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2016 - ARCHIVED > Golden Fool - Chapters 6-11

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Abner | 90 comments Ohhh rosemary how I still hate the bitch but o well. Now Fitz is facing the hardships of being a father also, I like that we know the fool is receiving letters from Althea and Paragon but Fitz hasn't found out yet. It gives you that feeling of I know what this is but the main character hasn't realized it yet, and it's wonderful.

This books (for now) seems more about Fitz and how he is trying to rebuild his life as normal as he can but he will never escape court dealings and also I think he likes it even if he doesn't admit it.

Just by the title of chapter 11 you know it's gonna be epic, Fitz describes their jewelry and we see they are wearing the jewels that shine with magic.

I'm guessing the tattooed girl is Jek?

What is this sauron offerimg the rings of power to the kings of men hahahaha, I couldn't help to think of this when Selden presented the jewels.

Dam you Selden always screwing things up!!

These chapters bring back my old suspicions that the next wit partner that Fitz will have will be a dragon. Because Fitz is in the unique position that he has the skill or dragon magic and the wit, both strong.

Although I suspect all the magic in the world descends from dragon magic.

message 2: by John (last edited Oct 25, 2016 08:26AM) (new)

John | 219 comments Abner wrote: Now Fitz is facing the hardships of being a father also, I like that we know the fool is receiving letters from Althea and Paragon but Fitz hasn..."

I can see where Tintaglia ( the only dragon flying around currently) is probably too arrogant and feels too superior to human beings to want to debase herself with being in a Wit-bond with one of them; however if you could ever find one temperamentally suitable in the future, it would just be so freaking awesome! And like you said, there is nobody better than Fitz, who has both the Skill and the Wit, with whom a dragon could form a Wit-bond.

Please let it happen!

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John | 219 comments Lord Golden cleverly criticizes Tom "behind his back" to give Fitz some operating room when he needs to be absent to do spy work. It also helps create a three dimensional persona for people to perceive him as a believably fussy and overly privileged Jamaillian nobleman( probably modeled on observing Regal when he was the fool years earlier), and also giving him an excuse to hire others to do Tom's work so Fitz's real duties don't detract from Golden's maintenance of his image among the keep's denizens.

Laurel reports to Fitz about the threats she and Fitz are receiving, and later suffers a real tragedy when her horse is murdered by an Piebald operative inside Buckkeep, which shows the Piebalds are still actively trying to intimidate the Farseers in sort of an indirect way, while showing they are capable of getting at the Queen or the Prince if they so chose. Laurel is really shaken up by all this, but she doesn't seem to be interested in getting close enough to Fitz to form a stronger relationship, maybe because she saw him at his worst, savagely beating her cousin almost to death.

In the back of my mind, I have thought that it might be possible for Fitz to become Kettricken's unofficial ( and maybe secret) consort, but I'm not really sure about her marital status. Is she to be considered effectively a widow, or is Verity's residence in a stone dragon a type of limbo that yet makes him still married to her?

JInna, who he finally consummates his lustful attentions toward, would seem to be a good fit, but for him being a King's man and therefore possibly subjecting Jinna to the kind of threats and risks that he operates under( the same problem he had while seeing Molly). I think that's why he is wary of getting too emotionally involved with her, and not so much like he thinks, that he doesn't want to set a bad example for Hap (after all, he had a similar intimate relationship with Starling back at his rural home, that Hap certainly knew about, and that he wasn't so neurotically conflicted about in part because he wasn't at that time still a King's man and was at a remove from court intrigues that might jeopardize not only himself but his intimate others and family).

Fitz and Dutiful finally get around to having their first Skilling lesson, and it almost gets them both killed! Fitz realizes that because of his spotty (and Galen-sabotaged) training, that he himself has severe limitations and competency as a Skillmaster, even as he notes that the Prince's gifts with the Skill ( which he could only guess at earlier), are so prodigious and powerful that it is obvious to him that Dutiful will soon surpass Fitz's strength with the Skill, if Dutiful can just carefully learn to control it.

This is not so much the case with Chade, who admits to a lifelong envy and frustration that he did not receive training in the Skill when he was younger, and is now trying to master it before his age and infirmities catch up to him. He considers the magic his birthright as a Farseer, and knows from Fitz that Kettle was able to live to be 200-300 years because of the Skill's power to repair her body. Fitz is clearly worried that Chade's ambitions and perhaps addled recklessness will endanger himself and others; and then it gets worse.

Thick reveals that he has been able to receive Skill dreams transmissions from Nettle, which means Nettle has the Skill. Chade immediately recommends to Fitz that they should bring her to Buckkeep to train her, but Fitz, as before, knows that it might bring disruption and chaos to her family if Molly and Burrich find out Fitz is still alive, and Nettle finds out he is her father. Knowing that Fitz will want to avoid this at all costs, Chade manipulates Fitz (effectively blackmailing him, in a way that Fitz seems incapable of blaming him for) into also training Thick to use the Skill.

What a bizarre coterie this is shaping up to be!

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