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Kathleen (jerseygirlbookreviews) Pump Up Your Book is proud to be representing Myron Heavin, author of the Apologetic / Christian Theology book, Human Origins And The Bible, as he tours the blogosphere November 14 - December 30.

An engineer takes a scientific approach to the study of human origins, and compares Scripture with the findings of current scientific discoveries and DNA research. Myron Heavin examines differing views on creation and human origins, and what the Bible has to say in Genesis 2-5. From how to read and interpret the Bible, to when Adam and Eve lived, to hominids and Neantherthals, Heavin examines the validity of various creationist viewpoints, always with the supremacy of Scripture in mind. An individual or group Bible study that uses nature and Scripture to answer questions on our origins.

Please add your discussion about this book in the comments below, as well as any links to reviews and book spotlights.

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