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This is where you make your horse for the role play.
There can only be one lead stallion and one lead mare.
Check If there is either of these before you become one.

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Name: Carrie
Rank: Lead Mare's daughter(is that okay?)
Color: Copper chestnut with 4 white stockings and a snip
Personality: shy, charming, fast, brave
Age: 2 days
Breed: Thoroughbred/Arabian

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Color:brown with white star on forehead
Personality:calm, fast, lively

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Carrie is motherless!

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Name: Stinger
Rank: Lead Stallion
Color: Liver Chestnut
Personality: Fierce, merciless, unforgiving, tough
Age: 6
Breed: Mustang

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Ảrwen Undomiel wrote: "Oh I am in this rp"

By the way, your horse is a colt.

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That is actually incorrect. When a female horse is FOUR years old, it becomes a mare.

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Howrse is wrong. I have been working with REAL horses for three years.

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Foal: Newborn horse
Colt: Male horse under the age of four.
Filly: Female horse under the age of four.
Stallion: Male horse over the age of four.
Mare: Female horse over the age of four.
Gelding: Neutered male horse of any age.

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Zenyatta | 82 comments Name: Acacia
Age: 5
Gender: Mare
Personality: oppostie of Stinger, kind carring, sweet
Other: Lead Mare

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Zenyatta | 82 comments Name: Rock
Age: 6
Gender: Stallion
Appearance: http://www.wflendangeredstreamlive.or...
Personality: bold, brave, agresssive, stubborn, determined
Other: looking to steal some mares, mainly acacia. Got Acacia in foal

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