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This is where you do role play. Please make it as realistic as you can. Read all of the previous talk before you join in please.

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Star was leading her herd to a river.

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spirit followed close behind star

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((there are no herd members but me))

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Cloud pranced out of the woods. He arched his neck and eyed Spirit.

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spirit was curious

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he knew this was a bachelor stallion
and a young one too

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spirit pawed
((as if to warn him to go away))

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Cloud winnied loudly he stomped one of his hooves.

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Willow watches the two stallion curiously from behind a tree in the woods. She looks from Sprit to cloud. She takes one step at a time out into the meadow.

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((Any one here?))

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((I'm here!))

Cloud crained his head around. He had spotted a mare stepping out of the woods. Cloud cautionusly turned around to look at the mare.

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Willow nickered to the stallion. She took a few more steps toward him.

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((Any body here??))

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Cloud trotted quietly over to the mare.

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Willow walked toward the stallion.

((You still here?))

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Cloud extened his neck towards the mare.

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Willow walked over to greet the stallion. She nickered to him saying, "Hello"

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Cloud replied, "Hi!" He swished his tail happily.

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Wilow started to walk with the stallion. "I'm Willow" she nickered.

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Cloud nodded and said, "I'm Cloud." The stallion extened his neck to sniff the mare.

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She nuzzled the stallion and started to walk with him.

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Cloud lipped her mane and whickered gently.

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Willow started to trot to a big tree, it was hot.

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Cloud followed. He nickered to Willow before trotting to the river bank.

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((Do you have a horse Elizabeth?))

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((No, I lease a morgan named JEssie though.))

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Star led her herd through trees to a beautiful pond.

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((Cool! I lease an Arabian named Shees Isabeau.))

Cloud pawed at the ground. Mud splattered his barrel and chest. He whinnied for Willow to join him.

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Willow trotted up to him. She nickered. "let's go," she said.

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Cloud nodded.

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Willow followed cloud.

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Cloud raised his head to sniff the air. A gentle breeze carried a familiar scent towards him. Batchloer Stallions!! Cloud nudged Willow closer to him.

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Willow stayed close to Cloud, not knowing what was going to happen.

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Suddenly, a loud thunder of hoofbeats filled the air. Cloud glanced behind him. The stallions! Cloud broke to a trot.

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The herd of stallions were gaining on them. Cloud shoved Willow towards a cluster of trees.

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(Sorry had to get ready to ride!))

Willow stayed close to Cloud and asked him "What's going on? Who are those horses?"

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Star stayed at the top of the herd with Cloud. He would need help fighting off the batcholor stallions.

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"Um," Cloud didn't know how to explain it, "Other stallions that want to take you." He finally answered. Cloud nudged Willow farther into the thicket. The band of stallion grew closer. Cloud squealed, pinned his ears flat and ran out of the thicket. The leader of the stallions was tall, muscular and a smokey black. The black stallion returned Cloud's squeal and pawed furiously at the ground. Cloud reared, his sharp hooves barely missing the other stallions head. Out of the cornner of his eye, Cloud saw Star fighting the stallion that was second in command.

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((how bout' one of the other stallions sneaks up and steals Willow. Cloud will eventually win her back. But this roleplay needs a little adveture twist to it!!!))

The black stallion aimed a kick that hit Cloud hard in the chest. Stunned from the blow, Cloud backed up hasitly. He quickly recovered though and snaked his head around to bite the other stallions shoulder.

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While the two horses were fighting, one of the stallions snuck up on willow and took her. Willow winnied to Cloud. "Help!"

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Cloud spun around. He whinnnied fiercely and galloped after Willow. The black stallion cut him off. Cloud squealed and plunged onwards. The black stallion nipped Cloud's flank, leaving a red oozing welt. Cloud whinnied desperately. He tried dodging the other stallion, but with out success.

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Star was struggling to fight the stallions. There were two up against her and she was worried it would be too much. She already had a bleeding gash in her shoulder. She saw Willow but was too far away. If she followed she could be seriously hurt by all the stallions.

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Willow was in the middle of the stallions, looking for Cloud or star. She winnied back to them.

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Cloud's anger grew. He squealed and charged past the other stallion and whinnied for Star to follow him. Again, the black stallion cut both Cloud and Star off. The rest of the stallions returned to the band. The black stallion stomped his hoof angerily and swished his tail before joining the others. Cloud sighed and than looked over st Star. She had a gash in her shoulder. Cloud turned his head to lick her wound and nibbled her withers to thank her. He watched the other stallions disappeared over the hill.

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Star couldnt believe that the worst place to get an injury was where she got one: in her shoulder. She was angry. She wished the stallions had never come in the first place. She glanced at Cloud and squealed in pain.

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Wilow followed the stallions. She galnced back and the black stalion bit her hindquarters. She Reared up but the stallion knocked her down again.

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Cloud whinnied after Willow. He sighed and turned to face Wonder. He moved in the direction of the stream and nickered for her to follow. The stream would clean and sooth the cut. Then they were going to have to find Willow.

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