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ok supports my earlier post somewhere


shellyindallas There was a bat in my bedroom once! I had bamboo shades and saw something on them that looked like a brown leaf so I got a close look and saw fur...and tiny ears! I got my cat and held her up next to it so she could investigate. She pawed at it and then suddenly its wings popped out and it flew over our heads! Yikes!
I called 311 and when the animal control person got there she asked if I had any tupperware I could part with and then snatched it up with some giant pole with a mechanical hand thing on the end of it, put it in the tupperware container, and gave me a speech about how bats are good for the environment.

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Seizure Romero | 116 comments That's why my belfry is full of them.

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Meels (amelia) Why do I believe that Romero?

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Meels (amelia) There is a place in Austin Texas that the tourists stand on a bridge for hours waiting for the moment the sun goes down so that they can watch a load of bats fly overhead...ICK! Rats with wings!!

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RandomAnthony A lot of my friends from college had white nose syndrome...

Wait, we're not talking about drugs?

We get about 75 bats a year that live under the cedar shingles on the south side of our house. I guess they still freak me out a bit, but we checked with the state and apparently they're not a threat because they're way up high and not in the house. They also eat mosquitoes, etc., but I do worry that the kids will get too close to one or whatever. Still, they're cool at dusk...they fly in circles above the hard then head out to the fields....

The hippies in Vermont scare me more than the bats.

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Meels (amelia) Maurice, did he just call you "scary"? :)

Wait, he's the veggie...

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Seizure Romero | 116 comments Oh, come on. How could you not love an upside-down face like this?

or this:

(unfortunately, this subspecies know locally as 'rudebat' seems to enjoy flashing its wee junk for the camera).


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