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⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments i'm here!

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) | 244 comments yay! not sure if Ivydance is on but Dorsey and I want to hear what you had in mind for this dystopian setting

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments Alright so what i was thinking was like, similar to some walking dead scenery. Where we have to survive and try and find a place of refuge, find other survivors. or maybe even a world where the governments have completely taken over and we have to try and escape , all while trying to fight an internal virus that's killing some people but giving others unique abilities.

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments that's a hard one...
i think starting from beginning might be more interesting. seeing our characters change throughout, as their world as they know it changes.

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments Yea i was thinking something like that. where something wipes out most population. but everyone's having their own strange reaction to it. some even resulting in zombification? so zombies could still be included.
The meteor idea is great.
Perhaps those who are able to control their virus to an extent, everytime they use it it increases the virus's control over them? possibly leading to death or zombification. The government has issued a counter virus called S.T.E.M, to decrease the exposure time of the infection inside us. But it is only sold in 8pz vials And the only way to get it is by buying it. but currency is extremely hard to come by.

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments yea this sounds cool so far. wish ivy was on. mariah where you at??

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Ivydance | 43 comments Sorry about that! Video games be distracting, hehe. Before I knew it a good three and a half hours had gone by. Jumped on to check messages before I passed out (to my understanding, Mariah said you guys were two hours behind me, so it's about midnight here) and found the link, and this conversation!

As far as the ideas go, it all sounds fine to me! I'm not a zombie (or Walking Dead) person - they just don't make logical sense to me lol - but I'll do what I can to fit in! Love the government involvement part though, and the virus deal.

To Mariah: I'm off to bed, so I'll be responding tomorrow!

To all: Nighty night, I'll check this thread in the morning. :)

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) | 244 comments I'm always down for people with supernatural/superhuman abilities :D corrupt government is always fun too. but yes, I like the combination of zombies and strange abilities. how should we go about the "genesis" of it all?

Ivy: okie, sounds good :)

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments that's a good idea. i agree. i'm thinking my character is a full time college student, and with the outbreak he's seeing it first hand. Military raiding campus to control the situation

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) | 244 comments not sure what my charrie's background will be like but I can assure you it'll be a female. all but one of my RPs right now have me playing a guy lol mariah needs a break! xD

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments lol do female!!

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments nope don't care

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Ivydance | 43 comments I don't care either, but I plan on a male character. :)

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) | 244 comments awesome! should we have a basic character sheet? I figure we don't need to do anything super detailed, as things change throughout the RP and personalities can be revealed and developed later on :)

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments we should stick to basic and let the rp reveal more detail

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) | 244 comments cool beans, how does this sound? nothing too complicated!


⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments Sounds good

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⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments Name: Zachariah Thatcher

Age: 20

Appearance: Zachariah presents himself as humble, wholesome even. Not only does his presence resonate this, but the overall aspect of his image supports this warming demeanor.
His build is slim, but not too skinny. With evenly tanned skin tone, as if a light olive. His hair short to ear length, dark, and usually slicked back. Only subtle streaks of brown graze the end-hairs of his sleek style.

His height is average, about 5'10. Well at least that's what is considered average in his family.
Though the thoughts of some consists of him being of mysterious undertone, he is quite open about himself. Which leads him to be less intimidating than he may appear to be. His seductive brown optics may sway with a glance, accompanied with naturally lengthy eyelashes. Others deem him to be classified "Pretty boy", just due to this small feminine quality.


History: Growing up, Zachariah felt a tightly gripped connection to his family and ancestors. Being of Sioux Indian origin , he had difficulty adjusting to public society due to the division of race. Ironically, where he lived wasn't very welcoming to Native Americans.

His family raised him traditionally. He knew all of the sacred dances, the ancient tales, and the habits of his culture. Through high school it then became apparent to him the reality of the way people were overall, they befriend you and appear interested in your background, until they get what they want. Zach grew distant from cliques, groups, friends in general. He longed for that void he's been searching for ever since childhood.

Currently a full time college student in the state of New Jersey, he applies much of what he's learned about the diligence of his people to his work ethic.
But everything drastically changed the instant the meteor arrived. Being on a class trip for his internship, he quickly was caught in the midst of the horror..

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) | 244 comments ((although it took forever and a half... i'm nearly done with my charrie lol))

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mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) | 244 comments Name: Gisele Callahan

Age: 25

Appearance: Dark brunette locks fall just inches below her shoulders and she’s never in her life grown it out longer. Standing at 5’8”, Gisele has a slender build with only slight muscle due to her inconsistent gym and yoga routine. Her pale but warm skin has left her with few options when it comes to makeup, so it’s usually the same look every day: drugstore mascara and blush. Her somewhat prominent nose is the complete opposite of her adopted parents’ ski slopes, a blessing in her opinion.


History: Gisele was given up by her birth parents before she was even a week old. A middle-aged couple that had been trying for too long to have children took her in almost immediately, and years later, another girl named Zoe. Neither of them formed very close relationships with their parents, instead finding solace in each other.

Gisele’s mother and father lived by more conservative and hedonistic ideals, picking apart every choice she made and drilling the importance of her future in her head. If she wasn’t first, then she was last. If she wasn’t early, she was late. If she hesitated, she’d be overlooked. If she was anything other than the best, she was a complete failure. Gisele was put through every extracurricular activity, program, and club that existed throughout school… and hated every minute of it. Zoe was forced to follow in the same footsteps, though she exerted more resistance than Gisele had enough guts to do, resulting in some violently heated arguments under their roof.

Despite the pressure of being what her parents pictured, Gisele took matters into her own hands, finding passion in things that Mum and Dad would have screamed over. Not only does she have the desire to prove them wrong about herself and Zoe, but she also longs to see a revolution in the way the world currently works. That was something her parents had never understood; apparently she had to be very successful, just not enough to make a real change.

