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The Duchess War (Brothers Sinister, #1)
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Priya (priyachennareddy) | 1544 comments Mod
Buddy read from 27th of November.
Anyone interested? Feel free to join.
Please use spoiler tags wherever necessary.



Mariana | 2125 comments Just getting on my last flight home from vacation. I plan to start reading now! :-)

Mariana | 2125 comments Have you started reading yet Priya?

Priya (priyachennareddy) | 1544 comments Mod
Started today Mariana.

Mariana | 2125 comments I am excited to hear what you think.

Priya (priyachennareddy) | 1544 comments Mod
I am at 20%. (view spoiler)

Priya (priyachennareddy) | 1544 comments Mod
Did you finish reading, Mariana?

Priya (priyachennareddy) | 1544 comments Mod
Finished reading. (view spoiler)

Mariana | 2125 comments Yes. I love a good virgin hero, and this is one of my favorites. So many of the typical HR heroes experience lust for the heroine, but they usually think of which widow or prostitute can take the edge off. I find it more realistic and erotic for the duke to masturbate to his fantasies than to replace her with a different woman.

I also enjoyed the political thriller aspect to the story. It was multi-dimentional and more intriguing for me.

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