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This Modern Love
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THIS MODERN LOVE: a novel of digital sex & romance -- now free for the Kindle

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Ray (rayhecht) Hello, I am a humble Goodreads author who would like to share my latest – THIS MODERN LOVE. It’s a 50,000-word novel (perhaps at that size a mere novella) about lives the lives of four young people over the course of one day in Southern California. The stories primarily concern how new technologies have skewed human relationships, how online dating and apps have both brought people together and further alienated us all.

I would be happy to share the eBook edition with anyone interested. We can swap emails and I can send you the PDF format. My email address is

Also, there is currently a promotion on Amazon for free downloads for the Kindle. Note that the Kindle app is free as well if you don’t already have it:

There is some graphic content in the book so be advised.

American love isn’t what it used to be.

Roommates Jack and Ben are complete opposites when it comes to romance. For Jack, a mere waiter, it’s easy to use to the latest to app meet a new girl every weekend. But Ben, even though he’s a programmer, can’t seem to figure out how to maneuver online dating.

On the other side of town, sisters Andrea and Carla have their own issues. Andrea is a bit of a wreck, stumbling from one dramatic episode to the next. Carla is more concerned with blogging than dating, though she does get lonely at times. In an age of narcissism and alienation, it’s just so hard to meet someone.

Over the course of one day, these thoroughly modern men and women keep passing each other by. From yoga class to the club – all in a haze of drugs, sex, and selfies – opportunities for true love come and go, and no one notices because they were too busy staring at their phones.

Welcome to the 21st century.

Best regards!


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Ray (rayhecht) Please check out the current giveaway promotion for a chance to win a free copy:

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