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Seeking suggestions for fiction in Italian

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Stella Bastone (stella_bastone_in_toronto) Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone in this group can recommend some novels for me to order for my mother. She's in her late 70s and loves to read Italian novels, so I order them periodically from Italy (since I haven't found a North American supplier for Canada).

She really enjoyed "La Signora di Ellis Island" and many other titles whose names now I don't remember, but it seems she likes straightforward narratives on the tame side--no magical realism or stream of consciousness edgy stuff (and I often get it wrong since I'm ordering online without access to excerpts). I realize I'm not giving much insight on her preferences but she's pretty open.

Can anyone in this group recommend any novels that a senior Italian immigrant in Canada might enjoy? Many thanks in advance for any suggestions. Grazie mille.

Maura Malfatto Elia (malfmaura) | 2 comments Mod
Ciao Stella! Thanks for stopping by at the Italian Book Club of Philadelphia. I am not sure if your mom can read in Italian or in English. If she has not read Elena Ferrante (unlikely!) I would recommend it. Other good contemporary fiction writers are Simonetta Agnello Hornby, Francesca Melandri, and Sveva Casati Modigliani just to name some popular women writers that your mom might like.

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