While her sister attends university on the east coast, living with her in their apartment, Gisele works part-time as a waitress and full-time as an assistant at a law firm. Minutes before the meteor hit, she’d been out running an errand (aka fetching her boss’s newly tailored suit from down the street).

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) | 244 comments The world is ending. The world is coming to an end. The world is ending.

Having never before experienced any kind of natural disaster, these were the thoughts that resonated in Gisele's head as she blinked rapidly, willing her eyesight to readjust. A baby blue sky painted with grayish-white streaks shifted into focus as the ringing in her ears faded, quickly replaced with frantic cries and screaming. Pulling herself up by grabbing on to the streetlight nearby, she fought to make sense of what had happened in the last few minutes.

Too expensive. That was what she'd been grumbling about after leaving the dry cleaners with the heavy black garment bag in arm. She was never going to understand Mr. Leroy's mild obsession with having his suits professionally tailored and cleaned bi-weekly... Then there had been a heavy jolt in the pavement, throwing her off balance and causing her to reach for a passing elderly woman, who very much disliked the unwelcoming touch.

Another jerk. Before Gisele had time to even fathom the possibility of an earthquake (something she had hoped she could go her entire life without experiencing), the ground was no longer flat and steady; rather, it seemed that the entire earth had begun shuddering beneath their feet. Fueled by a surge of panic, her bolt for safety had been cut short when the pointed toe of her heel caught in a wide crack in the ground.

And now chaos. All around her, citizens were running in every direction, cries escaping from their panic-stricken faces. The street, which had already been busy with daytime traffic, was clogged with vehicles, the incessant honking barely enough to drown out the chorus of screams. Looking beyond, Gisele could make out the aftermath of disasters she'd only seen in videos and on the news... Buildings were crumbling, their internal skeletons too weak to have handled the strikes they'd taken. Flames somewhere down the street, a man shouting for help.

Head pounding, mouth dry, she looked down at the garment bag at her feet and reached to peek inside. Funnily, there was at least one thing she didn't have to worry about, and that was the still-pristine condition of her boss's clothing.

The vague observation disappeared immediately as thoughts of Zoe settled in, spiking a new wave of fear. The bag hit the concrete as she took off, abandoned in the same way that the city's day-to-day life had been replaced by the animalistic instinct to survive.

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⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments Debris discharged within the vicinity. "IT'S SLIPPING.. MY HAND IS SLIPPING!!" Yelped a man who was currently dangling helplessly about fourty-three feet high from an unstable structure. His body billowing against rushed wind along the outside of the Merril Lynch Building, the second tallest building in the state of New Jersey. What once was an iconic sight, is now within an instant almost desolated, ravaged by a shockwave of heavenly impact. The entire city was, in fact leveled. Impaired by a force which devastated what looked to be anything within average line of sight.

A series of aircraft boomed with sound through thick smoke above. It was a prevalent smog birthed from the destruction, that clouded any blue sky. "Hold on... Keep grip on my hand!" Commanded Zachariah. He was previously passed out under a post until screaming woke him up. After grabbing the man's hand he utilized every ounce of strength in his being, to successfully yank this stranger destined for a fall, upward from his death sentence. The unknown man collided onto Zach with a plump and a semi-roll, safely into what was left of the room let alone the building. They were located in the Department of Environmental Projection. An area in the building that was previously hosting an event for Zachariah's intern field trip. Previously however, before whatever just happened, happened.

"Thank you... Thank you so much.." The man panted between wording, in his green eyes and facial features Zach could identify sincerity. He gave a frigid nod in response, he wanted to speak but he was too shooken up. His adrenaline still risen, he couldn't even feel the pain of the puncture wound on his lower left thigh. Bleeding from whatever debris caught ahold of him during the blast, he held a filthy hand upon it. "We have to get out of here.. You work here right?? You know the way??" He finally mustered up a voice, frantically glancing around after gazing at the gaping blown hole in the wall overlooking the chaotic status of the city.
The man turned to respond. "Yes.. I'm one of the key carriers for the building. By the way.. Didn't you arrive here with a few other students? Where did they disappear to??"
Zach didn't have a definite answer, and he knew they most likely were across the hall somewhere. Before the disaster, he had to use the men's room so he drifted away from his group to do so. When he arrived back to the room they were already gone, nothing but him and this man occupied the space. Then... That's when it happened, within a split second.

"No time.. Let's go." Zach began to head straight for the door that was half there, kicking what's left out of the way. The man, in fear, followed him without question or hesitation. He supposed that they were stuck together for now. Sirens could be heard as military forces raided lower levels of the building. Through the empty hallways there was no life... Bodies on top of bodies, some mangled and some dismembered as they both witnessed the aftermath of the destruction.

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mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) | 244 comments If Gisele's feet were complaining about running in heels, she surely didn't feel it. Adrenaline pumped through her veins--or was it panic?--as she hurtled through the sea of panicked civilians, making last second dodges and, sometimes, pushes. There was less of a concern for whatever catastrophe had just struck the city than there was fear that her sister was harmed or worse... and she had to find her.

Approaching an intersection where traffic had become a conglomerate of honks and crunched metal, she knew she had to catch her breath. Chest heaving as her lungs fought for air, she leaned against the stoplight and fumbled for her phone. The moment it met her ear, there was a dial tone, and a firm "Shit!" hissed between her teeth. But no... she had to be okay, Zoe had to be okay.

But she wasn't on campus, Gisele recalled. Her sister had some kind of field trip for class today and if she could remember where it was... Pushing off from the stoplight, her eyes darted around the streets as she formulated the quickest way to get there. Right now, she stood in the middle of a popular business park and the law firm was one of many offices. If she was right, Zoe couldn't be far.

