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Connie Cockrell

Connie Cockrell

Kindred Spirits: The Brown Rain Series

Alyssa and Kyra are on the move again, and winter is almost upon them. Finding another community is crucial for gaining shelter over the coldest months, and their prayers are soon answered when they come across the Ogonqwa tribe in Ohio. The two women are wary, given how their last two encounters had fared, but the tribe welcomes them with open arms and it seems the third time's the charm. But not all enemies attack from the outside, as Kyra soon learns when her nightmares only keep getting worse. Her skills have prepared her for fighting against visible foes, but what is she to do against the insidious power of old scars? Alyssa has her own problems to deal with, as her powers grow and lead her down unexpected paths. When certain elements in the tribe take exception to her gift, she might have to step out of Kyra's protective shadow and stand up for herself if she is to prove her pure intentions to their new hosts. With winter fast approaching and their position as honored guests of the tribe being challenged, time is quickly running out for Alyssa and Kyra both.

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Connie Cockrell (conniecockrell) | 12 comments Let's flesh this page out a little, shall we? Here's a little about myself.

A 20-year Air Force career, time as a manager at a computer operations company, wife, mother, sister and volunteer, provides a rich background for Connie Cockrell’s story-telling.
Cockrell grew up in upstate NY, just outside of Gloversville, NY before she joined the military at age 18. Having lived in Europe, Great Britain, and several places around the United States, she now lives in Payson, AZ with her husband: hiking, gardening, and playing bunko.

She writes about whatever comes into her head so her books could be in any genre. She's published fifteen books so far, has been included in five different anthologies and been published on Connie's always on the lookout for a good story idea. Beware, you may be the next one.

She can be found at or on Facebook at: or on Twitter at: @ConnieCockrell or on Amazon at

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Connie Cockrell (conniecockrell) | 12 comments I'm featuring my Brown Rain series book, Kindred Spirits at the top of this page. Kindred Spirits is the third book in the series, with First Encounter and The Downtrodden, the first and second books.

The stories were supposed to be novelettes, but each one has gotten progressively longer that the previous one. Kindred Spirits is novella length, encroaching on the novel range.

The fourth book in the series, Tested, is drafted and waiting it's turn in the queue for editing. I still need to design the cover for it. My website,, has a tab that has all of my books listed and the buy links to a lot of different platforms. All of my books are available as both paperback and ebook. Enjoy.

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Connie Cockrell (conniecockrell) | 12 comments

I have another series written and actually complete at 4 books, the Gulliver Station series. I had a lot of fun writing that series and funny story, I actually started with book 3. I had another plan for the story but when I finished, I loved the space station I had created so much, that I focused on that instead of my original idea. So funny! Here's a blurb from A New Start.

Gulliver Station is brand new and being populated primarily with Old Earth Irish. Fergus Boylan, the Provisional Station Manager, wants to leave the old, corrupt Ireland behind and make station life fair for all of its residents. Conway Gillespie sees a chance to start his own crime family and rule the station like his old boss on Earth. The new residents want a fresh start, free from corruption and violence, that’s why they volunteered to colonize the station. Who will win this tug of wills?

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Connie Cockrell (conniecockrell) | 12 comments
I have fantasy, women's fiction thriller, and cozy mysteries as well. You can find them at in my books and other products. The other products are mugs with my book covers on them, if you'd like to start a collection.

Other links, to social media, can be found at

And, I'm open to speaking engagements. You can see and hear interviews I've done and how to contact me for speaking at There are a few drop down menu pages where you can find everything.

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Connie Cockrell (conniecockrell) | 12 comments

I suppose I should provide my Goodreads Author Page link as well. You can see all of my books there.

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Maddy | 162 comments Your books look so interesting!

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Connie Cockrell (conniecockrell) | 12 comments Maddy wrote: "Your books look so interesting!"

Thank you Maddy. I suppose that's the goal, right? Any questions?

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Connie Cockrell (conniecockrell) | 12 comments Thanks Maddy. Any questions?

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Maddy | 162 comments How did you come up with your book covers? Do they represent something meaningful in the book? Or are they representing a scene in you book? Or none of the above haha.

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Connie Cockrell (conniecockrell) | 12 comments The book covers reflect the story inside, most of the time. The Troubled Streets cover reflects the "Streets". My first Brown Rain cove for First Encounter, was based on a picture of a fountain I saw one day while visiting a friend in the hospital. I didn't have the idea to use it for a cover until a year after the pic was taken. Then when I wrote the story, that fountain picture popped into mind immediately. So the take away is, take pictures!

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Kylie Jude (kyliekerosene) | 46 comments I love that you came up with book 3 for the Gulliver Station series first! How did you go about turning those out-of-order ideas into a linear story? And did you hit any snags on the way?

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Connie Cockrell (conniecockrell) | 12 comments I didn't really hit any snags. After I decided to write about the station, it was a matter of telling the story about how the station got into the mess my character found there in the story I had told. Turned out I made it a generational story and started it with the building of the space station. I ended up writing several short stories set in that world as well, filling in tiny pieces of back story or exploring bits of possibilities. I even did a Ghost story and a Christmas story set in the world.

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Kylie Jude (kyliekerosene) | 46 comments Connie wrote: "I didn't really hit any snags. After I decided to write about the station, it was a matter of telling the story about how the station got into the mess my character found there in the story I had t..."

That sounds awesome! And thanks :)

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