey opened the door for Jonas and let him inside. He headed to the back of the class and took his seat at his lab table. "No one sits here if you want to," he offered. He ran his fingers through his hair with a heavy sigh. He didn't know what was going on but it had to stop. "We're in the middle of a lab though. I can get you caught up. We haven't done much with the actually done much yet other than get ready for dissecting a cow eye. I think we get to actually do that tomorrow. You came at a fun time," Grey chuckled. He didn't have any classes with his friends and he wouldn't have worked with them anyway since most of the time he did most of the work. But he'd happily let Jonas join him since he was new. But of course, that was the only reason.

((Yay!! I'm so excited, lol. Sorry I know it's a little short.))

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Amber | 347 comments There was something about getting Jonas' number even if for such a silly thing that made Grey's stomach feel weird in a way it never had before. He was probably just sick. It was feeling that freaked him out about but after he'd slid his phone back into his pocket this warmth spread through out him, seeming to start in his heart and branch out in all directions. Luckily for Grey or maybe unluckily Jonas in fact decided to take him up on his offer of sitting at the same lab table. It was exciting but weird all at the same time. Grey just really wanted to be this kid's friend. Whatever the reason being he figured Jonas wouldn't mind having at least one friend at his new school.

"Yeah a lot of labs. If not once a week at least once every two weeks. Sometimes he spends too much time lecturing or gets on tangents. He's like this weird combination of strict and rude. And for the record I don't you'll miss out on a fluid filled eyeball. Our packet warns that the vitreous humor can possible erupt. I remember when I did this with a sheep's eye that the back of the eye was really pretty because of the tapetum lucidum. It looks rainbowy and helps them see in the dark," he recalled. He realized he probably sounded like a nerd but life science along with math had been what he was best at. If someone asked him about physics though it'd go right over his head. And he wasn't crazy good at English either since it wasn't his first language. He got good grades he just wasn't one of the people that stood out.

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Amber | 347 comments ^.^

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