Though she hadn't noticed before, it appeared that the military was flooding in to the city. Blades whirred above and armored vehicles skidded to halts at nearly every corner, giving the civilians another reason to believe something incredibly terrifying was happening. A terrorist attack, maybe? She didn't give it too much thought as she ran once again, determined to find Zoe.

A few blocks later, Gisele's ankles were aching and her lungs burned. It was like her last several months of inconsistent gym visits had evaporated. But the physical pain was soon replaced with a new wash of fear as her eyes took in the building that her sister was supposed to be in. Judging by the shattered glass and military soldiers scattered about, it had taken considerable damage.

Without hesitation, she made a beeline for the first soldier that was standing nearest to her at the barricade. Another woman was there and appeared to be speaking to him, but that didn't matter to Gisele. "What's going on in there? Have people made it out?" she asked, eyes wide with worry. "My sister is in there! You have to let me in, please, I don't know if she's okay!" She stepped closer to him, and then again to the side as if to attempt squeezing by.

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments "If there is anyone in this area we are urging you to come out, with hands up and out of the way!"
One of the unit leaders shouted with a quite firm tone of voice via megaphone. "This is for your safety. I repeat, anyone in this area needs to come out with hands ABOVE your head! This is a state of emergency! Regrouping is downstairs outside the building."
The unit leader of this particular alpha squad repeated himself over again, about the same agenda. Talking of the safety of the people, and quarantine protocol. Zachariah and his accomplice stayed quiet, hiding from the militarized men. They heeded no warning and disobeyed instruction that sounded throughout each hallway.

A stiff hand extended out to gesture the stranger to halt movement. Zachariah held his back against the wall on their left, the hallway ended into a merge of another. There was no illumination, darkness surrounded them as only bits of light poked through cracks and broken wall. Yet they remained in whatever shadow they could find. Two occupants began running down the hall they merged with, with hands above and nervous faces. It seems as though they weren't students from Zachariah's class but actual people from another means of presence perhaps hopelessly trapped in this maze.
As the two screaming individuals ran straight forth toward salvation, they quickly realized what they had done.
"HALT! Stop right there, both of you on your knees with fingers locked above your head!!"
Four body-armored alpha members aimed very high calibered riflery towards the escapees. Both in which were women.
"Ahh!! Please, please help us! What is going on? Where is the way out?"
One of them cried as they bowed to their knees.
"QUIET!! Are there any more with you? Are any of you sick? Let me see your faces."
As Zachariah and his friend squatted down the hall out of sight they listened in on the whole deal. Zach whispered, "That's odd, why are they asking if they are sick?" He looked back to the man with this question. The stranger shrugged and continued to listen to the altercation.

"Um.. Um.. No we are both fine.. Please, what is going on? Get us out of here!"
One of the women answered the commander. A bright flashlight was held before them by an alpha member. The SWAT commander analyzed them both with a device that scanned their entire embodiment. This seemed to be technology that was highly advanced. The device gave feedback about the status of their anatomy. "What's that around your neck?"
The commander responded. Referring to a ring of pulsing skin around the neck of the woman on the left. It was an infection, spreading from her neck down to her arm.
"I.. I don't know perhaps i was burned during the destruction.."
She hesitated to answer.
The commander looked back at the device, then to the woman, then to the device. He gave a signal with his fingers as as he did so, the rest of the team began to cock their weapons and aim straight forward to both the women.
"Code 6."
The commander said, as they began firing.
Bullets blasting the hallway as they executed both of the escapees where they sat. The blasts from their rifles illuminated the entire area with light. Blood splattering sporadically upon impact as the now dead females were blown backwards.

The altercation was loud, surely heard throughout the building or even outside.
Zach and his follower stayed hidden as the swat team moved forward quickly down the hall to find more survivors.
As they passed, Zach grabbed his friend and sneakily maneuvered down to the foyer area. They took the stairs all the way down to the second floor.
"Hey.." The man panted as he stopped, attempting to catch his breath. "I never got what your name was?"
He looked to Zach with sweaty eyebrows.
"Zachariah. And yours?"
Zach didn't make eye contact, he was too busy peeking around the corner and watching out for government officials. "Tyler..." Finally a name was revealed, as Tyler bent down and tried to catch a bit of rest. "Look man what's going on? Why do you think they killed those women??" He seemed restless, wanting answers that Zach wasn't capable of giving.
"I don't know.. but whatever it is, we need to stay out of sight.." He answered then left toward an office door. "Hey wait up!!"
Tyler ran after him then quickly realized why Zach targeted the office. There was movement inside.
"Did you see that?" Zach whispered as he squatted below the window next to the door. Tyler did the same and nodded.
"Yea.. something moved beyond the desk in there. You think someone's hiding in there?" He whispered back.
Zach slowly moved his hand to open the door slightly, crawling inside the office with Tyler.
"Who's there?"
Tyler whispered out. Noticing a female individual who crouched next to a desk in fear.

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mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) | 244 comments Handling the situation? Gisele's gaze flickered among the rubble and debris, and then over the surrounding citizens still crying for help and rushing to safety. They call this "handling the situation"?!

Her protest was cut off by loud pops of gunfire and, frozen by confusion, she was yanked backwards as shards of glass rained from the sky. She barely had time to realize that the other woman had grabbed her when suddenly the posted soldier was raising his voice.

Today seemed to be the day for many first time experiences. An earthquake, and now being threatened with a gun? There was barely any time to react though; the other woman had incapacitated him in the blink of an eye, causing Gisele to gape openly. It took another moment after she headed inside for her to realize what was happening. Blinking, she hastily stepped over the soldier below to follow.

