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2016 - ARCHIVED > Golden Fool - Chapters 21-25

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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 52 comments If the Fool's goal is to free Icefyre then I guess the reason why the Narcheska told Dutiful to behead him is because the other White Prophet told her to. I am also relly interested to see what's up with those dragon and serpent tattoos.

Web might be one of my new favourite characters. He is just so lovable and I'm pretty sure he will be one of the reasons why the Old Blood and ordinary people start understanding each other.

Jenna annoys me more than annything else in this book so far (except maybe Chade). i hate it whe people are shortsighted and ignorant just because they are to stupd to understand.

My favourite scene in this book so far was probably Fitz's and Dutiful's talk. It was so heartwarming.

message 2: by John (last edited Nov 01, 2016 09:02PM) (new)

John | 219 comments Sarah wrote: "If the Fool's goal is to free Icefyre then I guess the reason why the Narcheska told Dutiful to behead him is because the other White Prophet told her to. I am also relly interested to see what's u..."

Web certainly has spectacularly well developed social and public relations skills for a guy who lives by himself and spends all his time with a sea gull!

message 3: by John (last edited Nov 01, 2016 09:01PM) (new)

John | 219 comments Chade's explanation for leaving Fitz in the municipal jail for so long and without proper medical treatment is as lame as you might expect, but Fitz, who was just furious at the beginning of the conversation, is too drained from the Skill-healing session to do anything other than agree with him at the end.

This is a pattern for Chade in persuading Fitz about his point of view: Look how he deals with Fitz in his disoriented state of mind at the beginning of AQ; or how manipulative he was with Fitz in the middle of the massive Skill-related headaches Fitz sustained while searching for Dutiful in Fool's Errand. He knows that Fitz is very suggestible in those situations, and that's when he would prefer to engage him.

Fitz has guessed that it is more likely that Lady Bresinga was poisoned by Chade's agent inside her house and was not a suicide as Civil has been led to believe( especially as other guests were involved, and the poison was introduced into the food, a broad and indiscriminate method not unlike Fitz's poisoning of Regal's troops who had taken him prisoner in AQ, which also tragically included a boy who was not an intended victim).

If that is indeed the case, then you could causally link this poisoning by Chade's order to Civil going to confront Laudwine, then to Fitz trying to save Civil, to Fitz almost dying in a jail cell; a circumstance where Chade's assassin-minded methods have boomeranged and nearly gotten one of his own killed. Civil has been spared for the time being because of his friendship with Dutiful, but if he ever puts two and two together about the Farseer's role in his mother's death, Chade's machinations may have ultimately created a new threat in the future.

Chade has also been Skill healing himself, so I now think he is likely going to survive this trilogy, but apparently Skill-healing can't do anything about making him any younger than he is now, so he is still an old man( And how old is he? He must have been at least fifty when Fitz was about ten, and Fitz is around thirty-five now; so he is about seventy-five? Eighty?). Plus he has been drawing upon Thick's superior strength in the Skill to do this, which frankly is uncomfortably similar to the unethical practice of using the Wit to occupy your Wit-animal's body to save yourself.

The Prince starts dropping hints about the time he spent with Lady Patience, and it dawns on Fitz that Dutiful is trying to get him to own up and reveal himself as Fitz; but in fact, Kettricken had told all to him, and now Dutiful has a new found respect for Fitz that helps repair the rift that had been between them over the Skill-imprinting issue that had come between them. But Fitz still needs to keep his identity secret, for it is still something they don't want to make public, as his Wittedness had already been linked to him years earlier, and they can't yet reveal that any part of the royal household is Witted at this sensitive juncture of relations with the Old Bloods and the dukes of the Six Duchies.

