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ARCHIVED > Quarterly Book Discussion "The Book Thief" Question #3: What event would you have changed, had you written this book?

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Julie (julie_prewett) Question #3

Kelsey Honestly, the bomb at the end. I understand why Zusack wrote it, but it kind of just felt like a cop out to me. Throughout the whole book, he really focused on Liesel opening up to people and cultivating relationships with them, even though it's sometimes hard for her. Then to kill almost every single person she knew at the end? It didn't really vibe with the rest of the book, I think. I'm also just mad at the fact that Rudy died, too, because I loved him! I would have killed off some people, but I would have kept Rudy, Rosa (probably) and Hans alive for sure, so Liesel could see that love can transcend even the darkest of times, which was also somewhat a theme in the book, as well.

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