"Hey! Wait!" A wince crossed her face as she caught up, silently cursing herself for choosing to sport fragile sticks on her feet. Sidelining the pain, she brushed past the woman and began calling for her sister. Please be alive, please be alive...


Her body flinched at each gunshot that rang out, but then in the silence that followed, it fell back into frightened tremors. She couldn't tell if they were nearby or a floor above... All she did know was that moments ago, safety was what drove her desire to escape, and now, there was no way Zoe could step outside that door. Not when someone--or more than one person--was armed.

No way had those safety drills throughout school prepared her for something like this. Standing in a doorway or hiding under a solid desk was not going to keep the entire building from toppling over... She'd already witnessed one of her classmates hurling herself through a broken window, not uttering a sound in her last few moments of desperation.

Voices interrupted her internal "Run or hide?" debate, so Zoe curled up even further behind the desk, praying she wouldn't be discovered. Fingers clamped over her mouth in hopes not to make a sound, but it seemed like her rapidly thudding heart could give her away.

"Who's there?"

Raising her head, she peeked through strands of dirty blonde hair to find a young man looking right at her. Startled, Zoe scrambled to move backwards but then her brain finally registered his face. "Wait..." For some reason, his name escaped her mind, and that could probably be easily attributed to being distressed. "I-I know you. Y-you're in my class... You're alive."

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments Pain finally started to settle in as Zachariah held his thigh, it was still bleeding from earlier but not as much. As he winced a bit, he appeared lost in thought, attempting to piece together the fact that the girl before him is indeed apart of the intern program.
"That's right... Zoe, isn't it?" Her name came to mind. Yes, this was the girl who always asked the complicated questions and was always the first one to give opinion. He knew exactly who she was.
"Are you okay? Are you hurt at all?"
He only seemed concerned for her status of health at the moment now that he's established the situation.

Tyler kept looking back at the door, then to the others, then back at the door. Becoming paranoid and rather mentally disoriented. He just witnessed two people get brutally shot to pieces over what seemed to be a minor complication. The max action he's most likely seen his whole life. Zach paid not even a bit of mind to him, assuming he was fine. His focus was wholly on his classmate, studying her reaction to his questions. While Zach was occupied, Tyler slowly moved away from the scene, ransacking drawers and compartments in search of anything useful or even partly of aid.


Tyler kept a crouched position, and by using his master keycard he was able to enter a separate room in the back of the office. A divided part of the office that led him to an archive of literature and filed documentations.
To his knowledge, this was the office of Jacob Wachowski, the co-owner of the Merril Lynch Building.
I got you...
Tyler thought to himself as he sat in the leather chair that accompanied the high security desk computer across from it.

Finally, he was able to have access to this computer. Never being able to enter this room during his shifts due to security. But now, this situation allows him to do just that.
He has been planning this infiltration for a very long time.
He reached in his jacket pocket for his flash drive , not surprised that electricity is still working on this side of the building because it is heavily guarded.
As Tyler navigated the operating system, he inserted the flash drive and began extracting key information from the encrypted database. Information that will greatly expose Merril Lynch. This classified information included human experiments, biological projects that threatened life, extraterrestrial knowledge, and etcetera. It was rumored that Jacob had dealings with government ties, concerning these subjects. And Tyler was finally able to confirm it.

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) | 244 comments At the mention of her name, Zoe then recalled his as well. It probably had something to do with him being one of the few people that shared a name starting with the same letter. Figured. "Yeah... and you're Zach, right?" she responded quietly, taking in his physical state. Red stained him in a few places and he appeared to have crawled out of a ton of debris or something...

Unlike him, she was only decorated in a few scratches here and there, topped with a good coat of drywall and dust. "I'm fine, but it doesn't look like you are," she commented, gesturing towards his leg. Pulling the button-up off her shoulders and leaving a plain t-shirt, Zoe moved towards him to offer it. "Here..."

It was a mild relief that he hadn't turned out to be some maniac with a gun or worse (if there was anything that could be worse than that?). But that still the left the questions of what had rocked the building and who was wielding weapons out there. So she decided to ask. "Do you have any idea what's going on?" Her head lifted to reexamine the damage done to this office space alone, where holes gaped in the ceiling and a bookcase had been knocked onto its side.

She'd just now realized that Zach had brought someone else into the office, someone who hadn't spoken a word yet, but Zoe paid no attention. At least there was someone here that she recognized, though not necessarily one she trusted or knew all that well.


Gisele ignored the call made by the woman behind her, continuing to shout her sister's name in every direction. There was no soul in sight so far among fallen chunks of the ceiling and broken furniture. This entire building was unfamiliar to her considering she'd never stepped foot here before... so how on earth was she going to figure out where Zoe and her class had been?

An exasperated sigh escaped from her lips when the woman again spoke. Clearly she either didn't understand the magnitude of this disastrous situation or perhaps she possessed the same militant independence that had gotten the soldier outside beaten up. Whatever the case, it was frustrating for a quick second to Gisele's harried conscience.

Not looking back at her, Gisele continued on to find a set of stairs, and replied harshly, "Look, I don't expect you to understand or even to help me, but my sister is supposed to be in this building. If you think I'm going to sit outside and wait to see if she's alive, you're mistaken."

Her eyes cast downward towards her aching feet but it did little to break her resolve. The thought of Zoe possibly being in harm's way weighed heavier than a woman's wardrobe issue. "I'm looking for her in heels or not," she grumbled, then narrowly sidestepped a large crack in the floor.

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⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments Zach arose an eyebrow and gently received the piece of clothing generously handed to him. Though he most likely needed help with this wound way earlier than now, he was trying to keep it off his mind. It was probably a good idea to bandage it though, thinking of how this is necessary while he folded the shirt and wrapped it around the affected area. He saw how the militant forces took out those two innocent women because one of them was injured... He didn't want to end up the same way.

