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Golden Fool (Tawny Man, #2)
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2016 - ARCHIVED > Golden Fool - Chapters 1-5

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Abner | 90 comments Finally yay!! (I was waiting for this for weeks but didn't want to pester you again on twitter, I know life is hectic so I'll happily wait :D)

I'm intrigued by who's Chade's new apprentice but I'm sure the hunts woman, I feel that Chade would have his new apprentice close to the Queen just as he had Fitz close to he King on some occasions. Also it seemed convenient to send her with Fitz and the Fool on the rescue mission. But I'm most likely wrong XD.

Also it's so clear that the Islanders are skilled since the first trilogy since their leader was trying to wake his own stone dragon with memories of the people he captured and forged so clearly the servant is being controlled by someone, most likely Elliania's mom, why she is not in court I have no clue.

Also if there are people with strong skill still why Fits can't detect any of them, except Thick when he launches a strong attack against him. Also makes you question Thicks lineage.

The most burning question I have is, why on earth Fitz still has skill even after drinking boatload of elf bark tea!?!?!?

From the beginning of the book we know that Fitz and Thick are together apparently when he went back to the cottage now we don't know how much time has passed between that and the beginning of the book but that lets us know already that thick is going to be a huge character from now on (hopefully).

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John | 219 comments The book starts off reminding us how natural it is for Fitz to isolate himself and suffer in silence as he mourns the passing of Nighteyes, which the Fool would have him realize might be made better if Fitz would open up and allow someone to share the burden with himself.

At least Prince Dutiful is proving to be a more agreeable person for Fitz to deal with; originally, he seemed very petulant and immature during most of Fool's Errand, sort of like the Joffrey character from Game of Thrones; his normal base temperament and personality now free of the bewitchment of Peladine, shows him to be a more responsible and earnest person than one might have guessed previously( although you have to wonder how much of his improved disposition is due to his being Skill imprinted by Fitz to make him less obstinate to Fitz's advice and admonitions).

Fitz receives a threat from a group of Piebalds and Wit-animals he encounters on the street, signifying that the Piebalds are intent on pressing their advantage and exploiting their knowledge about both Fitz's and Dutiful's Wittedness in order to further their political agenda.

It seems that the attraction of the Piebald's terrorist organization to especially the Old Blood youth may have come about because of the relative ineffectiveness of Old Blood ways in coping with the widespread prejudices and political hostility of Six Duchies society. I had thought at one time that it might be possible for the Old Bloods to rally themselves with their Wit capabilities to become an effective military rival to those that would oppress them, and even perhaps challenge the Skill as a superior weapon in combat situations, and even achieve political autonomy at the expense of the Farseers and the prevailing royal status quo in the respective Duchies. But I now think that the nature of the Wit works against this ever happening.

Practitioners of the Wit tend to be scattered about, as associating with their Wit-animals encourages less social acclimation with people and human activity, and it may prove too difficult for them to assemble in large enough numbers to become an effective fighting force. Choices of animals to bond with also mitigates against formations of armies; it is one thing to have a "military grade" Wit-animal like Nighteyes or Laudwine's war horse, and quite another to be bonded to a goose, an owl or a ferret( unless you are confronted with a sleeping Regal Hahaha!), that would probably not coordinate very well in the field.

Also, asking one's Wit-bond to fight for a human political cause seems at odds with the Old Blood ethic for Wit-bonds to have a sense of separation, and to maintain parity with each other; and so most animals probably would not assent to be used in this way( however, I think that Fitz and Nighteyes avoid violation of this ethic in their participation in Farseer-related battles, because Nighteyes is there to have Fitz's back as Fitz would have his if he were in trouble; and if Fitz were killed in battle, Nighteyes would no longer feel obligated to fight for other Farseers troops on their behalf, and would likely withdraw).

Fitz meets Chade's helper Thick, who is mentally challenged, but also extraordinarily gifted with the Skill, which leads to a debate between Fitz and Chade as to whether Thick should be trained in the use of his Skill powers. I tend to agree with Fitz here that to develop Thick's Skill talents given Thick's wildly emotional and often hostile impulses, would make him a dangerous and unpredictable Skilling partner. Chade, of course, suggests that if they don't try to train him toward Farseer objectives, that perhaps they should preemptively kill him so he can't have his Skill capabilities turned against them (I hate how Chade's paranoid, Machiavellian thinking works, seemingly always going to the darkest, violent considerations of how to handle a problematic person. I just don't ever feel comfortable with his pathologically secretive and amoral turn of mind).

Chade also apparently had no problem suggesting to Kettricken several years earlier that they kill Rosemary ( who they believe cooperated with Regal in spying against Kettricken and possibly engaging in assassin-type activities as well), even though she was still a child. But Kettricken feels somewhat responsible for Rosemary's waywardness because of what she perceives are her own failings in nurturing their relationship; and that an impressionable seven year-old shouldn't be held as accountable for her actions as an adult might, as she is unlikely to fully appreciate the consequences of her offenses( which are being artfully manipulated by Regal).

So Rosemary's life is spared, and perhaps to make the best of the situation, Chade may have found a fresh purpose to take advantage of Rosemary's youthful train-ability and her previous nefarious experience. I don't think it's an accident that Robin Hobb has Fitz see Chade and the now grown-up Rosemary dancing together at the Outislander betrothal meeting; that could be a wink and a nod to the reader that Rosemary may be the new assassin's apprentice!

Sarah | 52 comments It's just the beginning of the book and there's already so much to think about.
First of all, I think Chade's new apprentice might be Rosemary. Regal had kind of already started training her so I don't think that's to farfetched.

The Outislanders seem really intriguing. Either someone has the Skill and that's how this"Lady"can control the servant or maybe it's somehow a form of the Wit. Wasn't this other "wrong" white Prophet a woman? maybe she's the one behind this. She was at least seen with the Outislanders during the Red Ship War.

I love Fitz' and Kettricken's relationship and it's wonderful to see what a good queen she has become, even though it's obvious that she's stull not comfortable with everything about being queen.

I like Dutiful more and more and I am just hoping so much that he won't go and do something stupid.

It seems like it's only a matter of time until Nettle and Fitz meet. I'm definitely looking forward to that, even though it will most likely mean that we will have to deal with Molky again and I still don't like her.

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John | 219 comments Sarah wrote: "It's just the beginning of the book and there's already so much to think about.
First of all, I think Chade's new apprentice might be Rosemary. Regal had kind of already started training her so I ..."

Kettricken seems particularly uncomfortable with some of the less savory aspects of statesmanship and diplomacy that Chade seems born to do( she is pretty good at influencing Fitz to agree to things that he was dead set against).

Oh, Dutiful! He's only 14 or 15, and he is the biological son of Fitz! Surely he will do something impulsive and poorly thought out with those bloodlines!

The other question about Fitz and Nettle and when they meet each other face to face, is will Nettle even know Fitz is her father by that time, or will he have to introduce himself as Tom in order to protect her!

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