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message 1: by Angel (new)

Angel Dean | 6 comments Mod
How has your reading, identity as a reader, or preferences for reading changed since this unit began? Review your goals you set at the start of the unit and reflect on one or more ways you have grown as a reader.

message 2: by Rawmeal (new)

Rawmeal | 2 comments As a reader i've changed my perspective based on the book that i'm reading. I enjoy non-fiction books so a memoir-based book like Maus is extremely enjoyable to read. I've grown in the area of being able to see the full picture of the theme, in this book it records are being grateful.

message 3: by Vito (new)

Vito Vitos | 2 comments Every book leaves something in his reader, in my experience with this book I've seen how the life of a men is changed by his own decisions and this is something we all should reflect on.

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