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Was there a lesson that could be taken away from Martin's life? What was it and why is it important to you?

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Marykate | 21 comments .

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I think one of the lessons taken from his life is to not give up hope. Things could change and turn around for you in an instant and set you on a new path. This is important in my own life because living with bipolar disorder makes you want to just give up sometimes when it gets too difficult, but then I can remember stories like Martin's and hold on to a little bit of hope that things will soon be different. You just have to help change along a little bit.

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Marykate | 21 comments I think this book had many lessons. Not giving up, the gift of communication, hope. The practical lesson I will take away from this book is how I interact with disabled people. Subconsciously when I meet someone with a severe disability such as Martins I almost assume the disability transfers to him cognitively as well and without realizing treat them slightly different. This story will always now be in the forefront and I will no longer alter my actions from my own skewed assumptions.

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