Pressure was applied to the wound as he tied the aid. "Thank you.." Zach gave a smile, then glanced over at the door to the back office which was slightly propped open. He knew Tyler was in there, but for what reason? Perhaps he was making himself useful and finding something that would help them in the long run. Please find a gun or something.. He thought.

"I'm not sure what's going on to be honest.." in his reply to Zoe he had a curious tone. "Both me and Tyler literally witnessed SWAT officers slaughtering two girls because one had an injury!" He tried to keep his voice low but it was hard, feeling all sort of emotions at once. "And by Tyler.. I mean the guy that's with me. I found him dangling off the forty-third floor when I woke up from under a bunch of debris. We've been trying to get the hell outa here ever since."

Zach had a few scrapes, nothing as serious as his lower left thigh however. His hair was ruffled, and so were his clothing. Donning a black jacket with cargo pants, he didn't exactly dress the part of studentship.
"We should get moving, do you know where the rest of the crew went?"


"Perfecto.." Tyler whispered in excitement as the extraction was about complete. If only his hacker colleagues could witness the smile of victory on his face. He smacked a few more keys on the keyboard and created a programmable avenue that allowed him to back trace everything he just did and delete his digital presence. The flash drive was then taken out, and placed back in his jacket.

The information he just received was astounding. He was almost positive that the government was involved with the disaster that just happened, either caused, or knew it was going to happen before hand and has classified details regarding it.

He lifted his aching body from the chair and gave a wince upon doing so. Making his way out of the back office and back in the room among the presence of the other two survivors.
"Well.. didn't find anything too interesting in there" He lied. Giving off a smile that just resonated joy and mysteriousness. He wasn't even too sure that he could trust these people yet so why bother to explain anything relating to what's really going on? As far as he knew, he was to ditch them once level ground was achieved. Heading back to his most likely destroyed apartment.

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) | 244 comments ((just for kicks here's a pic of Zoe now that I'm actually taking her on as a prominent character lol))


mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) | 244 comments She said nothing but watched him as he fixed her button-up around his leg, wondering how badly it hurt. Other than the scratches and possible bruises that were forming in some muscles, Zoe had only experienced a broken wrist and arm from playing sports in high school. Yet something about an open wound with blood gushing out made her skin crawl with all sorts of unwanted sensations.

Zach was speaking again and she had to tear her eyes away from the injury. At his words, her eyes widened and a mixture of fear and confusion crossed her face. "What? Are you serious?"

The gun shots played back somewhere in her muddled brain and the image of dead bodies hitting the floor made her shiver. Shaking her head, Zoe took hold of the desk to haul herself up and said, "I was on my way to the bathroom when this... happened."

More images flashed in her mind, these ones of the girl falling from the broken window. Something in her throat wanted to keep her from mentioning it, but... "And, the girl who sits behind me--Rachel, I think?--ahh... she's the only one I saw afterwards." Arms crossed in discomfort, Zoe cleared her throat and added, "F-falling out of a window, that is."


Gisele hopped over another crack as the other woman continued speaking, half-determined to tune her out. But then... Ugh. She hated when someone was actually reasoning with her, and logically too. It made it that much harder to insist she was right and justified. And making her point was something that had quickly become one of her many "charming" traits.

Upon reaching the top of the stairs, she pulled open the door and graciously waved a hand through it. Her brows raised the slightest bit as a silent Fine, have it your way before following after the woman. Compliance had never been friendly with her conscience.

"Do you have a name?" Gisele found herself asking, eyes taking in the extensive damage done to this floor. "So I don't have to refer to you as... well, You or Hey, you there?"

The woman's name didn't particularly matter to her but as she'd said, it'd make it easier to not refer to her as a pronoun. That and perhaps it could ease up the strange, frustrated tension in the air.

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments He had a look of worry upon him. Hearing no status regarding the whereabouts of the rest of the class. Even hearing of Rachel, the girl he had a mild crush on having fallen to her death, was unsettling. Wow.. she was so sweet.. He thought. But that didn't matter now, he probably never had a chance with her anyway. He always heard rumors about her dad being racist, surely wouldn't want to show up to his door being all native and stuff..

"That's unfortunate." Zach replied, and rose to his feet as Zoe did. When Tyler finally showed himself he analyzed him with much suspicion. What did he mean there was nothing interesting? He was back there long enough to take a nap! "It's whatever man. We gotta get out of here so we have to really think about how we are going to do so while avoiding government officials."

And just at that moment, he heard the noise of a screeching door opening down the hall that was close to the stairs. They were only on the second floor, so he knew that possibly more SWAT units were just entering the building. Wait.. are those, heels? He thought this upon hearing clicking of footwear on concrete flooring. "Guys I know I'm not the only one hearing this.." He turned to look at Zoe and Tyler as Tyler seemed frantically paranoid, looking around and peaking out the office window.

Zach grabbed Tyler by the arm to pull him back from it. "What is wrong with you?? Get yourself together dude. You can easily be spotted by making yourself obviously present." He spoke sternly as Tyler nodded in nervousness, giving some sass before actually following instruction. Zach signaled Zoe to stay behind him and close to Tyler, leading the party slowly and carefully out of the office in crouching position.

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) | 244 comments The contrasting sounds of their feet as they walked echoed and bounced off the walls. It was strangely peaceful in this hallway but Gisele could clearly imagine the havoc that had wreaked, employees fleeing and shoving past each other to safety.

After Rashida spoke, she could then make more sense of the woman's outfit and commanding behavior. Now that she could look closer, her clothes did look damp and the pants certainly did not belong in the category of casual wear... along with those boots.