I wasn't very happy with the handling of Jinna's last meeting with Fitz, as it just flies in the face of common sense to have her character completely do an about face, and suddenly become an Anti-Wit bigot, after being very open-minded and tolerant about the issue over these two books. She wasn't a witness to the Laudwine triple-killing, and she has shown herself to be too level-headed to allow unfounded public rumors and prejudices to sway her sensibilities. And if she had really believed her mother's superstitious beliefs about the Witted to begin with, she certainly wouldn't have let someone who is filthily unhuman or who she thought had depraved beastly unwholesomeness about them to share her bed on multiple occasions, all the while knowing that Tom was Witted. This is completely inconsistent with her previous characterization, and it really doesn't make any sense!

Kettricken shocks everyone by making Dutiful her "Sacrifice" as a hostage for the Old Blood meeting, not telling Chade beforehand ( at least in part because of her displeasure at Chade's handling of Fitz's delayed extraction from jail, but also she is becoming tired of Chades underhanded and manipulative ways); she even decides not to tell Dutiful because she fears Chade will learn of this and talk him out of it. Chade confronts her about this later, but the narrative has her come out a winner in that debate( and actually, it was nice to see Chade get his comeuppance); however, Chade's probably right here( I don't mean to be equivocal about his secretive and ruthless ways, but he probably has done more good things than bad in restraining Kettricken and Dutiful's natural impulsiveness, as they are prone to bold grandiose actions ( like the Prince's acceptance of the Icefyre challenge, or Kettricken's intiative in creating this Old Blood's meeting) that Chade's scheming propensities can often anticipate potential problems about, and discern critically as to possible alternative scenarios that the Queen and Prince don't often pause to consider.

Although a complete triumph at this meeting could make Dutiful safe from Piebald threats in the future, putting him in harm's way from the start is lunacy! The Old-Bloods are a loose organization of people with common interests, but they don't act with one mind; there are probably some Piebalds in their ranks, who are more interested in power than peace, and it might make the Prince subject to an assassination attempt by a maverick Piebald while in Old Blood custody; and if the meeting doesn't end well, it may be the case that the Prince could be held hostage in perpetuity to ransom the demands that his captors want met. And if Dutiful is not returned safe and sound, besides her own grief, Kettricken has no heir to the Farseer throne (but for the unknowing Nettle, and her Witted father, Fitz, who might not be acceptable to the dukes of the duchies), and the entire Farseers dynasty may collapse. This was not very well thought out by her Highness!

message 4: by Abner (new)

Abner | 90 comments There is a lot happening here.
I really do think Civil's mom was poisoned by Chade, so he would rebel against Laudwyne and lead them to him, I don't think he expected for Fitz to get involved in this, as Starling told him she expected to find Laudwyne before Fitz did.

I really do enjoy the Skilling Drills and how they are forming a stronger bond between all of them. Except the Fool is not present and I miss him, after all the book is called the Golden Fool, I suspect we will see a LOT of him in the next book, which I already I'm exited about.

I really would like to know if Narcheska is playing for the Pale Woman, because as I see it, there's a Dragon on that mountain, it's either a dragon cocoon (wizardwood log) or a trapped dragon much like the serpent was trapped in the cave by the others, which was rescued by Wintrow.

As for the negotiations, I think they will go slow but well, since most of the Old Blood folk just want and end to this and for people to see them as normal, some will want revenge for the killings as always but we will see what happens.

message 5: by John (last edited Nov 10, 2016 11:23PM) (new)

John | 219 comments Abner wrote: "There is a lot happening here.
I really do think Civil's mom was poisoned by Chade, so he would rebel against Laudwyne and lead them to him, I don't think he expected for Fitz to get involved in th..."


Sometimes the coterie seems like a real life public school class: You've got the class egghead (Dutiful, who's smarter than Fitz, his teacher); the teacher's pet, Thick; and the "dumb" kid, Chade, who has the least ability to Skill, and probably needs to take Remedial Skilling, or get Fitz to tutor him; and the Fool, the class clown, who's always cutting school. If they add Nettle, she could be class sweetheart!

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Abner | 90 comments John wrote: "Abner wrote: "There is a lot happening here.
I really do think Civil's mom was poisoned by Chade, so he would rebel against Laudwyne and lead them to him, I don't think he expected for Fitz to get ..."

hahahha this is so true!

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