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Gillianne Litvack In this story, the author and the artist use repetitive onomatopoeia to catch the eye of the audience. This version of a classic Aesop’s fable begins with a little mouse trying to avoid predators after him, while out to look for food for her baby mice. On her journey she runs into and owl, and a lion that almost get a hold of her. Not too long after, the lion that once tried to capture the little mouse gets captured by poacher. Despite being small, weak, and on the bottom of the food chain the mouse immediately jumps to the lions rescue, bites through the rope, and sets the lion free from danger. This story holds a good lesson to be learned on how to not judge a book by its cover, and treat people the way you want to be treated.

Cacraig4 An unfortunate mouse accidentally happens to run into a lion.  In a reversal of fortune, the lion decides to release the mouse without causing any harm.  When hunters later trap the lion with a large net, the mouse returns to offer assistance.  The mouse chews through the net constraining the lion and subsequently frees him from the hunters’ assault. After this encounter, the lion and the mouse gaze at each other with an understanding that friendship can be found in the most unlikely of places.
The theme that this story follows is weak vs. strong, obviously the mouse being the weak one, and the lion being the strong one in this situation. The plot is a reminder that the manner in which we treat others is how we will be treated in return. As we would assume the lion which is the first character would be the one to eat.  One should always be kind to others as you never know when you will require their kindness. The setting is in the jungle. Theme is innocent vs. wise. Lion could have easily eaten the mouse, but instead lets him live. In return the mouse repays the deed. Characters are the lion who is wise, innocent mouse, and motif would be the hunters.

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