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Best Natural Cures To Reverse Receding Gum line Naturally

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Gum disease occurs when the gums, supporting tissue, or bones around the teeth have an infection, resulting in inflammation. This commonly starts with plaque developing in the teeth, which are generally caused by bacteria mixing with saliva, along with residues from sugar and starchy foods you’ve eaten.

When plaque remains uncleaned due to inadequate brushing or flossing, it builds up, hardening and developing into tartar. Typical brushing isn't enough to get rid of this.
When the infection spreads, it can cause periodontitis.
Natural Remedies To Reverse Receding Gum Line
Fortunately, there are known remedies for gum disease to help soothe of the inflammation and fight infection.

For example, Vitamin C deficiency has been linked in the case of gum diseases. This had been evident in a study noted by the Journal of Periodontology, where Americans who intake less than 60 mg of vitamin C were more at risk of developing gum recession than those who intake more than 180 mg.

Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant. This is necessary for fixing connective tissue, as well as speeding up the natural healing of our bones. Fruits are good resources for vitamin C, as well as vegetables like red pepper, brussels sprouts, and broccoli. Supplements may also be taken. However, it is advisable that chewable tablets are avoided to prevent the corrosion of the teeth.

Vitamin D may also serve as a gum disease remedy, as it holds anti-inflammatory properties. This may easily be acquired by exposing oneself to the sun’s rays, advisable around 15 minutes twice every week. If taken in a supplement, be sure to check if it’s in 200 IU.

Surprisingly to many, stress is a factor that may add up to the development of gum disease. A study has shown the impact of stress in gum bleeding and plaque, where students had professional cleaning four weeks before and after their exams. Those that had exams were seen to have higher rates of gum recession and plaque, as compared to those who didn’t have any exam.

Many gum disease remedies could be taken to get rid of the discomfort the condition brings.

1. Tea tree oil may be applied to fight infection, as it’s known to hold antibiotic properties.
2. Four ounces of cranberry every day prevents the formation of bacteria in the teeth.
3. Drinking plenty of water also helps, as it washes away food residues that may develop into gum disease.

While there are a number of remedies for gum disease, it’s best to prevent acquiring the condition by regularly having a visit to your dentist.
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