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Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World
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November Book: Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World

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Curl up with our November book Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World

Find out about Dewey, a sweet abandoned kitten that adopted a library in Spencer, Iowa. Who doesn't love a good cat story, especially when it really happened?

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Here are some general questions about the book to get a discussion rolling, but as always, feel free to pose your own questions and share your thoughts! The goal of this group is to have fun conversations about enjoyable books!

1. What do you think of Dewey Readmore Books? Was he a special cat because of his personality, his circumstances, or both?

2. What was your favorite Dewey story? Did his habits remind you of cats you have known or owned?

3. Why do you think Dewey became so famous? How do you think his story would change with social media, etc if he had been found in the same situation today?

4. How much of an impact do you think Dewey had on Spencer? Do you believe he affected the town? If so, how?

5. Some people think Vicki Myron should not have included so many details of her life in the book. Explain why you agree/disagree.

Angie Gentile-Jordan | 1 comments 1. I thought Dewey Readmore Books sounded adorable! He was definitely a character, and his personality seems to have been a perfect fit for the library. He reminds me of my cat, just friendlier.

2. I loved hearing about Dewey interacting with the young kids, and how patient he was with them. I was also pretty grossed out by the description of his favorite meals in his later years - Arby's and Hardee's, but glad it helped his digestive issues!

5. I didn't mind hearing about Vicki Myron's life details, since she usually discussed how Dewey fit into whatever issue she was going through. However, I would have appreciated less of the idealization of small-town life in rural Iowa. The descriptions of Spencer seemed to drag on quite a bit.

I enjoyed this book! I liked hearing about how people came from such great distances to see this library cat, even from Japan!!

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