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Gillianne Litvack The story begins with the interaction between a mosquito and an iguana. Immediately the iguana is unamused by the mosquitos lies he had told him, so he covered his ears and went about his day. As the day goes on, he passes by friends but fails to notice them due to the sticks he placed in his ears. When the iguanas friend, the python attempts to talk to iguana and is ignored, he immediately expects the worse and runs into hiding thinking the iguana is plotting something against him. This starts a downfall of overreacting in the jungle, the python scares the rabbit, that scares the crow, that scares the monkey, that kills the owl and then ultimately leaving the owl sad and unresponsive towards the sun to call on the day. The obvious purpose of the book to me, is don’t make assumptions. If everyone stayed calm, and didn’t assume they were in danger, they wouldn’t ultimately have accidently killed one of the owls’ babies. Making assumptions can create issues that weren’t there to begin with, and can be easily avoided using clear and effective communication.

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Cacraig4 A retelling of a traditional West African tale that reveals how the mosquito developed its annoying habit. A mosquito annoyed the iguana, who frightened the python, who scared the rabbit, and now the whole jungle is in an uproar because the sun won't rise. The animals discuss the situation and decide to punish the mosquito. Even today, whenever we hear a mosquito buzz, we smack it.
The opening of the story a West african jungle. is a traditional tale, of why we would swat mosquitos. The characters is  the mosquito that buzzed and annoyed all the other animals involved in the story, the grumpy iguana misunderstood the mosquito, and the lion punished the mosquito by killing him. The plot is why we choose to swat, and kill mosquitos.

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