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message 1: by Nikki (new)

Nikki (shnikki487) | 1 comments Very interesting ideas! I find it difficult to read in second person, but it is written well.

message 2: by Mona (new)

Mona (readingfrk) | 12 comments So far, there's been an awful lot of worldbuilding and very little action. I haven't seen anything, yet, that would make me want to buy it.

message 3: by Mona (new)

Mona (readingfrk) | 12 comments How do I rate this book? Hmmm...

It meanders, it gives us lots of scenery, it gives us everything but a story. Well, technically, it does, but there doesn't seem to be a point to it.

I found no reason to care about the protagonist (I can't even remember her name) or her life. She's more preoccupied with the ticking in her chest than in the world around her. Based on what I read here, I wouldn't bother reading more.

message 4: by Ilsen (new)

Ilsen Leon I thought I was the only one that didn't seem to like this book very much. Granted, I only read three chapters but it's just so boring. I guess if you care only about the world it would be great. But this book isn't clicking with me. And I really don't like the writing for some reason. I just don't think I could read it. It's a shame because I was excited about this book and they just let me down.

message 5: by Darla Colwell (new)

Darla Colwell | 1 comments I read the first 5 chapters on Epic Reads First 5. Sounds very interesting. I hope I win a copy so I can see how this all turns out.

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