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Zombies, Run!: Keeping Fit and Living Well in the Current Zombie Emergency
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Lulu (robotwitch) | 19 comments Mod
Like civilisation, all good things must come to an end. This is the last week of the Zombies, Run! book club, and today we’re focusing on Your Ministry & You, and the Appendices.

Your Ministry & You

The Ministry of Recovery’s final note to us Runners 5 is to remember that regardless of our circumstances, the information found within these pages can be helpful for us. It doesn’t matter if you’re working in a Ministry office, or are holed up at home because of a zombie horde surrounding you; keeping fit for the apocalypse is an important thing to do.

Fitness and meal planning is a good way to ensure we are always attack-ready. The Ministry reminds us that there could be a zombie emergency at any time, and so we can’t afford to get complacent.

There’s also the uplifting message that we need to work together to survive. Purposely isolating ourselves can make it difficult to see a bright and happy future. If you’re not able to join a community in-person, that’s okay too, because you can always reach out to like-minded people on ROFFLENET.


Speaking of which, a helpful chap from the Ministry has laid out plans for how to build a ham radio with ROFFLENET capability. This includes a handy guide to the terminology, because it’s important to know your cantenna from your lolnet.

It also tells you what you’ll need to build a ROFFLENET node, how to do certain things with your ham radio, and includes a troubleshooting guide! What more do you need?

A Spotter’s Guide to Zoms

The last thing in the book is a guide on different kind of zombies, as well as how to defeat them. I hadn’t heard of buried zoms before, and will definitely have to look out next time I’m near a construction site!

It’s great to know how to dispose safely of crawlers, buried zoms, the classic shambler and the less common sprinter. It even covers techniques for when alone or in a pair! It has us covered for any eventuality. I think the biggest thing I took away from this appendix is to always try to fight zombies in terrain with stairs or upward slopes.

The End

We’ve reached the end of the Zombies, Run! book, and therefore the end of the book club. Thank you to everyone who read along, whether you commented or not! It’s been fun to read how everyone is dealing with their fitness in this apocalypse.

Rest assured, these discussion posts are up indefinitely, and you can participate any time you like. We’ll also be checking back regularly to see what you thought!

What are your final thoughts on the book? Will you be taking any of the advice forward? Have you already found parts of it useful?

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Carol (clbfreeman) | 15 comments I found the last chapter to be a good reminder of some practical considerations whether in an apocalypse or not. It's always good to be planning ahead, whether for your day, your week, or longer. By planning ahead and remembering to pack a meal, for example, you are able to keep your blood sugar stable and likely have a good healthy meal choice rather than have to hunt up whatever you can find. This chapter was also a good reminder that we are all in this together and we need to work together as a community. It can be very hard to remember that when times are so stressful and everyone's nerves are on edge. But we do all depend on each other!

The appendices were interesting, Appendix A was very detailed! This is outside of my current skill set but you never know when this might come in handy!

It's been fun reading through this with the group! Thanks for all the insights and comments everyone!

Denali (yarnbard) | 10 comments I enjoyed the last chapter and the appendices, even though some of Appendix A went over my head! I was surprised to see that some of my knowledge from a computing foundations class that I took recently actually allowed me to understand more than I expected. I wouldn't have thought that computer skills would be so handy during an apocalypse scenario, but I can see that I was definitely wrong about that!

I picked up this book for several reasons. Since I was a fan of the app, I knew I would enjoy the book. But also, I think the book came out at a very opportune time. After November, I think a lot of us felt like we were entering an apocalyptic scenario. I know that I certainly did. And I guess I turned to Zombies, Run! as a way to cope with that.

As a fan of speculative fiction, I've seen a lot of criticism of the zombies genre as a whole. People criticize it for just being an excuse to create an enemy that can be mindlessly gunned down without pesky moral qualms getting in the way (as opposed to, say, the enemy being an army from another country, or another race). It's criticized for being excessively violent and grimdark, and some critics seem to assume that all of these qualities are somehow inherent in the genre.

But I think Zombies, Run! is an excellent example of zombies media that manages to be uplifting and empowering instead of pessimistic and troubling.

Zombies, Run! emphasizes personal and community wellness, hope, and surviving by empowering yourself instead of by enacting violence against others.

And I think that's a really good message, and a really good thing to latch onto in hard times. This book gives you tools that you can make use of in your life regardless of who you are or where you find yourself.

I have already found several sections to be immediately useful, and will definitely be testing out more of the advice!

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Matthew | 1 comments I very much agree!

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