"Well, I'm Gisele," she offered, vaguely considering kicking off the heels. "Not gazelle. I have heard that mistake made too many times--"

Movement caught the corner of Gisele's eye, freezing her in her tracks. She struggled to take in a breath, still positioned behind Rashida, as anticipation gripped her chest. A dark-headed, unfamiliar man appeared and it took her a moment to realize he had to be a couple years younger. He certainly wasn't military by the looks of the outfit and injured leg, but...

She let Rashida do the talking, hovering by her shoulder. Another moment passed when her eyes were again drawn towards the bandage around his leg, which was a very familiar red plaid pattern. "Where... w-where did you get that?" she asked shakily, raising a finger towards it.

Maybe it was anxiety or distress, but Gisele could swear her sister had left the house this morning wearing a shirt looking just like that. Was she hallucinating?



That was certainly one way to describe everything that had happened... a huge underestimation but accurate nonetheless. On top of terrifying, horrible, nightmarish... Zoe suppressed another shiver as her thoughts drifted towards her sister. Was she alright? The law firm's building was only three stories high, so she couldn't have fallen out of a window or anything like that...

Gisele had been the first thing to cross her mind once she'd been able to somewhat gather her thoughts after this disaster had occurred. If there was anyone in the whole world that she cared about most (and Zoe wasn't one to easily care for others), it was definitely the girl who'd suffered under the same roof and stepped up to the plate when their parents didn't.

The other guy, Tyler, had come back into the room, bringing Zoe back to the present. He appeared jittery, but that was understandable considering their situation. According to what Zach had said, they'd witnessed two people being killed...

A loud scraping sound from somewhere outside the office made her heart leap into her throat. Shit. Could it be another group of gun-wielding enthusiasts? It didn't look like any of the three of them were "sick" but... that did little to calm her thudding heart. Following Zach's instruction, she lingered behind him and Tyler as the group passed through the office door.

"Who are you? What's going on in here?"

The voice sent panic searing through Zoe's limbs and she half-expected the two young men before her to be shot into smithereens. But then she heard another voice, quieter this time, one that knitted her brows together in confusion. Why did it sound... familiar?

She waited and held her breath, wondering what Zach was going to do... or if the second voice would speak again.

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments "Wait wait wait!!" Zach halted movement in quick reaction to noticing nothing but a barrel of a military grade weapon aimed toward him.
He thought just at that moment it was all over. What a life he would have lived, if this was the end. Was it the end?
"My name is Zachariah, please, don't shoot. I'm okay, all three of us are. We don't know what's going on and are looking for our way out." He tried to reason, with any excuse he could conjure. Thinking that this was another SWAT unit, he couldn't promise a way out of this.

Tyler kept hands up above his ears. Looking back and forth between the gun, and Zach, then the gun. He was relying wholeheartedly upon the will of his new found friend to get them out of whatever this was. Eyes were bulged from both men, but Tyler quickly began thinking of his own way out of this. Whether it to be good for the entire party or not.

With a hand stretched outward and his other in similar position, Zach stood his ground. Sweating from anxious thoughts. Wait a minute.. He focused. Noticing that behind the loaded weapon were two females, they looked as if they could have been surviving as well with anxiety radiating from their presence.

He noticed one of the women directly acknowledged the makeshift bandage around his lower thigh. Could she have recognized this to be Zoe's? This could be a sign that perhaps they are survivors.
"It's.. It's just a shirt, ma'am." Zach hesitated to address it, knowing that if these were military officials they'd most likely blow heads off upon seeing injuries, strangely. He still wasn't quite sure why those other women had to be executed like they were..

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mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) | 244 comments Though the kid, Zachariah, said that it was "just a shirt", it only made Gisele even more positive that it belonged to her sister. The more she stared at it, the more vividly the memory of this morning's goodbyes became. That particular shade of red had always complimented Zoe's messy, brown-blonde hair and alabaster skin...

Rashida introduced herself, then asked questions that Gisele didn't care about now that there was this glaring clue possibly indicating her sister's whereabouts. How could this guy have gotten his hands on her shirt? Had he taken it?

A tiny voice in the back of her head offered an alternative explanation but Gisele's worried mind disagreed. Yes, there were many identical pieces of clothing out there, but... the odds. That was what made her doubtful. How much of a coincidence was it that Zoe was supposed to be in this building while Zachariah had this shirt wrapped around his leg?

"It's not 'just a shirt'..." she blurted, not even giving either guy a chance to answer Rashida's questions. Stepping around to better look at them, Gisele raised her voice and continued, "My sister was wearing one just like that and she should be here... I've been looking for her."

By the looks of Zachariah's attire and age, she desperately guessed that there was a chance he had been part of the same field trip as Zoe. Either that or this company had peculiar standards for their hires. "She's about your age, blonde, a little shorter than me? Zoe Callahan?"


She'd been crouching just beyond the open door's threshold, watching Zach and Tyler intently with her ears straining. The stranger identified herself and the mention of the U.S. Navy sent more chills down Zoe's neck. Now they really were screwed, weren't they? Perhaps she was working with the SWAT team Zach had mentioned, searching for injured survivors to eliminate.

But then moments later, the second voice had spoken again, louder this time. "My sister was wearing one just like that and she should be here..." Shock nearly knocked her off balance and her eyes widened. Could it really be her?

"She's about your age, blonde, a little shorter than me? Zoe Callahan?"

Within a split second Zoe was on her feet and out the door, finding an unfamiliar woman and--


An incredulous look passed across her sister's face but was quickly overcome by immense relief. "Oh my god... Zoe!" The two of them met with a hard embrace that nearly wiped away all traces of anxiety that had been eating them up inside. "I almost thought--I didn't know if you..." Gisele's voice was muffled in her hair but the anguish in it was unmistakable.

"But I'm not," Zoe reassured her, eyes shut in part to prevent the tears from escaping. "I'm okay. You're okay." The fact that she'd come looking for her made her grit her teeth in an effort to remain calm.

Once they finally pulled apart, Gisele looked over the younger girl and then towards Zach and Tyler. "You sure you're not hurt? What happened to you?"

"I'm fine, no major injuries," the blonde answered, then gestured towards the other two. "Zach got cut or something, so I offered my shirt." She looked pointedly at him, expecting him to chime in.

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments Zach rested his hands behind his head to muffle the pain of holding his arms up for so long. Questions were thrown to him and him only. Why was he automatically the leader of this, group? He hated being the leader of anything. In fact, this very moment reminded him of a high school play he did during his sophomore year. He had to lead everything, the script, the choreography, everything. And he absolutely hated it.

"Captain--" He was rudely interrupted by the forwardness of the woman who accompanied Captain Mirandi. She spoke of the shirt belonging to her sister. Instantly he knew what was going on. Could this be the sister Zoe once spoke of in class? Perhaps these people are survivors, and they were searching for them.

As both Zoe and her sister met with each other excitingly, he went ahead and let his hands down and relaxed. An odd feeling came upon him that let him know he wasn't getting shot. Zach looked back as Tyler followed suit and let his guard down, both men with anxious looks about them. Zoe expressed that everyone was okay and hinted at Zach's injury.

"I'm fine, flesh wound." He added, then addressed the woman in charge. "Captain Mirandi, there were a squad of men decked out in uniform. They offed a couple girls because one of them looked injured! Me and Tyler both saw with our own eyes, we got out of there fast as we could without them noticing. Do you know anything? Anything at all??" He knew she was affiliated with government affairs in some way, so she had to know something. Right?
"Please inform us on what the hell is happening.. We also need to get out of here, like ASAP." Just as he said this, he noticed how lightheaded he was. He felt a mild headache and stomach irritation. Perhaps just casual side affects of faded adrenaline and shock, because he definitely wasn't sick last time he
checked this morning.

Just before anyone could continue, a distant voice sounded from down the hall, a quite familiar one. It was joined with noises of boots clattering and the rattling of firearms. "Who's down there??!" Yelled an official. Through the distance Zach could faintly catch a gleaming display of flashlights. The squad of men seen earlier, were now making their way towards them aggressively. "DO NOT MOVE!! WE SEE YOU, STAY WHERE YOU ARE WITH HANDS ABOVE!!"
The voice grew louder as they inched closer. Zach froze, clouded with thought and the eerie realization that perhaps they waited too long, and it was now too late. He shifted his thigh to the side out of view and lifted his hands once more, facing the oncoming squadron as his headache increased pressure.

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) | 244 comments The relief that the two sisters felt upon finding each other was short-lived as Zach recounted his story. Though Zoe had already heard it before, the mention of the girls being killed still sent unwelcome chills beneath her skin. She was lucky to have endured only some scratches and bruises here and there, but for him... that was a different story. Yeah, the bloodied bandage around his leg doesn't scream injury at all. Although, it had to count that the three of them had run into Rashida and her sister instead of more military forces that were seemingly "trigger happy."

Seriously? Gisele's eyes widened slightly as she--unlike Zoe--learned of Zach's experience for the first time. Innocent people had died because they were injured? And here she'd been, convinced the city had been rocked by an earthquake... None of it added up.

But that was the least of her worries, as the safety of herself and Zoe was at the top of the list. Though her feet were still throbbing within the stupidly tight heels, Gisele silently confirmed that she'd still attempt to run if it meant not dying by either gunshot or a collapsing building.

Sudden yells and the clatter of boots made her heart jump into her throat. A quick spin around showed that it would be far too late for any of their group to escape successfully. More shouts demanding no one move, but Gisele couldn't have disobeyed if she wanted to; fear rooted her to the floor as she wracked her brain for the probability of something going really, really wrong.

Zoe, on the other hand, had laid her eyes on the men advancing towards them and, without thinking, stepped a few inches to the right. Her body was now partially blocking their view of Zach (and hopefully his wounded leg) and she could only hope they would do no more than glance at each of them. Her eyes darted towards Rashida as the woman spoke, praying that her own authority could somehow buy them out of whatever this was.

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments Ok don't freak out, just be chill. Zach's anxiety had overwhelming presence, perhaps influenced by the heavy breathing of Tyler right next to him. Surely the unknown future pressuring them both. What can Zach, or even Tyler say to get out of this situation, whatever it was? Zach had his eyes racing back and forth between Captain Mirandi and the armed men, hoping for some miraculous deliverance from his newfound captain friend. He witnessed Zoe sort of step in front of him. What was she doing exactly? He hoped this wasn't some act of protection. He'd rather her stay behind them both.

Tyler leaned over subtly in a whisper to him, "She has to know some sort of secret code to say or some shit right?" Referring to Mirandi. Zach wanted to yell at him to shut up but this wasn't the exact time to do so. As annoying as Tyler seemed, perhaps he could be onto something.

Suddenly all weapons, besides friendly ones, were aimed and cocked toward the entire group as special forces entered point blank range. "State your names, and any injuries you may have. Your cooperation will decide what happens here, so I suggest you all pay close attention and do what is instructed."
The specialist in charge was then quickly answered by Captain Mirandi as she had stated her name and positon. "I'm helping the civilians get out of here."

Zach glanced at the outer jacket concealing the specialist's body armor. Embroidered on the top right were symbols he couldn't recognize. None pertained to any military affiliation he knew of. But then again, that could just be due to his lack of knowledge about the forces. Perhaps Mirandi knew these men, or something. Something useful.

"Captain Mirandi. A Navy captain.. Here?" The specialist didn't seem to be amused, at all. He kept the barrel of his assault rifle aimed perfectly proportional to her forehead where he could see a small red dot beaming between her eyebrows. "State your official business here at ground zero, Mirandi." The man demanded.

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) | 244 comments As soon as the word injuries left the man's mouth, Zoe couldn't help but stiffen, still very aware of Zach and his wounded leg behind them. Don't say anything, don't say anything, she silently pleaded... to whom? It didn't really matter as long as no one in their group dared to utter a sound.

Unless someone had a death wish. There was always that.

The calmness with which Rashida answered the demanding questions only did so much to help Gisele's frayed nerves. Having to face more than a handful barrels just fueled the rapid thumping of her heart. Although, they were certainly lucky that they even had her... That was for sure. The woman's position within the military should help stall, if not steer these men in a different direction.

Perhaps Gisele could back up Rashida's words by offering her own explanation about why she was there. They'd have to show a bit of sympathy to sisters that had been separated, right? Just as she'd been seriously considering it, a sudden groan from above made the two glance upward.

Brows furrowed in confusion, Zoe watched as sharp icicles (if that was what they even were) fell down, down, down... and through the heads of several men. It had all happened so abruptly and the sight was ghastly; she stood there with her mouth slightly agape, unable to comprehend what had just happened.

Beside her, Gisele was staring in the same fashion. It wasn't until Rashida's voice barked at them that she snapped out of it and realized the woman was running. Without wasting another breath, her hand grabbed for her sister's, and together they hurried in the same direction, praying they wouldn't meet the same fate.

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments Ship? Zach thought, perhaps Mirandi wasn't here under the control of government officials, like she is claiming. But that would only mean, that she has no direct relation to the men in front of them.. He gulped in a swallow of anxiety as he attempted to breathe normally. The specialist let out a sigh of disbelief in response to the captain's spill. He obviously was highly suspicious of the given story, but in a sudden wisp of crackling sound, that all was irrelevant due to the next few seconds.

Tyler's optics widened as both him and Zach witnessed a miracle before them. As sprinkler trinkets blasted open to allow for frozen spikes of ice to collide with flesh, he wondered if this was a horror film he had awakened to. The screams from men being impaled by frozen projectiles were horrifying.

"What the f--" Tyler's instant response was halted by Zach gripping his arm to drag him along as Mirandi yelled for the party to escape with her. Zach, in shock, reacted quite promptly without a word. Following the girls with Tyler alongside of him. They had to step and hop over a couple of irresponsive bodies having been struck by sudden ice. Zach noticed he had to stop and do something first. Bending down quickly to retrieve a military grade Baretta M9. This pistol he knew would probably come in handy later, though having no previous experience in shooting firearms, only the weapons of his family bloodline. The rest of the men were attempting to regain composure being only mildly wounded. But the specialist in charge however, appeared to suffer from a fatal circumstance.

Zach and gang followed Mirandi down the corridor unaware if they were being tailed by survivors of the cold assault. What.. just happened.. Thought Zachariah, trying to piece together how that back there was even possible, let alone what caused it. Overall, he was in relief of their survival, glad for the safety of the girls more importantly. His father always taught him about the morale of certain situations. And through his teachings Zach learned from an early age that the men of his ancestors believed in the protection of women and children over their own. One thing he knows though, is that was not him that caused the icicle attack.. Someone must be watching over them.

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) | 244 comments The next few minutes--or was it seconds?--spent running down the stairs, nearly falling face first while skipping a few steps, escaped Gisele's mind the moment they made it outside. Her feet throbbed painfully and so with two swift kicks, she tossed the 3-inch monstrosities to the ground beside her.

"What... just happened?" Breathless, Zoe squinted up at what was left of the building above them. Against her will, images of the icicles lodging themselves into the group of men flickered in her mind's eye. She turned away as if looking in a different direction would alleviate the nausea and chills coming on.

Gisele could only shake her head, looking to see if everyone had made it so far. It was a miracle they'd gotten away... and whatever sorcery had just taken place back there had saved them. "No clue," she responded, running a hand through her hair. All this running, fear, and stress were certainly putting her body to the test.

⚔️Ninjabread Man ⚔️ | 43 comments As everyone made their escape, they stepped into the light. The stench of the outside air ruffled Tyler's nose hairs as he began coughing. Glancing down at the hand he coughed in, he noticed small amounts of splattered blood and his disgusted facial expression was caught by Zach. "Yo.. you okay man?" Zach curiously asked, still catching breath from running. The girls were ahead of them a few feet and they too looked to be shocked by what just occurred. Tyler quickly wiped his stained hand against the side of his pants. "Duh.." He looked away obviously pretending he was fine. Perhaps he was just anxious and the dusty air was getting to him. This is what he thought but he knew there was something more going on.

There were larger issues ahead, the streets were filled with panicking civilians and a load of military personnel handling them. There was a blasting sound all throughout the vicinity of a voice being projected through high powered speakers. It was a voice of authority, relaying clear instructions of what to do and what not to do.
>>"Attention all. Do not panic. Your local authorities are here to assist you. Please make your way to the available checkpoints marked throughout this section of the city for thorough analysis. We understand there has been an outbreak coinciding with the recent disaster, as this zone will further on be referred to as Containment One. We ask for your immediate cooperation, or force will be ensued."<<

This entire message was on repeat every ten minutes. The voice was female, and will become stale and redundant over time. "Captain Mirandi!" Zach shouted out. "Please tell me you have some sort of knowledge of what just happened.." Tyler blurted shortly afterward, catching up to her. "And where the hell do we go from here?" Zach wasn't entirely sure if he could trust Mirandi, and Tyler for sure didn't trust her. Though he had his doubts, Zach also didn't sense any threat from her. After all, she did sort of come to their aid with perfect timing.

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